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Animal-inspired tattoos look realistic and can be extremely meaningful. Here are some amazing wolf tattoo on wrist ideas just for you.

wolf tattoo on wrist
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When one talks about wrist tattoos, there are several versatile options for people to consider.

One of the most appealing options is a wolf tattoo on the wrist. A wolf tattoo is not just an amazing design option for men, but also for women.

A wolf tattoo has several significant meanings that give the tattoo something more than just-style. Wolf tattoos are synonymous with loyalty, protection, and family because it signifies the actual nature of a wolf. Apart from that, a wolf represents devotion, luck, and love. A tattoo artist can fit these beautiful meanings in a wolf tattoo that is effective yet intricate. Wolves are wild and versatile and that shows in a wolf tattoo.

With the right color scheme and intricate detailing, artists can create small paintings that are nothing less than artistic masterpieces. It is not necessary that a person get this tattoo on their wrist, there can be other tattoo designs as well like a wolf forearm tattoo, wolf sleeve tattoo, wolf tattoo on the upper back, and many more.

Wolf tattoos have become one of the most popular choices among men and women. This type of tattoo can be adapted in any style and will provide a special meaning to the wearer of the tattoo.

Wolf Head Tattoos

wolf head tattoos
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Wolf head tattoos are simple and sophisticated tattoos with a deep meaning attached to them. They are one of the most popular choices for tattoos for men. They can look great as big as well as small tattoos. Another reason why this tattoo is so popular is that the artist gets an opportunity to show different expressions on the face of the wolf. The wearer of the tattoo may consider what kind of tattoo they want on their wrist and can choose according to what it says about them. Examples of wolf head tattoos include a snarling wolf tattoo that could represent one’s aggressive side and a mysterious wolf that has a passive expression that could be a show of your more passive side. These wolf head tattoos make for some amazing tattoos for men.

Geometric Wolf Tattoo

geometric wolf tattoos
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A tattoo trend that has gained immense popularity over the years is geometric tattoos. A tattoo made in geometric style involves angles and lines that provide a minimalistic look to the tattoo while also giving them a delicate look. Geometric shapes represent some of the oldest shapes from ancient history and tend to have hidden meanings. If someone is looking for a wolf symbol made with geometric designs, then there are some amazing options available on the internet.

This tattoo design is of a lone wolf with bright white eyes and a calm demeanor. The wolf tattoo is made with some amazing shapes and filled with dotted work. The bottom of the face holds mountain images that show a person’s connection with nature. This tattoo can hold different meanings to different people.

Small Wolf Tattoo

small wolf tattoo
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This is one of the most unique small wolf tattoos. If you are looking for a small tattoo that will be a quiet tribute to your spirit animal, the wolf, then this is the tattoo for you. Small tattoo designs can be versatile because they can be placed on different body parts like the nape of the neck, wrist, upper back, jaw, ankle, or anywhere on the body. One thing to keep in mind while choosing a small wolf tattoo is to keep it as minimalistic as possible, with not many detailed designs.

This particular design is made on the back of the palm and extends onto the wrist. It is a beautiful design with not many details. There is a combination of thick and thin black strokes on the wolf. On top of the tattoo, there is a moon and some stars which are common tattoo designs with a wolf. A minimalistic tattoo that could be your next tattoo!

Wolf And Moon Tattoo

wolf and moon tattoo
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A wolf and moon tattoo is a very common tattoo design choice for people who believe the wolf to be their spirit animal. According to stories and myths, wolves generally howl when they see a full moon. Are you aware that the full moon in January is also called the ‘Wolf Moon’ because they howl more during winters? The combination of a moon tattoo and a wolf tattoo is a symbol of mystery and darkness. There’s a lot of pop culture reference to moon tattoos along with wolves.

This tattoo is almost like a watercolor wolf tattoo but with only shades of black. It seems like the tattoo is trying to tell a story. The face of the wolf looks calm but deadly and is looking straight. On top of the tattoo, there is a howling wolf and a moon tattoo with trees and bats. There is an effect going on the top and bottom of the tattoo making it look magical.

Wolf Forearm Tattoos

wolf forearm tattoos
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Forearm tattoo designs are slowly turning into a trend, and wolves on the forearms are becoming a part of that trend. Not all kinds of designs look great on the wrist because of the narrow surface area. A wolf tattoo, however, looks great on the wrist. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they also look impactful. Just a slight roll of the sleeves, and the wolf is visible with deadly eyes and a calm face, almost ready to pounce. They provide a little edgy look to the outfit.

This tattoo design is not only a simple wolf tattoo, but it is also an impactful design. It shows the wolf and with his shows the planet Jupiter which generally means growth and good fortune. This is a wonderful combination of tattoos that could be your next choice.

Lone Wolf Tattoo

lone wolf tattoos
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Wolves are generally wild animals that travel in close family packs. However, this wolf tattoo design is of a lone wolf that symbolizes strength. The tattoo artist has tried to use a watercolor technique in this design to give it a more realistic feel. The shades of black and grey are very appealing in the design.

This tattoo is one of the very bold designs available. All the details in this design are intricate. The wolf’s eyes are in a shade of green which brings special attention to it. The trees all around the wolf head give it a very mysterious vibe.

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

tribal wolf tattoos
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When you think about getting a tattoo done and you want something special and unique, then you should go for a Tribal tattoo. There are several symbols and shapes from world heritage that contribute to this type of design. These designs are usually made with bold strokes. There are more details that can be added to this tattoo to make it more appealing.

This beautiful tattoo is made with bold and intricate designs. The face of the wolf is made with some thin, intricate, and soft strokes that make the wolf realistic. There is a moon-shaped design on the forehead of the face. The eyes of the wolf are highlighted in blue. The top and bottom of the tattoo are made with mandala art in thick strokes.

Simple Wolf Tattoo

simple wolf tattoo
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Simple wolf tattoos are not hard to find. They are straightforward designs with minimalistic personalities. Usually, they are single-line tattoos, but they can also be just simple tattoo designs that look elegant.

This tattoo design of a wolf is simple yet realistic. It portrays the wolf to be like a dog chasing some beautiful butterflies. This is a beautiful combination because the wolf is a symbol of bravery and butterflies are a symbol of freedom. A beautiful wolf tattoo design with a beautiful meaning.

Traditional Wolf Tattoo

traditional wolf tattoo
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Traditional tattoo designs are usually made with bold symbols and designs. They contain different shapes and designs that have been prevalent since ancient times. Traditional wolf tattoos look great when they are paired with traditional symbols like daggers and flowers. These types of tattoo designs look great as sleeve tattoo designs or hand tattoo designs.

This particular design shows the wolf face in the center and it is surrounded by flowers. The design had black and grey shades of ink all over it giving it a more elegant look.

Wolf Hand Tattoo

wolf hand tattoo
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A wolf hand tattoo is something that is most common among men and women. It is one of the best animal tattoos that are available among others. This form of tattoo art is difficult to make, especially on the hand because of the minimal surface area.

This tattoo starts on the forearm and extends onto the wrist. It is entirely made in black ink. The tattoo looks like a watercolor wolf tattoo that can be painted and it would look surreal. The wolf’s head is realistic and has a little moon shape on the forehead. The artist has managed to make it entirely with black ink, with shades of grey. Below the head, there is a stream of a river surrounded by some land and trees. The tattoo appears to be dark as it is nighttime. It gives off a mysterious and dark vibe. This tattoo is for someone who is a mysterious personality and likes to keep to themselves.

There are many wolf tattoos to choose from and it can become difficult for a person to just pick one. That is why we have come up with some of the best designs to make it easier for you to pick.

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