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So, recording artist Zayn Malik is a multi-award-winning musical sensation. For many Malik is one of the most successful artists from the UK of our generation. Making the “World’s Sexiest Men” list numerous times via many platforms, he is praised for his many hairstyles and wardrobe picks while being described as a stylish and bold icon. Even if you don’t like his music, you can definitely get some hairstyle inspiration from Zayn Malik, no matter the length or color of your hair (there is a bit of everything for everyone). I don’t know if it’s down to him being outgoing and stylish or if his stylists and team are just amazing, but Zayn continues to come with look after look providing sexy mens hairstyles regularly.

So in this article, we are going to give you the 20 best haircut ideas styled by Zayn Malik. See how you can take these looks to the next level!


1. What Is Zayn Malik’s Hairstyle Called?

Zayn Malik often changes his looks. The truth is that he prefers longer hair and has a messy hair texture. In most looks, he is often wearing a faux hawk with spikes. Some would even argue that this hair has made him famous and has helped him get recognition.

2. What Is Zayn Malik’s Real Hair Color?

Want to figure out if you can recreate an original old-school Zayn hairdo? If your natural hair is dark brown and if you’re a true brunette, you can give it a go with this medium length hairstyle. Incorporate a bit of your facial hair along with your dark hair color to round up the look and pull off a stylish outcome!

3. What Does Zayn Malik Use In His Hair?

The truth is that Zayn has thick hair, along with a scruffy beard, meaning that it can be tricky for him to style his hair. To maintain the curls he uses a curling hair gel, while also working his favorite pomade or clay around his scalp. This allows him to look flawless while embracing that true Red Carpet vibe!

20 Best Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas

1. Zayn’s Quiff Hairstyle

zayn malik hair
“Zayn Malik” by DJRosstheboss via WordPress

Zayn channeled his inner Elvis Presley with this haircut. A distinct Zayn hairstyle, this quiff features his thick mane loosely slicked back with a strand falling naturally in the front. While the style appears effortless and rugged, it takes careful styling and some pomade or wax to pull off the Zayn Malik hairstyle seen here. It isn’t the latest hairstyle but it’s a classic that can look good with any hairline.

2. Blonde Buzz Cut

blonde buzz cut
“Zayn Malik” by karina3094 via WordPress

Channeling an inner 90s boy band, this Zayn haircut was introduced at Paris Fashion Week last year. Here, we see Zayn Malik’s blonde hair in the form of a buzz cut with a line-up, a feature that creates neat and straight hair lines in the forehead/temple region giving a clean-cut look. This look was a big change compared to his long hair. One of Zayn Malik’s short hair looks made the most impact on the ladies. The blonde makes this one of the best buzzcut styles and you’ll look this sharp with a medium skin fade detail.

3. Crew Cut

zayn malik crew cut
“One Direction” by DJRosstheboss via WordPress

Zayn went back to basics with this Crew Cut Fade as this haircut is definitely one of the easiest to maintain. Ideal for men who don’t want to waste time getting ready in the morning. The crew cut is arguably one of the most popular military haircuts to go beyond army men. You can experiment with a high fade and a low fade to alternate looks.

4. Mid Taper Fade Zayn Malik Haircut

zayn malik hair
“Zayn Malik 04” by DJRosstheboss via WordPress

Taper fade haircuts are a cool way of doing a similar short back and sides without making your sides too short no matter what your personal style is. They’re a simple yet effective way for obtaining a pleasing silhouette that won’t put your patience to the test. You can get a mid fade, like Zayn in this photo, or experiment with high or low alternatives. Crew cuts are one of those short haircuts which can always look phenomenal.

5. Long Hair Shaved Side

zayn malik long hair
“250315” by Javierosh via WordPress

With this look, Zayn’s hair is long. With one shaved side. This look made Zayn Malik appear like a bit of a punk artist and accompanied with his tattoos has his at one of his more gritty looks. This looks like a look you could find in the crowd of a heavy metal concert but in Zayn Malik’s style, along with a fashionable outfit.

6. Top Knot

top knot
“Zayn Malik 02” by DJRosstheboss via WordPress

The Zayn Malik man bun was a big trend in 2016/2017. In this image, Zayn has an undercut fade accompanied by his long hair on the top tied up. This look is convenient for people that don’t want to cut their long hair off but at the same time don’t want to spend the time on styling or would like to keep hair out of their eyes.  He chose to do his Viking style, with shaved sides and a slick crown.

7. Caesar Hair Cut

caesar hair cut
@donkeyjacket45 via WordPress

The Caesar cut named after the infamous Roman General and Statesman Julius Caesar, the ‘Caesar Haircut’ has been popular amongst men and boys since the early 90s. It’s pretty much like a buzz cut, just that it plays around with the hair length in different areas. The top part should be slightly longer than the sides and back. Zayn made this look appear clean and the fade on the sides and slight messiness on the top gives it the right balance of formal and cool. A low haircut is always a good cut for Zayn with very little maintenance needed.

8. Zayn Malik Grey Hair

zayn malik grey hair
“File:Zayn Wiki (cropped).jpg” by First Access Entertainment via WordPress

“Zayn Malik grey hair” is something that can be found in many girls’ search engines, believe it or not. This Zayn Malik haircut is remembered well by his fans with this dyed shade of stone grey. Grey hair was a big trend in 2017 and it became one of the main styles for men to dye their hair. Along with blonde, grey hair dye has been one of the cooler trends of the last few years and the singer made up a trend with this look. You should give it a go too.

9. Undercut hair

zayn malik undercut
“Zayn Malik” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via WordPress

Throughout Zayn Malik’s career, he has been spotted with a number of different undercuts. spanning all shapes and sizes. In this shot, you can see how he combined a high fade undercut with a 2-inch top. The undercut fade is a great way of twisting the short back and sides. The length on the top leaves loads of options styling-wise.

10. Shaggy Hair

shaggy hair
“File:Zayn Malik at 214. Wetten, dass.. show in Graz, 8. Nov. 2014 (cropped).jpg” by Kurt Kulac via WordPress

Here, Zayn Malik shows off a classic shaggy style with a side-swept front. Appearing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and influenced by Justin Bieber, Zayn modified the trendy look. Instead of a perfectly neat hairstyle, Zayn’s side-sweep has a bit of a bed-head look. This style features teased waves swept to the side at the front, and ruffled long locks in the back.


So in all Zayn Malik’s hairstyle has changed many times over the years and it just goes to show that sometimes experimenting with different styles and looks can give a fresh new look to anybody, no matter their age or current hair-do. Even if you aren’t a multi-award-winning artist you can still try out some of these 20 beauties. If one thing’s for sure, that is that Zayn Malik will continue to change his look and inspire boys and men around the world.

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