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10 Classic Mens Hairstyles

The perfect classic haircut can be achieved with the right set of products. If you prefer short haircuts we’ve compiled a list for your hair type. There are also some classic mens hairstyles that are catered towards medium hair lengths which are not as low-maintenance but we’ve listed them down below. However, you will easily find the perfect haircut for your head shape, hair texture & your headed event. Keep on reading and see for yourself!

What Type Of Haircut Should I Get Male Edition?

Classic mens hairstyles are beautiful and easy to achieve. However, knowing what cut to get is a bit challenging since not everyone can pull off the exact same style. If you want to get the perfect classic haircut and you need some inspiration look into these top 10 mens haircuts!

1. Short Back and Sides

10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Men haircut @whatmyboyfriendwore

This is a typical & common go-to for many low-maintenance guys. This is one of those classic hairstyles which is short on the sides and only a bit is emphasized at the top. If you need a haircut that is ideal for everyday wear, that won’t make you sweat, and that is perfect for the night-outs this is it.

How to Maintain This Style

When it comes to maintaining this classic short hairstyle for men you should focus & invest in a high-quality comb, as well as some hair clay. Make sure you comb the top out and set your hair with your favorite & trustworthy product so it doesn’t move around a lot during the day. You should re-apply the product every other day just so you don’t dry out your strands.

Best Face Shape

The greatest thing is that you can pull off this cut no matter your head shape. However, it may look the best on guys who have round faces.

2. French Crop

1660601229 267 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
French cut @podlinski_net

A french crop is mostly worn by guys who prefer voluminous hairstyles. There is a lot of volume around the center of your head, and this hair is often very voluminous & healthy looking. Some guys love this cut since it allows them to wear it messy & recklessly.

How to Maintain This Style

Go for a dramatic edge and make the middle sleek stylish by blow-drying it every day. Use a nourishing clay or a pomade that will set the top in place. Also, it is important to get regular haircuts if you wish to maintain this length & style.

Best Face Shape

This hairdo is so versatile that you can cater it toward your face shape. If you have short hair you should let it grow out. Make sure your grooming skills are on point & always connect your hairdo with your beard, and think of adding some mustache.

3. Quiff Hairstyles

1660601229 720 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Quiff cut @cheobarberpr

Many guys are actually wondering what is a quiff haircut? Others are often asking google ”what do I tell my barber for a quiff”? Well, simply know that this is a trendy mid-length haircut which was inspired by James Dean. It is also a trendy & often choice for the school which guys & boys love to get.

How to Maintain This Style

The quiff is a bit hard to maintain. It is one of those hairstyles which can be worn by only some hair types. For instance, you should have a lot of volume & no bald patches at the top of your head. This classic haircut will also demand some strong wax, hairspray, as well as a wide-tooth comb when you’re styling it. Slick back the strands in the back and go for a fade or a taper cut if you are into bold men haircuts.

Best Face Shape

If you want to add some cool undercut details and you need a modern cut you will enjoy the quiff. It is mostly worn by men with oval faces since it adds dimension and opens up your face.

4. Classic Pompadour

1660601229 886 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Stylish pompadour @mens.hairstyles

The pompadour hairstyle was inspired by Elvis Presley and is one of those hairstyles for men who love longer, bolder & cool classic cuts. The extreme top is hard to achieve, so make sure you go for this hairdo only if you have the patience of steel for its styling.

How to Maintain This Style

Make sure you own a strong hold gel since it will take you 2-3 attempts to get this classic hairdo. Also, use a comb to slick back your strands and to set them in place. Make sure your hair is always nourished & moisturized since this will allow your hair to grow healthy & to appear shiny.

Best Face Shape

This is one of those hairstyles for men which will look the prettiest once paired along with a beard, mustache, or some taper cuts. Shape-wise, it will suit men with square face shapes the best.

5. The Buzz Cut

1660601230 537 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Buzz hair @andrewnunez_3

Are you a fan of classic mens hairstyles that are short & easy to maintain? This hairdo is for those who want to show off their skin & their head shape, as well as those men who prefer the all-natural ideas. This is also a popular hair choice during the Summer season because the cut is not hard to maintain nor achieve.

How to Maintain This Style

Make sure you cut your hair short every 3-4 weeks. Maintain it with a shampoo & only some hair gel. Brush it through your hair with your fingers and you’ll be set and ready to go!

Best Face Shape

Your jawline & your cheekbones will pop if you end up getting a buzz cut. Buzz hairstyles for men are worn with some facial hair, and a lot of confidence!

PS: Make sure you love your head shape & you won’t have a hard time trying to style these hairstyles.

6. Side Part

1660601230 276 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Side haircut @jr.9.3

Side parts used to be such a thing in the ’60s. Men loved these classic mens hairstyles since they were so quick & easy to do. If you prefer wearing your hair only on one specific side & if you are trying to achieve more volume you will love this hairdo.

How to Maintain This Style

Women love seeing this hairdo on guys. Luckily for you, all you have to do is sweep it to one side. Set it with a matte clay so your baby strands don’t pop out. Also, you might look the best with this cut if your hair is naturally straight since it will naturally fall to one side.

Best Face Shape

Classic mens hairstyles such as this one should be worn by guys who have oval and square face shapes. This hairdo will give you dimension to one side in particular. You can also hide some bald spots or uneven hairlines by styling it in this particular way.

7. Curly Top

1660601230 878 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of

If you have naturally curly hair and you prefer classic hairstyles just know that you can go for a curly top. The sides are usually done in a taper cut which further allows your locks to shine & breathe on their own. If you are into curly hairstyles haircuts & you need a guide on how to style them, keep on reading!

How to Maintain This Look

Curly hair will demand moisture, always. Make sure you get a shea butter gel or oil which is nourishing and moisturizing. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser and create tight curls with your fingers. Go for wavy hair if you prefer simpler & not so voluminous classic men s hairstyles and locks.

Best Face Shape

Every guy can pull off soft curls & enjoy this classic haircut. However, make sure you go for a set of bangs if you want to create an illusion of a smaller forehead or go for the slicked-back curly top if you want to emphasize your head.

8. Messy Fringe

1660601230 511 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of

Guys love messy cuts since they are one of those classic mens hairstyles which demand no upkeep or aftercare. You can look stylish at all time no matter the structure of your strands. You can wear this hairdo to the office, or wherever & whenever casual.

How to Maintain This Look

A messy fringe should be tamed down with your favorite hair gel. Messy hairstyles for men look the prettiest when styled differently on a daily. Achieve that messy finish by brushing your hair with a brush differently each day & always set your hair with your favorite gel or clay.

Best Face Shape

Everyone can pull off these hairstyles for men since the outcome is so universal & different on every face shape. Just make sure you watch out for the texture since not everyone can look good with textured cuts. Some men will look great with a messy shorter fringe, just make sure the look is catered per your preference & head shape.

9. Slick Back Men Hairstyles

1660601231 2 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of

If you want to follow all the trends & you need a classic mens haircut go for this one. It is slicked back far away from the face & is a stylish, as well as an often, go-to for the office. Classic mens hairstyles wouldn’t be complete without this cut, as well as some facial hair.

How To Maintain This Looks

Maintain this cut by shaving the sides every now and then, but also slick back your hair as far as possible. Use a sturdy comb to lay down the baby hairs and immediately set the hair in place with some hairspray. Do this look every 2-3 days since you don’t want to ruin your classic & natural texture.

Best Face Shape

If your head is big you should stay away from this haircut since it will only add up to your size. Go for this haircut if you have naturally smaller head, smaller forehead, as well as a square-shaped face.

10. Mohawk Haircut For Men With Volume

1660601231 542 10 classic mens hairstyles that will never go out of
Mohawk cut @curiocuthairstudio

Lastly, this mens classic is worn by younger men & those guys who wish to stand out. A mohawk hairdo screams attention & can look good on those who prefer hardcore & cool looks. It is not a formal haircut, but it is a classic which we had to add to our list.

How To Maintain This Looks

This mens hairstyle is done by getting regular cuts off the sides. The top itself is very hard to achieve, which is why you need to moisturize the strands & give them volume. The best way to do this is by applying a hefty amount of a stronghold gel, as well as some hairspray.

Best Face Shape

Guys who want to emphasize their forehead will love a mohawk. It looks amazing on any head or face shape, besides on guys who have a super rounded head – you may end up looking like an actual Sun with all the hawks peeking out.

How Do I Ask My Barber For A Haircut?

The classic haircuts aren’t that hard to achieve at the salon. As long as you go to the right barbershop & you end up choosing the perfect hairdo that suits your texture & head shape – you will have no hard time enjoying a stylish solution. However, if you are still unsure what is it exactly that you need to do, make sure you:

  • Bring some inspo pictures with you. This will let your barber know what is the exact mens classic that you are trying to achieve
  • Be open for suggestions – some barbers may think that you could look better in different cuts, colors, or texture. Be open for suggestions & always talk the process through with your barber.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – in case they end up asking you ”What do you prefer, a side cut, a taper, or a fade”? tell them that you are not too sure what the difference is, and ask them if they can explain this to you.
  • Always tell what you exactly want – tell your barber what you’re trying to achieve. Make sure you let them know if you are going for a full cut, or you are only trimming down your ends. Your definition of classic & theirs may not be the same, therefore make sure you find the middle-ground solution.

On That Note

Clasic mens hairstyles are glorious & beautiful no matter your age or hair length. Some hairstyles are always in fashion, while others are a bit harder to achieve. If you prefer to wear stylish locks – get them! If you want a buzz haircut – do it! There is no wrong or right way to get your hair styled since beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. Some hairdos are classic and an often go-to in the fashion industry as well as in many different articles, while you could be on the opposite side of the spectrum and you may need a simple & faded hairdo. Just talk the process through with your barber and you’ll end up with the cut of your dreams in no time!

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