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If you are looking for some cool tattoo ideas for the wrist, we have got you covered. We have some of the best wrist chain tattoo designs for you!

wrist chain tattoo
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Wrist tattoos have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years among couples, best friends, and even siblings.

There can be several different types of wrist tattoos like a bracelet or some other design. These designs are glamorous and trendy and look extremely cool once you get such tattoos.

Bracelets are considered to be some of the most beautiful accessories that are worn by both men and women. They enhance the beauty of the wrist. There are different styles of bracelets available. Some have charms in them, some have beads in them, and some look like chains. They can be tribal, Celtic, Floral designs, and many other designs engraved on them. Bracelet tattoos are generally worn on the wrist, however, they can be designed on the forearm, the upper arm, the thigh, or even as an anklet.

Here are some beautiful popular bracelet tattoo designs that not only look cool but also look realistic.

Botanical Bracelet Tattoo

botanical bracelet tattoo
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A botanical bracelet tattoo may have a different meaning depending on each person. It could mean that they are close to nature or want to spend their time closer to nature. This tattoo has blackberries in it, they could mean different things which could be ethnic or religious. They also have a spiritual meaning to them. Some folklores suggest that the fruit is the color of the blood of Christ.

This tattoo is placed on the wrist of the person like a bracelet. It has a chain that is entangled in a blackberry vine. The tattoo is attractive and is made with thick and thin strokes of black and white. According to your personal choices, you can add some color to the tattoo as well. You can also add flowers or more leaves to it. The hearts in the chains represent love for nature. This could be a great choice for your next tattoo!

Simple Chain Tattoo

simple chain tattoo
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A simple bracelet tattoo looks cool and trendy on the wrist. This tattoo does not have a lot of elements added to it. It is a simple design that is made with several interconnected chains. The links of the chains symbolize strength and eternal love. It shows that there is no particular start or end because the design looks like the symbol of infinity.

It is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink. There are shades of black ink within the chains to give it a 3D effect.

Chain With Heart Tattoo

chain with heart tattoo
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As we know, a chain tattoo is a unique design and is a symbol of infinite love and connectivity. The circles are entwined with each other in infinite loops and it looks like a bracelet.

Bracelets are symbols of relationships. There are friendship bracelets that show the bond between friends, and there are prayer bead bracelets, that show a human connection to God.

This tattoo design is a unique piece of body art. It has a heart link in the middle. The heart is made of red color and the rest of the tattoo is made with black ink. The red and the heart symbolize love.

Broken Chain Wrist Tattoo

broken chain wrist tattoo
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This tattoo design has a deep meaning. Broken chains have different meanings like freedom or broken relationship. The most common meaning of a broken chain is freedom from oppression and slavery. They can also symbolize defeat.

This tattoo is made with simple strokes of black ink. Although it is not made around the wrist like a bracelet, it is placed on the wrist. This is a fine-line tattoo and can be completed in one sitting. If you are looking for your next tattoo to be simple, this could be your next choice!

Traditional Chain Wrist Tattoo

traditional chain wrist tattoo
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A traditional chain has a lot of meanings for different people. Sometimes it represents infinite love and understanding, sometimes it represents restrictions.

This particular tattoo is made with strokes of black ink. There are shades of black and grey ink inside the links which give it a more artistic look. If you look carefully, the chain appears to be broken from the side and there are pieces of the broken chain. There is a number written under the chain, although we do not understand the symbolism, the wearer must connect deeply to it. This is a beautiful piece of art that can be great for your next tattoo!

Matching Chain Tattoo

matching chain tattoo
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Since chain tattoos have a deep symbolism, they are a popular choice for tattoos among couples. The interlinked chains symbolize eternal love, and the couples like to get such tattoos together to show their mutual love and understanding with each other.

This tattoo is made on the wrists of two people. It is made with thin strokes of black ink. The insides of the chain are colored in shades of black and grey. This unique tattoo represents infinite love and is the perfect design for you and your partner. You can also get this matching tattoo with a loved one or your sibling that shows you are connected to one another forever.

Prayer Bead Bracelet Tattoos

prayer bead bracelet tattoos
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Prayer Beads are used by some cultures to offer prayers to God. Prayer beads show a person’s connection to God. Many people wear prayer beads around their wrists or necks.

This tattoo looks like a long chain of prayer beads wrapped around the wrist of the person. The outline of this tattoo is made with thin strokes of black ink, however, the insides of the beads are colored in black and white ink. There is a 3D effect in the tattoo which makes the chain look realistic. This is a very cool idea for your next tattoo.

Anchor Wrist Tattoo

anchor wrist tattoo
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The anchor plays a very important role in keeping the ship stable when there was a storm. Apart from the sea, it is also very relevant in different situations of life. This anchor tattoo is a reminder to stay solid and firm in every difficult situation in life.

This tattoo design is made on the wrist of the person. The bracelet part of the tattoo looks like it is made with needs. The anchor is attached to the end of it. This tattoo is made with black ink entirely. If required, you may add colors to the tattoo to make it look more elegant.

Charm Bracelet Tattoo

charm bracelet tattoo
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Charms bracelets have recently become a trend that everybody wants to follow. The charms on the bracelets represent something special to those wearing them. Usually, charms are added to bracelets one at a time.

In his bracelet, the tattoo artist has made a charm bracelet where the charm appears to be of a mask, something a Viking would wear. This tattoo is made with shades of black and white ink. The shades of the charms make it look like it is made with silver. This tattoo is a great design for both men and women.

Unique Wrist Tattoo

unique wrist tattoo
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This is a unique wrist tattoo that is made with black ink. The tattoo is of thick chains interlocked with each other, however, one chain is broken from the middle. It could mean that the wearer is free from any form of oppression or bondage.

This tattoo is made with thick and thin strokes of black ink. This style is different and unique and perfect for your next tattoo design.

If you liked these tattoo designs and are not sure if you wanna get them, you can try getting a temporary tattoo of a similar design and see if you like it. There are also some other tattoo designs that you can look at which you may like –

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