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What is a woodcut style tattoo? Find the best – suiting woodcut tattoos for you from the top 10 woodcut tattoo ideas given below.

woodcut tattoo
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Solid black lines of a woodcut tattoo would make it age well.

Woodcut style tattoos show the essence of the artist’s work on different forms of art and images or pictures. In general, woodcut tattoos are done using a unique tool using etching parts of a wooden block to create designs and patterns.

Also, these woodcut styles are gaining their position in tattoo designing too. Mainly these tattoos are done in one single colour, primarily black. But sometimes red is also used. These solid colours make the woodcut tattoo age well. Even people with contrasting skin colours would get these tattoos that make them pop out of their skin. The tattoo artist showcases a high-level sense of creativity and ideas in this fine piece of artwork on the body. Let us look at some more designs.

Sleeve In Process

sleeve in process
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This engraved medieval woodcut tattoo represents the stories of history in its imagery details. The illustration contains examples of woodcutting and sculpture from the historical painting artworks, ideas, and inspiration from the past. A blast from the past type of work is showcased through these all-black woodcut tattoo designs. Also, Christianity elements are included in this woodcut tattoo design art. All those images in the painting and picture of this woodcut tattoo style make it one of the traditional and religious tattoo arts that one can get. Such woodcut tattoo style design retains details of images and illustrations from history.

Medieval Armor Helmet

medieval armor helmet
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Woodcut tattoos like these have an etching tattoo style. Tattoo artists try to bring out the feel of the old medieval times in a minimalistic and straightforwardly style through these etching tattoo designs. Here the artist has attempted to create a woodcut tattoo feel by giving texture lines in the helmet tattoo design. The dots made in the tattoo gives it a detailed high-level touch.

This wood tattoo is an ironclad tattoo style of art. Created with a fine tip tattoo pen, you can get this woodcut tattoo on any site in your body. Also, you can get it in small sizes with your fingers as well. This light-designed picture of mechanic tattoos is a linework tattoo. The shape has been reinforced with the lines given inside the helmet.

Cycle Of Life

cycle of life
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The image tattooed in this woodcut tattoo edition is of a skull with a plant growing inside it. The tattooed picture gives an essence of life and death. It also creates a meaning of the mortal body and life. This woodcut tattoo created with the image of the skull head is used as inspiration for paintings worldwide that show deep shading and meanings. This etching style of woodcut tattoos is nowadays popular in the set of misfit tattoos as well. The negative space of skin tones could be eliminated with this design style. The design’s contrast and shading ensure etching and dope art style for this woodcut tattoo design and ideas. The skull and the plant in the woodcut tattoo are highly detailed and are given a black shade of colour in all total tattoo designs.

The Scorpion

the scorpion
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This woodcut-style of etching image of the woodcut tattoo is of a scorpion. The image created in this woodcut tattoo style has fine lines in them. Also, the outline of the woodcut tattoo design tells the correct shape and form of the scorpion. This woodcut tattoo can be done as a light design in your arms or legs. You can use any colour for the shading of this woodcut tattoo design on your skin and body. The artists have used a simple, minimalistic shape and style for these woodcut tattoo designs. Get these woodcut tattoos if you are a fan of such simple woodcut tattoo designs. These patterns are often imprinted on wooden blocks using special metal tools as a woodcut art style. Inspiration for these etching tattoo styles is from woodcut sculptures and nature, animals, and living things.

The Castle Of The Dragons

the castle of the dragons
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The artists indeed would have spent a massive amount of time and patience to complete this magnificent piece of artwork in one’s body. This woodcut style tattoo shows the etching style on the skin. The woodcut art style would have inspired the castles, dragons, and mighty warriors’ past stories and tales. The artists are indeed so talented at bringing in all the elements from a powerful past and folklores into your skin. Also, the lines and images are neatly and designed in this etching tattoo of woodcut tattoos. One fan of mighty dragon stories can get this tattoo on the hand/arm sleeves covering the whole part.

Lady With A Snake

lady with a snake
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The tattooing for this stunning art form is so good and very well done by the tattoo artist. Ideas and inspiration for these etching and lit woodcut tattoo images on the skin can be described in no words. These woodcut tattoos could be done in any place in the body of the person. It could attract more people towards the etching tattoo designs and style if you get it in your arm. Woodcut tattoos are mostly given a black colour and shades. Well, you can change the colours of this etching tattoo of woodcut tattoos according to your taste.

Folky Orange

folky orange
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Such woodcut tattoos are done to show simple things in life that make people happy. A lot of such woodcut tattoos of fruits are being done these days. Ideas behind these etching tattoo designs among woodcut tattoos are creative and straightforward. These woodcut tattoos bring a simplified and minimalistic feel. Also, an aesthetic touch is given by these etching tattoo styles. With detail in the illustration, any motif can be converted into a woodcut tattoo style.

Woodcut Flower Tattoo

woodcut flower tattoo
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Showcasing simple ideas of floral beauty, you can get this etching tattoo design of two flowers in your arms. These types of woodcut tattoos are done to bring positivity towards life. Just like how a flower can bring out a smile in you, an etching tattoo design of a flower would surely bring happiness to your personality. Also, the dots and lines in the etching tattoo design give it a pleasing look. These woodcut tattoos in our life get a cute and aesthetic feel—also, what a pleasant method for a flower tattoo on our arms.

The Ancient Gods

the ancient gods
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This full torso tattoo shows the images of the ancient Greek or Latin gods in the woodcut style. Also, this etching tattoo design could be taken as a part of welding tattoos. A lot of details are included in this woodcut design. The main highlight of the whole tattoo is the tattoo of God with wings. This takes the place of the centre attraction of the woodcut tattoo. Also, these tattoos could be accepted to cover up your body scars. This etching tattoo can be done in the front chest region or the back. This full-size woodcut tattoo indeed needs ample space to occupy all the beautiful details and information of our ancient periods and myths.

The Skull In The Flowers

the skull in the flowers
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These woodcut tattoo styles show a simple yet powerful image and detail. A skull is drawn as two parts with black background colour as top and bottom opposite corner parts. A plant with flowers of red is given as a background image to the skull images. If you are a rider, this woodcut tattoo may match your vibe if you get them in your arms and show it off. Also, a mystery feel is being brought by the fractured skull in this woodcut design.

Some more woodcut tattoo designs which use special metal tools for tattooing on various skin tones are mentioned below.

  1. Wooden block tattoo
  2. Bird tattoo with designs contrast
  3. Line-work tattoo

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