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Are you a fan of sci-fi and aliens? Want to find the best xenomorph tattoo ideas? Keep reading this article to learn more!

xenomorph tattoo
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A Xenomorph is an extraterrestrial creature, a type of alien from the hit Alien film franchise.

Since xenomorph tattoos portray the supernatural aspect of life, they are seen as unusual. But xenomorph tattoos usually have a hidden meaning behind them.

A xenomorph tattoo is a way to show ones love for science fiction, life in outer space, or alien movies. It could also be a way to express your personality’s quirky side with cute yet sarcastic-looking tattoos. Some people who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere or belong in this world get a xenomorph tattoo to convey this feeling. Xenomorph tattoos could also be inspired by how a person is unique or feels alienated from others. Xenomorph tattoos can be customized according to your preferences, you can pick from a variety of combinations to find an optimal fit based on the size you want. Keep reading the rest of this article to know 10 of the best xenomorph tattoo designs for you to get inked!

Xenomorph Tattoos

xenomorph tattoos
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Some xenomorph tattoo ideas are of different alien species. In this alien tattoo, the xenomorph looks like a dragon-alien. creatures other than aliens. This beautiful xenomorph tattoo design looks like the beast is trying to protect itself. It portrays how it is fierce and strong and how no one can hurt it. It can represent who you are as a person or even if these are qualities you wish to gain. This excellent xenomorph tattoo design can make you look unique from the other basic tattoos people usually get. It can also have elements added to it that are seen to be devilish yet fun!Though this tattoo looks great on the arm, it would also look remarkable on the back, upper chest, calf, shoulder, and hand.

Colourful Xenomorph Tattoo Sleeve

colourful xenomorph tattoo sleeve
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This is an example of fun-looking xenomorph tattoo. It is a way for you to express your goofy side. It is a way you depict your love for fantasy, with a bold meaning behind it.

This xenomorph tattoo features characters from the animated film, Spirited Away. The tattoo is inked entirely in bright pink. We can see the spirit chasing after something, with its tongue sticking out. The tongue itself has another head attached to it. The long arms have sharp nails, and the spirit’s sharp, little teeth are inked in white. The background of white clouds hints the spirit is flying in search of something. And as he flies, we see golden biscuits raining below. The detailing is brilliant, and the colors are eye-catching. It would look great in any size, but a xenomorph tattoo sleeve usually looks good on the arm.

Predator Xenomorph Tattoos

predator xenomorph tattoos
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This breathtaking xenomorph tattoo design has numerous elements and details, making it the masterpiece of all xenomorph tattoos. Placed on the bicep, this xenomorph tattoo is hard to make out but scary, none the less! At first glance, we see the sharp, white teeth near the grey head. The lower body of the alien shows ribs or abdomen, inked in black and white. A tattoo like this can showcase your love for dark fantasy or horror. This xenomorph tattoo could also signify how one is trapped under the world’s clutches. You can place this tattoo on the upper thigh or bicep for best results!

Purple Alien Xenomorph Tattoo Designs

purple alien xenomorph tattoo designs
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This gorgeous alien tattoo is a magnificent portrayal of the lives of xenomorphs. It is a combination of purple and black ink with thick outlines. The inner body of the alien is inked in black, and the external leaf-like structure is purple.

The boldness and ability of this tattoo radiate through its design and would be great for both men and women alike. This tattoo looks wonderful placed on the leg. But you can choose to get it on the back, upper chest and shoulder, as well. You can opt for different colours for your tattoo, if you wish. You can also opt to change the colors of it if you wish.

Traditional Xenomorph Tattoo

traditional xenomorph tattoo
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If you are looking for a quirky yet cool xenomorph design, this is the best option for you. This tattoo is inked on the upper arm and shoulder blade. Here we see a blue xenomorph alien with it’s mouth open, as if growling at its prey. The bones are depicted well in white and blue. The aqua blue color of the tattoo is vibrant yet soothing at the same time. This xenomorph tattoo space design will make you look like a total badass.

Green Alien Xenomorph Tattoo Designs

green alien xenomorph tattoo designs
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The meanings and stories that one can portray from this elaborately brilliant tattoo are endless. This tattoo covers the entire arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. This tattoo design contains many elements from the Alien film series. Inked mostly in dark green, we see an alien head in the center, with its sharp teeth bared. Right below the alien is a human foetus, as if resting inside the womb. We can see the alien’s green, bony arms around the baby, as if trying to keep it within its grasp. If you are looking for dazzling xenomorph tattoos that tell a dark and meaningful story, this tattoo might the optimal fit for you!

Tribal Xenomorph Tattoo Designs

tribal xenomorph tattoo designs
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The vibrant colors of this xenomorph tattoo scream fun and gore. In this tattoo, we see a green alien skeleton with multiple germ limbs. The lower half of the body appears to be cut and is bleeding now. The alien has a sharp, limb coming out of his mouth which is dripping with blood. The tattoo artist has wonderfully highlighted the details in green, pink and red colours. This tattoo is well-placed on the leg, as it gives a larger canvas to work with. So if you are looking for a xenomorph tribal tattoo as a leg sleeve, you can try this one!

Monster Xenomorph Tattoos

monster xenomorph tattoos
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This beautiful xenomorph tattoo portrays a person bursting out and emerging after being held down for so long. It shows great strength and courage. The blood red ink seems to be splattered around, in a slight water colour effect, and it completes the peach colour of the alien tattoo quite well. The alien’s arms are folded in the front, but his sharp teeth and green mouth show him roaring. This tattoo is placed near the ankle, but you can work with a tattoo artist to get a similar xenomorph arm tattoo as well.

Black Alien or Xenomorph Tattoo

black alien or xenomorph tattoo
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This gorgeous alien tattoo is an example of what dark xenomorph tattoo designs look like. In this xenomorph tattoo, we can see an alien head and white teeth growling. The inner workings of this alien brain are clearly visible and are inked in black ink. This tattoo uses precise dot work and shading to create depth. The shades and textures of this design are flawlessly inked, and the overall design looks excellent. If you want to explore the fun and devilish side of you, consider getting this stunning xenomorph tattoo.

Sketch Xenomorph Tattoo Designs

sketch xenomorph tattoo designs
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In recent years, the alien has become a popular creature as a tattoo inspiration. Xenomorph tattoos allow tattoo artists to explore different ink styles and tattoo art. And tattoo lovers get to wear daring, other-worldly tattoo designs. This tattoo is inked entirely in black and white ink. It looks a sketch out of a biology textbook! There are two bony, skeleton hands grabbing an alien head. You can have this tattoo inked on the entire upper arm or get a smaller version of it. Xenomorph tattoo designs are preferred by both men and women.

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