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Looking for cool hand tattoo designs? This list brings to you the best 10 boys hand tattoo designs that you will be proud of.

hand tattoo
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A tattoo is not only a way of expressing art but also emotions through your body.

Cool hand tattoo designs are most common, popular, and loved by boys. Hand tattoos can be common, but still, there is a lot to explore from the variety.

This list will select the top best hand tattoos for boys that can be inked on the hand. Also, the list focuses on a particular aspect. Many think that hand tattoos are only done by girls, but the answer is an absolute no! Boys hand tattoo looks equally stylish. Hand tattoos for boys are different, and these ten ideas will be enough to find the uniqueness of the boy’s hand tattoos. You just need to find a tattoo parlor and get the tattoo needle, and you are all set.

Evolving Bird Hand Tattoo Designs for Guys

evolving bird hand tattoo designs for guys
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This is one of the coolest hand tattoos with six stages done on the forearm. The first three are just innovative arrow or direction signs. The fourth one starts evolving to a different shape from the arrow or direction signs. The fifth and sixth one represents a bird with its wings spread. The sixth stage is the more detailed and elegant one. Considering all the artworks available in the tattoo world, this is still unique.

This tattoo will be a great way to showcase the journey of life through art. As humans, we evolve differently in various stages until we reach our potential. Similarly, this Tattoo Design symbolizes the journey of life and its stages. The first stage represents the beginning of life. The middle stages represent the struggles to reach the final stage. The final stage shows that the best is left for the last when we evolve to the fullest. We shine and soar high like the bird with its spread wings.

Wings Hand Tattoos For Guys

wings hand tattoos for guys
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If you love mythology, then this tattoo should be the first thing on your bucket list. The tattoo is an illustration of a pair of wings in which one is the angelic wing, and the other is a satanic wing on the forearm. Also, it comes with an angelic half circle symbol and a satanic horn symbol.

No one is perfect, and everyone possesses an angelic and a demonic side. Both good and evil make a human, and this tattoo represents that. These tattooed wings will help you to flaunt the angelic part of yours and also prove that there is no shame in exhibiting your imperfections as well. Also, the bright red color of the satanic wing is an eye-catcher.

Lion King Tattoo On Hand

lion king tattoo on hand
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This tattoo is mostly done in black with light shadings. The tattoo is an illustration of a lion covering your fist area. There is a crown added to the lion, which starts from the wrist and ends on the lower forearm. The face of the lion is done with great detailing. The crown has miniature designs on it as well.

If you are a man of confidence, then this tattoo will be a great option to let people know about your personality through art. Lion is the king of the jungle. Similarly, you will have thee the confidence to rule for things that you want. The crown just adds to the beauty of the lion. If you are planning on doing this tattoo, then wearing a watch is not recommended, as this tattoo should be visible to make an impact.

Spooky Hand Tattoo For Boys

spooky hand tattoo for boys
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If you love art in a spooky way, then this great artwork is the best for you. The tattoo covers the fist area but will also look good on your forearm or biceps.

The tattoo portrays a skull with colored flames coming out of its eyes and mouth. The colors used as the flame, shades of blue and red in this tattoo, are vibrant and quite catchy. If you are looking for an anti-hero tattoo to portray your badass side, then you should get this tattoo done.

Japanese Hand Tattoo For Guys

japanese hand tattoo for guys
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Japan is a country with huge cultural significance, and art is surely one of them. Japanese art is an understanding of nature to be the source of something supernatural. The relationship between the human mind and spiritualism is portrayed by classic Japanese art. This tattoo represents a Japanese woman in traditional Japanese clothes. Though the Japanese woman is the eye-catcher, the small detailing of the supernatural elements manifesting the spiritual realm can also be seen in the tattoo with burning flames, human skeletons, and what appears to be demons. The supernatural is being connected beautifully with ordinary daily life.

This is also a colored option, and the most unique feature of this tattoo is that it covers almost your entire hand. If you want to get one unique Tattoo Design with symbolism, then this is a good option.

Cute Hand Tattoo Designs For Guys

cute hand tattoo designs for guys
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This tattoo is simple, colorful calligraphy of Hindi letters, which means mother in English. This is one of those cute small hand tattoos that can be inked on the wrist of your hand.

If you are planning to show your mother some love but also in a way so that it can be stylish, this tattoo is a cool option. The tattoo is permanent; thus, it will always make you feel like you have your mother right by your side whenever you see the tattoo. The Hindi alphabet makes the tattoo aesthetically pleasing as well.

Spatial Hand Tattoo For Boys

spatial hand tattoo for boys
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This monochromatic tattoo is just majestic. If you want your friends to be in awe, this is the tattoo you should get. This Tattoo Design is conceptual and artistically rich. The tattoo represents our solar system with the sun in the middle, and the orbit lines are also shown in detail. In orbit, there are four planets. The first is our planet Earth, the second is Mars, the third is Saturn, and the last orbit is Pluto. It feels like the universe is in your hand, and this feeling will add to your personality.

In the lower part of the tattoo, there are two birds separated by an axis that seems like a continuation of the sun. These birds symbolize will and freedom. The tattoo also comes with a quote that has the word, ‘change’. It will be a cool badass addition to your body art if you want to start something new in your life. The tattoo is best suited for your hand, and it covers your wrist and goes up until the lower part of your forearm.

Roman Birth Year Hand Tattoo Designs For Guys

roman birth year hand tattoo designs for guys
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This is a simple aesthetic design of your Roman birth date engraved on your wrist. It also comes with a variant where you can add the time of your birth along with the date.

This tattoo is very special to you as it will be your birth date engraved on your hand, specifically on your wrist. It is better to go for a style in which the tattoo will have a stylish font.

Band Hand Tattoo Designs For Guys

band hand tattoo designs for guys
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Most artists often get requests to go on easy designs from first-timers. This tattoo is one of those tattoos that will be cool but easy to do. The truth is that there is a certain amount of pain that comes with the great stylish look of the tattoos. This tattoo will make the pain a petty thing and will help you focus on your style.

This hand tattoo for boys tattoo is like the permanent band that you have always wanted on your hand. You do not have to worry when you do sport as this is a permanent tattoo, and you do not have to open your band anymore. This design is perfect for both your wrist and forearm. The tattooed band will stay on your hand, always making you a bit more stylish than others!

Pet Dog Wrist Tattoos

pet dog wrist tattoos
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You should get this tattoo done right away if you are a proud dog owner. This tattoo will have your pet dog’s ever-charming face, and the color enhances it more than ever. This tattoo will always make you remember how much you love your little one.

This tattoo is detailed and exhibits great artistic qualities. So, not only dog owners but people who love dogs and art can also do this tattoo, and it does not mean you have to own a pet dog. This tattoo is attractive, and you will be ready to flaunt it in no time.

People often want tattoos where the tattoo is visible. Now, what is the point of getting tattooed if you are too shy to flaunt it to the world! This is the reason many people are confused about what tattoo to get. In simple words, the tattoo should literally be one of the best tattoo ideas. Hands are more easily visible than most other body parts; that is one of the advantages of getting hand tattoos. So, here is some cool hand tattoos suggestion.

Tattooing is an important part of modern culture, and with the popularity of tattooing, new tattoo ideas are discovered daily. Hands are one of the prominent parts of the human body. It is also a great location for large or small tattoos. So getting a tattoo on the hand should be considered a better option than doing other designs someplace else. As a matter of fact, hand tattoos are one of the most common and popular tattoo ideas. Though there are other tattoo ideas for men, the above list contains the coolest hand tattoo ideas.

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