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Are you looking to get yourself tattooed with the words xo? Here is a list of some awesome xo tattoo designs you need to check out.

xo tattoo
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XO stands for Hugs And Kisses.

For the most part, this tattoo will symbolize happiness between a couple. XO tattoo is truly a perfect pairing tattoo with your partner.

When you say XO, instantly, hugs and kisses come into your mind, but there is an origin to XO as well. Much evidence from the study of today’s culture shows a growing emphasis on the concepts of affection and love. In today’s time, many of the fashion brands and pop songs by artists such as The Weeknd have been pushing this phrase to express love and have other meanings. On a slightly darker tone, some people suggest that the XO symbol is connected to organizations such as Illuminati and the occult.

It is perfect for getting yourself tattooed with this universal symbol of kissing, affection, and love. Check out these xo tattoo designs yourself to get an idea for your next tattoo!

The XO Heart Tattoo

the xo heart tattoo
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The tattoo artist has done a great job of representing this hugs and kisses symbol. The xo tattoo meaning revolves around the concept of affection, love, and kiss, which is shared between two partners. The X and O meanings are hugs and kisses. There is also the talk of how many stars make the usage of X and O in hopes of initiating goddess Isis to get their wishes granted. You can get this tattoo design inked on your arm or wrist.

XO Couples Tattoo

xo couples tattoo
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A xo couple tattoo like this is perfect for couples who want to symbolize their affection for each other. In this design, one person has X, and the other has the O. There are many different variations of this tattoo design. A couple can get the XO symbol inked on both of their arms instead of one inking each letter separately. You and your partner can get this XO tattoo design inked on your legs instead of the spot shown in the picture.

The Kisses XO Tattoo

the kisses xo tattoo
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The XO tattoo done by a couple represents their relationship and the intimacy of it as well. In this tattoo design, we can see how the kisses shared by the partner have been inked in the form of a tattoo design. The kisses on the skin have been inked in a red shade, representing the intense love between two partners in many states, such as hugging and wrapped around in each other’s arms. There are different xo tattoo variants out there that you can search for, representing the same form of intensity and intimacy between couples for you and your loved one.

The Heart Tattoo

the heart tattoo
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People use the xo tattoo to represent love and happiness. In medieval times, sending love letters or presenting them on paper physically was done to show affection and love instead of how it is shown in our current times. The tattoo design combines the simple XO tattoo with a red heart. You can connect this simple tattoo with xo The Weeknd tattoo.

The X And O Tattoo

the x and o tattoo
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The concept of xo tattoo design is not only limited to couples. You can share this tattoo with your beloved siblings as well. Here, the wrists of both sisters join together to form the XO symbol. Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God Kenneth Grant’s book tell us about the story of the lightning war god. According to the book, it was the mix of X and O, which created lightning from deep depths.

There are multiple XO tattoo variations you can look up to spice this tattoo design. You and your sibling can get XO sleeves tattoos as well.

XO Tattoos

xo tattoos
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This is a clean and straightforward XO tattoo. These XO tattoos are perfect for couples who want to symbolize their relationship. Make sure to play some music and make your partner comfortable before deciding on an XO tattoo, as there are a lot of other versions of this tattoo or some different design entirely which you can get. You can integrate tattoos of love letters in a circle in this design as well. Mark a date with your tattoo to get this tattooed as soon as possible.

The XO Hands Tattoo

the xo hands tattoo
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XO tattoos like these are best wishes for every couple out there. Here, both partners have decided to ink this symbol of kiss and hug on each other hands. It showcases their strong relationship and how dedicated they are towards keeping it maintained. You can also get this symbol of hug and kiss inked on the same spot as shown in the image or any other part of your body. This can be integrated with Weeknd’s xo until we overdose tattoo as well.

XO Flowers Tattoo

xo flowers tattoo
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The tattoo artist has created a piece of art. The classic xo tattoo, meaning hug and kiss, has been combined with a rose. The rose tattoo is associated with love and romance. No other flower tattoo can catch this meaning on the level the rose tattoo does. You might wonder what ideal site would be for these types of xo tattoo designs on your body? The answer, anywhere. They can go on any part of your body.

The Weeknd XO Tattoo

the weeknd xo tattoo
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Here, xo meaning is your love for the famous artist, Weeknd. Weeknd is a popular pop artist who has a song named XO/The Host, which is popular among his fans. The Weeknd tattoo designs like these are pretty versatile and are not only limited to The Weeknd. You can integrate this xo tattoo design with The Weeknd’s xo until we overdose tattoo too.

Simple XO Tattoos

simple xo tattoos
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Combining one of the best xo tattoo designs with almost any tattoo design would genuinely show your affection and care for your beloved one. You can set this tattoo up with The Weeknd’s music verse as well if you want to show love to the weekend! Get this tattoo on your arm or leg.

XO tattoos are one of the best tattoos to show love and respect for your loved one. Always ask your tattoo artist to check for xo tattoo pictures of your design to avoid any errors done while inking. Check out these suggestions if you are looking for a placement idea for your XO tattoo or just looking for more designs.

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