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Let some dark magic and witch energy out from your insides. Read this article to know more about witch broom tattoo designs for your next ink!

witch broom tattoo
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Brooms were once thought to be a bad luck indicator, however, nowadays, it means new beginnings.

A traditional household tool, the broom is used to sweep or collect dust and other tiny particles from hard surfaces like floors. It was often constructed from plant materials like twigs, with the end tied in straw or some similar substance.

Broomstick symbolism can have certain unfavorable connotations. The negative connotations didn’t have a good beginning. Most people using the broomstick were women who were seen as “devious” or were thought to practice witchcraft. That’s where we have the association. It is understandable why the broomstick came to be connected with magic and witchcraft. Brooms were thought to allow witches to access locations they normally couldn’t, such as rooftops.

Broomstick tattoos are a strong symbol that may be worn by both sexes. The pattern has its roots in antiquity when it was utilized as a potent charm to ward against bad spirits. This image can represent a free-spirited individual who isn’t scared to experiment and violate the boundaries in current artwork.

Witch Broomstick Tattoo With Bats And A Crescent Moon

witch broomstick tattoo with bats and a crescent moon
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Although many cultures claim the symbolism, crescent moons stand for motherhood and fertility. It may also represent development, originality, and expression. There is more than one meaning of crescent moon tattoos coupled with brooms. They are typically associated with new stages, phases, or beginnings in life.

The half moon has long been associated with femininity and has even been revered as such. It was a representation of the feminine divinity in mythology and was used by Artemis or Diana throughout Greek and Roman mythology as a sign of purity. Although it has just as much strength, its contrast to the sun, a generally male symbol, also emphasizes its femininity. Another connotation frequently associated with the half moon tattoo is “darkness.” Some people acquire moon tattoos to demonstrate how they also have darkness; others get them because they believe they possess a potent evil inside.

Witch Broomstick Tattoo Along With A Witch And A Hat

witch broomstick tattoo along with a witch and a hat
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In the past, the term “witch” was associated with wickedness and black magic. Although nowadays, it serves as a status symbol. Witches can harness natural power, so they have a mystic quality about them. Tattoos with witchcraft-inspired patterns are beautiful, mysterious, and empowering.

Witch tattoos have been made for decades because they symbolize negative and evil energy. Oftentimes it includes an ancient witch on a broomstick and wearing pointy hats. Every witch tattoo design carries significant symbolic meaning for the wearer as for some people, creating tattoos with a unique design and displaying their passion for fantasy and darker realms is the best option.

Witch Broomstick Tattoo With Twigs And A Crescent Moon

witch broomstick tattoo with twigs and a crescent moon
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Witch broom and crescent moon tattoos of either a waning or waxing moon or perhaps both can represent a connection to the enormous celestial body that governs the changing patterns of ocean tides.

It is a representation of the moon’s majestic nighttime radiance and its perpetual orbit around the Earth. People frequently choose crescent moon tattoos to express their love of the night, which is one of the most popular motives. When paired with a broom tattoo, it might allude to the enigmatic mysteries that the night hides, which some individuals find appealing.

Colorful Witch Broomstick Tattoo And A Greek Goddess Tattoo

colorful witch broomstick tattoo and a greek goddess tattoo
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Hecate is a goddess who was incorporated into Greek theology at a young age but who is likely descended from the Carians in the southwestern Asia Minor region. She is depicted as the offspring of the Titan Perses and the nymph Asteria in Hesiod. Because of her control over heaven, earth, and the sea, she bestows prosperity and all of life’s benefits.

The primary goddess in charge of magic and spells was Hecate. She joined in the hunt for Persephone, daughter of Demeter, after seeing her getting kidnapped by the underworld king. She went after them carrying a candle. Hecataea pillars were therefore placed at gateways and intersections, possibly to ward off bad spirits.

Early depictions of Hecate showed her as a single-formed figure wearing a long robe and wielding torches; later paintings showed her as a triple-formed figure with three entities standing side by side, perhaps to allow her to view in all directions simultaneously from the crossroads. She was escorted by canine packs that barked at any intruders.

Witchy Broom With A Black Cat Tattoo

witchy broom with a black cat tattoo
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Tattoos of black cats are the ones that are most frequently misinterpreted. It truly depends on the wearer what they intend their black cat to stand for since they can have meanings that range from the extremely positive to the extremely negative.

Black cats have been associated as a foreboding sign since they were once connected to witchcraft and the occult. Black cat and broom tattoos are a wonderful representation of mystery and caution, two connotations you won’t find in many other tattoos.

The black cat tattoo depicted in the image with a simple design of a broom is totally done with black ink. The cat is facing away, so only the back of the cat’s silhouette is visible to the human eye.

Broom Tattoo With Colorful Design And Sparkles In The Back

broom tattoo with colorful design and sparkles in the back
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Women in ancient times simply used a hallucinogenic substance called ergot and made a paste out of that. Then they applied that paste to one of their everyday used objects, the handle of the broom. And sat on it, so the paste could easily be applied to their genitals. Afterward, as the lucidity got dimmed, they may have thought that they indeed were flying, while in reality, they may have jumped up and down in their home or nearby fields.

The popularity of this mass consumption of hallucinogenics was obviously the plain old boredom and the lack of freedom of the medieval housewives. They needed some entertainment in their life and found their temporary freedom in substance abuse. However, when naturally news spread that witches could, in a sense, fly, their prosecutors exploited this legend to imply that witches were engaging with evil spirits, and they were punished as a result.

Beautiful Witch Broomsticks Tattoo On The Throat

beautiful witch broomsticks tattoo on the throat
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A broom is a revered tool of the Goddess and God and a traditional emblem of fertility. It is said to encourage the fertility of people or land because it signifies the harmony of divine masculine powers, symbolized by the phallic handle, and feminine energy, symbolized by the hairy bristles. According to alternate theories, it is claimed that one of the purposes for the witches’ alleged broomstick-jumping in their fields of crops may have been to ensure a successful harvest.

When a baby is delivered in a home of ancient Rome, knowledgeable women or holy midwives would make special brooms to clear the space of any bad energy. These ladies are considered to be among the earliest potential representatives of the concept of witches.

Colorful Broom Tattoo With Lots Of Eyes And Sparkles

colorful broom tattoo with lots of eyes and sparkles
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Broomsticks had many magical uses, but their primary function was to banish evil spirits before a ceremony. A witch would sweep the broomstick backward and forth while he or she moved, walking in a clockwise arc around their specified territory.

There is a very common ritual that is performed at weddings or handfastings where broomsticks would be brought out and the couples would be made to jump over the broom at the conclusion of their ceremony, which has a lot of symbolic significance because the handle and bristles of the broomstick stand in for masculine and feminine energy respectively. It signifies a perfect balance between them.

Witch Hat And Broomstick Matching Half Sleeve Witch Tattoo

witch hat and broomstick matching half sleeve witch tattoo
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Tattoos of witch-related stuff are particularly well-liked among unconventional and experimental tattoo design enthusiasts. Among them, witch broomstick tattoos are one of the most famous tattoos. They were associated with more than just their usual magical uses.

A broom can be used in ordinary home cleaning and metaphorically for defense against the dark arts or dark energies. They can be used to represent a certain positive and cleaning energy too. According to witchcraft, a witch thinks that one’s physical and mental state is reflected in their house. Cleaning your home is a metaphor for purging yourself. Brooms are still frequently employed in cleaning rituals at home, such as those performed after fights, while recovering from illnesses, or just to keep the energy in the room balanced.

Minimalist Broom Witch Tattoo

minimalist broom witch tattoo
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It was believed that witches could fly because of a pact they made with the Devil, which is a ridiculous notion unless it’s true!

The tattoo in the image depicts a simple broomstick with its bristles facing downwards and the handle above it. All the bristles have been tied together with a rope and then it is made into a neat bow, which looks really simple and pretty.

The tattoo is done on the feet, signifying the expulsion of the tattoo wearer’s bad energies. The entire tattoo is done with black ink, and the tattoo artist has given special attention to detail in creating the intermingled bristled part of the broom. He or she has created beautiful patterns of curled bristles, which seem to roll into each other. Great shading has helped the tattoo in getting a realistic 3d look.

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