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Are you an avid weeb for the Japanese anime called YuGiOh and Yu Yu Hakusho? Here are some fantastic tattoo ideas to inspire you for your anime tattoo dream.

yugioh tattoo
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The anime series YuGiOh revolves around the character Yugi Mutou.

Unless you have been living under a pop-culture rock, most of us are aware of the popularity of anime not just in Japan but outside Japan. Many 90s kids grew up watching action anime like Pokemon, Beyblade, and Dragon Ball Z.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a manga series illustrated and written by the Japanese artist Kazuki Takahashi. The series used to regularly appear in the Japanese magazine Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump between the period of September 1996 and March 2004. It is the story of a young boy going by the name of Yugi Mutou, who does the impossible by solving the old and ancient Millennium Puzzle. This leads to Yugi awakening an alter-ego gambler in his body. This spirit in him helps him solve his conflicts through different games. The manga series led to multiple spinoff manga and anime series, many video games, and a very popular trading cards game.

Of the popular anime series outside Japan, YuGiOh and Yu Yu Hakusho appear on that list. There are millions of fans of this particular anime, not just in Japan but many other countries like the USA, France, and Canada. So here are some anime tattoo ideas for you to get inspiration from.

Protagonist YuGiOh Tattoo

protagonist yugioh tattoo
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The anime series YuGiOh revolves around Yami Yuugi, who learns to master the art of fighting with dragons with a set of cards. This set of cards contains various dragons with different powers, strengths, and weaknesses, which the protagonist has to learn and master and use to his advantage based on every fight he faces. This tattoo is a black and grey tattoo of the protagonist of the series Yami Yuugi, holding several cards in his hands from the said set of dragon cards. This tattoo can be made as a sleeve tattoo or a leg tattoo, whichever feels the best for the one doing it.

Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Tattoo

blue-eyes toon dragon tattoo
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One of the most potent and favourite dragons of all the fans and anime characters alike is the blue-eyed dragon. This dragon is revealed from the card set several times in the show by another main character in the series called Seto Kaiba, especially when things go downhill for the protagonist. This tattoo is a toon version of the blue-eye white dragon from the anime series YuGiOh. This is a small black tattoo, which can be made anywhere on the body but would look especially cute above the wrist.

YuGiOh Sleeve Tattoo

yugioh sleeve tattoo
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This is another version of the tattoo of the protagonist of YuGiOh, Yami Yuugi. Compared to the previous tattoo, this is a colour version, and the anime character shines in all his glory with vibrant colours and some great outlines. In this tattoo, we can see the anime character holding a card between his fingers and a set in another, ready to serve his chance. This is a whole sleeve tattoo with some beautiful detailing and action vibes.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Tattoo

blue-eyes white dragon tattoo
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This is another tattoo which is the inked version of the famous blue eye toon dragon. Just the frequency or amount of times people have opted to ink this particular dragon tattoo shows its popularity within the anime series’ avid fans, or as they call themselves, weebs. This tattoo is made with the dotting technique in tattoo art, where pin-sized dots are used to colour, shade, and draw lines to make the whole tattoo. The dragon is aptly shaded with blue hues in places, with a bared mouth and a snarling expression, as if the dragon is ready to attack.

YuGiOh Blue Eye Dragon Tattoo

yugioh blue eye dragon tattoo
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This is yet another tattoo depicting the same dragon from the anime series YuGiOh. This blue-eye white dragon tattoo is the toon version of the dragon in the series. The dragon can be seen snarling and in a position to make an attack. The tattoo artist has done excellent shading on the dragon tattoo, inking several shades of blue for the eyes and the body. Using a red background gives the tattoo dimension, making it stand in contrast to the background. This is a small tattoo that is made on the inside of the arm of the person.

Slifer The Sky Dragon Tattoo

slifer the sky dragon tattoo
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This tattoo features the protagonist of the YuGiOh series again, Yami Yuugi. But the dragon behind the main character is linked from the YuGiOh spinoff movie called Pyramid of the Light. The red dragon which can be seen in the tattoo is called Slifer, the sky dragon.

The said pyramid, which is an ancient, powerful tool featured in the anime, can be seen below the face of Yami Yuugi, who as always can be seen posing with a card ready to strike. The pyramid has various ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics inked on it. The tattoo is coloured densely, the reds of the dragon contrasting beautifully on the skin. This tattoo can be made anywhere as one pleases, but such beautiful tattoo art deserves to be seen and inked in a place where everyone can appreciate it, like the hands or legs.

Pot Of Greed Tattoo

pot of greed tattoo
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This image depicts a famous card from the set of cards in YuGiOh called the Pot of Greed. The card’s function in the game is simple. It allows the player to draw two cards at once instead of a single card. The tattoo is made very ingeniously to symbolize that the person who made the tattoo is of the type who always has a second plan ready at hand, in case the first one fails. Likewise, this tattoo is also a brilliant and unique reference to the show, as not many people may want to get a tattoo of the pot of greed.

Black Rose Dragon Tattoo

black rose dragon tattoo
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This tattoo depicts a dragon from the YuGiOh anime series. The colour of the dragon ranges from colours like red, black, grey, and golden in some places, which has been coloured masterfully by the tattoo artist. This dragon is called a black rose dragon, as it has some scales which look like the petals of a rose, but that does not make it weak at all! The colours of the tattoo look very beautifully done and are a great tattoo to get on the hands or legs.

Black And Grey Dragon Tattoo

black and grey dragon tattoo
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The black and grey tattoo featuring Silfur, the sky dragon character from the anime series YuGiOh is done by a talented artist who has created such an expressive face. The tattoo is a tiny tattoo, with some dotwork in the background and excellent, delicate lines. The tattoo is very intricate because of its size and sharp detailing. The tattoo artist has done a brilliant job in making this tattoo on the arm of this person.

Pyramid Of Light Tattoo

pyramid of light tattoo
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This tattoo depicts an instrument or tool made famous in the YuGiOh spinoff movie called Pyramid of Light. The device itself is named Pyramid of Light, as it looks like a pyramid. The tattoo has some ancient hieroglyphics inked onto the pyramid, as depicted in the movie and series. On the other hand, we can also see the trendy character of Sasuke from the internationally famous anime series, Naruto.

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