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Are you passionate about lotus? Here are some fantastic wrist lotus flower tattoo ideas to upgrade your style statement.

wrist lotus flower tattoo
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Lotus flower tattoos are one of the most common tattoo designs among tattoo lovers.

Tattoo artists have often mentioned both men and women can get lotus flower tattoos. It is one of the first choices of many minimalistic tattoo lovers.

Lotus flower Tattoo Design often symbolizes beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening because, in Hindu mythology, lotus flowers refer to Goddess Padma. Lotus tattoos are often known to have spiritual significance as well. It enhances the spiritual as well as mental growth of the person who wants to paint it on their body.

The tattoos can be of different colors and styles while the meaning changes based on the colors that are chosen for the tattoo. Some opt for colorful tattoos, others choose black. For more options, go through the list of wrist lotus flower tattoo designs given below and visit your nearest tattoo artist. Explain to them your preferences and vision and get one awesome lotus flower tattoo for yourself.

Cosmic Lotus Tattoo On Wrist

cosmic lotus tattoo on wrist
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This first tattoo will enhance your style and can make you talk of the town. The tattoo has a two-color combination of light blue and purple complimenting one another. This outline lotus tattoo has a feminine touch with line art making it look gorgeous.

The lotus flower Tattoo Design is not on the wrist while the moon tattoo is done keeping it similar to the lotus tattoo. Both of them look like a single piece and the moon tattoo does not outshine the lotus. But if you want to only do the lotus tattoo alone it is also possible and will look amazing. The symbolic meaning of the lotus flower tattoo on the wrist gives the wearer a sense of positivity and constant change with purity.

Minimalistic Wrist Outline Lotus Tattoo Design

Minimalistic Wrist Outline Lotus <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-338376 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666133891_562_10-Best-Wrist-Lotus-Flower-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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Minimalistic tattoo designs are much in fashion these days and make a wearer’s style quotient. The simple lotus tattoo is done by the artist in one stretch, an outline tattoo that will make others stare at it. The other lines and dots added to the tattoo are appropriate to the design. This tattoo is made on the wrist.

The gorgeous part of the simple lotus tattoo is it is made with only black ink which looks very beautiful and perfect for people who opt for black simple designs and not colorful ones. It can be understood that the design has been made with the help of a stencil giving it geometric shapes, the design made on the petal is one of a kind. The wrist tiny lotus tattoo is petite on one hand and further carries a heavy symbolic meaning of purity inside the wearer.

Flame Wrist Lotus Tattoo Design

Flame Wrist Lotus <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-338377 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666133892_984_10-Best-Wrist-Lotus-Flower-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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The next tattoo lets the color, tone, and texture express themselves. This beautiful flower design is neither loud nor overbearing but does grab the attention. This tattoo has an abundance of colors and different shades making it pop out more than the others. This tattoo compliments the skill of the artist.

This lotus flower Tattoo Design is not exactly on the wrist but starts from the fist and ends on the forearm. This is a tattoo of a lotus which is burning symbolic of the burning spirit of the wearer who is not yet ready to calm down. The colors used are shades of pink, and some yellow giving it a detailed design, and the shades are done with black ink adding the cherry on top. The tattoo is gender neutral.

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

wrist lotus flower tattoo
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The wrist is one of the popular placements for lotus flower arm tattoos because they look quite delicate yet carry significant meaning. This is a tiny lotus flower tattoo done with only black ink. It is also an outline lotus tattoo and the small elements added to it make it look charming to everyone.

This wrist tiny lotus tattoo has a sacred symbol and contains many meanings regarding spiritual awakening. The small tattoo with a spiritual symbol looks stunning with the clean lines making it prominent. The petals are painted with focus and precision making it impressive. You can consult with your tattoo artist and can change the outline or even color it into a pretty pink lotus flower.

Wrist Mandala Lotus flower Tattoo

wrist mandala lotus flower tattoo
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Lotus flower designs in different cultures can have different connotations. In Buddhist Religion is a symbol of spiritual kindness, rising above the material world. This small lotus flower tattoo is painted to be growing towards the sun and done with simple black ink. This tattoo is of perfect size covering the wrist but tattoos like this can be done in the hamstring as well.

This aquatic plant grows in muddy waters but itself grows beautifully. Lotus designs like this growing towards the sun symbolize the journey of the wearer from dirt to shine. The added comma in this tattoo means a separation. Separation from bad habits to be a better person. The comma mark is a personal choice you can either erase or improvise it.

Wrist Tiny Tattoos

wrist tiny tattoos
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This simple lotus flower tattoo is quite a small one for people who like small tattoos rather than a bigger ones. Despite being a tiny tattoo it is quite prominent to look at because of the skill of the tattoo artist. Tattoos like this can be done on any visible parts of the body including the wrist adding a fashion statement of the wearer, may it be on your shoulder or back of your ears, or arm.

The abstract designs done alongside the lotus glorifies the wrist cute lotus making it look like a set. The best thing about a wrist lotus tattoo is that if you want it you do not need a wide color palette or heavy shading to make it look appealing just a simple outline sketch can do the magic. You can consult your tattoo artist if you want to change the color of the outline lotus tattoo, it will look beautiful in any shade may it be a purple lotus flower or something else.

Pink Celestial Lotus Flower Tattoo

pink celestial lotus flower tattoo
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This pink lotus flower tattoo is a collaboration of various beautiful universal elements like the ocean, planets, stars, and moon making it look eye-catching for everybody. But none of the elements looks unfit with the moon instead they all go well together. You can only add the pink lotus to your tattoo after consulting your tattoo artist. The lotus simple as itself is beautiful.

The pink lotus on the wrist with the celestial elements on the sides makes it look center. This Tattoo Design is a picture of the universe painted on the wrist with everything in one space. The color combination and shading look perfect making the tattoo look ethereal. In Buddhism, it is said that Buddha was born out of a sacred lotus. So the lotus flower in the center can be symbolized by Lord Buddha being the center of the creation.

Jewel Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo

jewel lotus flower mandala tattoo
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This lotus flower mandala tattoo has an eye-catching fresh look with a special element in it that is the added jewelry design. This tattoo is not exactly on the wrist but on the forearm because of its size you can do the design on your wrist as well if you decrease the size of the lotus flowers. It is all up to you. Opinions of the wearer and their choices are most important when it comes to tattooing.

The littlest elements add a wonderful charm to this tattoo. Painted simply with back ink the shading is also done with the same ink. The black shading prominences the shape of the lotus and the curves. This lotus flower mandala tattoo has a very modern design and escalates the style of the wearer.

Brush Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo

brush pink lotus flower tattoo
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This pink lotus is a fine art in itself, looks like some strokes of a brush. This tattoo has a multi-lotus design starting from the wrist and ending in your forearm and looks like a painting on a canvas and strokes as if being done by a painter. You can increase or decrease the number of lotuses after discussing with your tattoo artist and even changing the color of the tattoo.

The pink lotus is symbolic of love, happiness, and purity and often connected with Buddhism can portray Buddha’s earthly symbols. A Lotus flower with a closed bud represents a journey through a spiritual path while a fully bloomed lotus represents enlightenment. The Black shade acts like a special ornament to the colored tattoo.

Lotus Flower Small Wrist Tattoos

lotus flower small wrist tattoos
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When people say simplicity is the best they don’t say it wrong. This lotus tattoo maybe is simple in its look but is very beautiful. Lotus flowers and tattoos stand for peacefulness and serenity.

The bold outlines make the tattoo prominent. The shading adds to the fame of the tattoo. This can be your go-to option if you are looking for a small yet detailed wrist tattoo. This tattoo is suitable for the wrist, back of your neck, or finger because of its small shape. Tattoos like this look beautiful anywhere you sketch them.

Wrist Lotus Tattoos are absolutely beautiful and look nice on the wearer. Lotus tattoo bears a lot of symbolism making them unique and personal. This flower speaks for becoming a better version of oneself. You can customize the tattoos in your way and let your creativity shine. You can get one of these tattoos for approximately around $50 to 1$150. Here are some beautiful suggestions that you can go for when selecting one lotus flower wrist tattoo for yourself.

  • Black Lotus Flower tattoo
  • White Lotus Flower tattoo
  • Purple Lotus Flower tattoo
  • Natural Scenery Wrist Colorful Lotus Tattoo

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