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Do finger tattoos appeal to you? Here is some amazing women’s ring finger tattoo cover-up that will upgrade your style statement.

women's ring finger tattoo
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Ring finger tattoos are generally associated with passion and love. 

However, in certain contexts, ring finger tattoos are to honor the memory of someone who has recently passed away. The wearer makes a ring finger tattoo to remind them of their memory and keep them close to their heart. 

It is known that the vein from the ring finger is connected with the heart. If you make this tattoo on your finger, you are honoring the memory of a person or something significant. It talks about a sensual feeling with unquenchable love and passion you might have for the person. The ring finger tattoo determines both sorrow and happiness. For example, newlywed couples get ring finger tattoos to commemorate their love for one another. They look for a permanent representation of their love which signifies that they are made for each other.

The tattoo covers, however, take a different meaning. Sometimes wearers have a different tattoo they want to get rid of and make another tattoo on it to work it out. These tattoos are known as cover-up tattoos. You can also get these cover-up tattoos on your ring finger, which will require detailed work by the tattoo artist. For example, if you want to add an alphabet to the finger and cover the previous one up, that can be considered a finger tattoo. 

Finger tattoos are rare, especially ring finger tattoos. Keep reading and indulge yourself in this amazing form of body art and perk up your style.

Block Letter Ring Finger Tattoo Design

Block Letter Ring Finger <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-338749 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666154398_397_10-Best-Womens-Ring-Finger-Tattoo-Cover-Up-Ideas-That-Will.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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If you like inscribing the initials of your loved ones or yourself on your hand, this tattoo is optimal for you. This tattoo is made with a traditional cursive lettering style. The ink that has been used is pitch bold black ink which perks up the style of the wearer.

Generally, a ring finger tattoo has several inflammations, but this tattoo has no visible inflammations on it. The tattoo artist has done a commendable job of bringing this cover-up tattoo to life. You can customize the tattoo with different letters that are significant to you on your hand.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas For Newly Wed Couples Cover-Up

wedding ring tattoo ideas for newly wed couples cover-up
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If you are a newlywed couple and want to commemorate your love, this tattoo is perfect for you. The tattoo consists of identical figures of two fir trees.

Perhaps the trees hold a great significance to the wearer’s lives where they got married or first met. This symbolizes that the wearers are madly in love with each other and are both passionate about one another. The tattoo is serene to look at and calms one’s soul.

Finger Ring Tattoo Ring Finger Tattoo Design Cover-Up

Finger Ring Tattoo Ring Finger <a href=Tattoo Design Cover-Up” class=”wp-image-338751 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666154405_453_10-Best-Womens-Ring-Finger-Tattoo-Cover-Up-Ideas-That-Will.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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This is a fine cover-up tattoo idea for a letter. Initially, the letter perhaps was something else, but now it is H. The H represents the connection of the heart with the ring finger. The H is a significant design that makes the tattoo one of a kind.

The font used here is a simple computer font that brings out the tattoo’s overall simplicity. No visible inflammations are found on this tattoo, which shows that the tattoo artist has done the work carefully. The overall tattoo looks beautiful because of the ideological representation that has been made.

Zodiac Sign Tiny Finger Tattoos Ideas Cover-Up

zodiac sign tiny finger tattoos ideas cover-up
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If you have a strong affinity toward Zodiac signs, this is the perfect choice of tattoo for you. This tattoo symbol is a piece of Aries’s symbol. Aries tattoos are very common among people and give a strong and energetic vibe. This tattoo is a cover-up on the ring finger for an initial Tattoo Design that used to be something different.

However, making it and giving it the shape of the Aries zodiac symbol is a notion of absolute intelligence. The tattoo artist has also made the cover-up nicely, and there is no sign of visible inflammations on the surface of the skin. The genius of the tattoo artist and the wearer is commendable for bringing this Aries tattoo to life. It symbolizes how deeply the wearer believes in the notion of the zodiac, basing their entire personality on it.

Couple Tattoos Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

couple tattoos cover up tattoo ideas
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This is a fine option for you if you are into simple tattoo cover-ups. Couple tattoo cover-ups are one of the most aesthetic tattoos ever. This tattoo is technically not a cover-up but a cover for adding two lines and a dot to perk up the entire look of the wearer.

It is a very dainty tattoo and perfect for couples who dislike showing off a lot. This simple ring finger tattoo idea is pleasing to look at. The genius of the tattoo artist is commendable for making a clean inking way.

Flowers Finger Tattoos For Women Ring Finger Tattoos

flowers finger tattoos for women ring finger tattoos
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Flowers add a different simplicity and style to the tattoo. This particular tattoo is no exception. The tattoo is made from the ring finger with simple outline designs and finally grows up to be two flowers and a bud.

The flower that can be seen here is probably the chrysanthemum, which perks up the wearer’s style. This is an ideal cover-up tattoo of an infinity abstract art to finally into a tattoo. Perhaps the wearer wanted to vogue up their look with flowers and add a tinge of positivity to their life.

Follow Your Heart Ring Finger Tattoos For Women

follow your heart ring finger tattoos for women
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This particular tattoo is one of a kind. If you want to address your heart and cherish the precious memories embedded in it, this tattoo is a perfect choice. This is a fine example of a ring Tattoo Design with a crown and a heart at the center.

This symbolizes that the wearer is putting their heart first before making any vital decisions in life. The tattoo is beautiful and one of a kind. No visible inflammations are also found on the surface of the tattoo. This proves that the work made by the tattoo artist is immaculate. Overall the tattoo is gorgeous and wondrous to behold of the thought put into it.

Leafy Finger Tattoo Cover Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

leafy finger tattoo cover wedding ring tattoo ideas
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If you are a fan of petite leafy structures, this tattoo is a fine example. The tattoo is a cover-up made on the ring finger. Originally it consisted of dots, but now it has been increased to leafy structures which are petite and beautiful to behold. The tattoos look one of a kind and surely perk up the look of the wearer.

It symbolizes the calmness and grace that has been embedded into the tattoo artist, giving it a different hint of work altogether. There are also no visible inflammations found on the skin, which is commendable on the part of the tattoo artists. You can customize the tattoo your way and make it look like something that is only made for you. Overall, the tattoo is really pretty and will perk up your look.

Crescent Moon And Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas

crescent moon and dreamcatcher tattoo ideas
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The Crescent moon is a feminine tattoo itself. It is a sign of virility and strength that strengthens the inner spirit of an individual. In this tattoo, the addition of a crescent moon is a cover-up.

The dreamcatcher already existed in the tattoo and is made with a simple dotwork structure. This makes the tattoo perky and one of a kind. You can customize the tattoo in your way and use other symbolic gestures of femininity in this tattoo. The tattoo is outstanding and dainty to behold. Overall, the tattoo inhibits powers, serenity, and grace, making it look like one of a kind.

Evil Eye Ring Finger Tattoos For Women Cover-Up

evil eye ring finger tattoos for women cover-up
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The evil eye is a very common Tattoo Design that has been embraced by several tattoo aficionados. It is a dainty tattoo that is loved by people. It perks up the look of the wearer and makes them stand out in the crowd. This tattoo is a cover-up for a dot work structure that was made earlier.

The evil eye tattoo is commemorative to lift off evil spirits from the lives of the wearer and shower their lives with positivity and strength. This tattoo is no exception. The tattoo is beautiful and dainty to behold. The immaculate work made by the tattoo artist is commendable. Overall it is a very popular and beautiful tattoo to gaze at, and one can get this done on their fingers or any preferable part of the body.

Cover-up tattoos generally signify how the wearer wants to let go of the past and embrace the future in a new approach. Cover-ups are done on scars or tattoos which have been precious to the wearer before but not anymore. The tattoos above are not necessarily to be used as a cover-up option. You can use the idea of getting these tattoos on your body to enhance your understanding of body art. Here are certain inspirational tattoo ideas which you can abide by for your future reference.

  • Koi Fish Tattoo Symbol. 
  • Hamsa Tattoo Symbol. 
  • All The Bad Feelings Quotes Tattoo. 
  • Pretty Hands Tattoos. 
  • Delicate Hand Tattoos.

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