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Are you fond of lightning and thunder? Are you even more amazed by the sight of something so powerful? If yes, scroll down to learn about lightening tattoos.

lightning tattoo
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Lightning tattoos are one of a kind regarding tattoos of celestial history.

Lightning tattoos have always been in the limelight for their attractive effects. Lightning occurs when two storm clouds clash, sometimes with the ground beneath them.

The Greeks have quoted the bolt of lightning in their philosophies innumerable times. For them, it signifies power, speed, and, foremost of all, strength. The thunderbolt or lightning bolt symbolizes wisdom, sharpness, and unmatched intelligence.

It is the premise through which a person bases their characteristics. A lightning bolt signifies the urge to acquire knowledge and a keen control over others through the sharp edges of the bolt. It also indicates the loss of ignorance. When you are powerful enough to assess any adverse situation, you can act accordingly and still come out unharmed. Overall, it is a celestial representation of the wisdom held by humans and the power associated with it. It is both feminine and masculine and is a source of uniqueness and creativity on its own.

Bolt Tattoo With a Subtle Reference to Synchronicity

bolt tattoo with a subtle reference to synchronicity
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This lightning tattoo references synchronicity, a concept by Carl Jung about the inference of nature in making our goals and dreams see eye to eye. It is represented by 11.11, the first number in the Hindu-Arabic numbering system. The first number signifies the quality of the holder. In this case, the first number appearing four times together gives away a sense of alignment, which may mean a sense of stability. In Numerology, the number 11.11 is a sign of a spiritual presence.

Some New Age believers rely on the auspiciousness of the number. According to them, the number is a foresight that a good event will occur shortly. These may arrive from the fact that certain favorable circumstances have happened in the following date combinations. It refers to a sign that the universe is conspiring in your favor. Combined with the bolt, this may signify that something powerful and significant is on the way. Since the tattoo is extremely minute, it requires significantly less ink, and tattoo artists may not have a challenging time designing it. The healing process may also be tolerable to a reasonable extent.

Clouds And Thunderbolt Tattoo

clouds and thunderbolt tattoo
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This tattoo follows the minimal trend of less is more. Contrary to the typical concept of an existing tattoo being too showy, this new tattoo serves a good purpose. It is a cute design on clouds and the thunderbolt that occurs between them. Symbolically, it represents a subtle thunder in the person and their innate need to respond to it. This tattoo is a sign of sustenance beyond destruction.

It tells the tale of a voyage so profound that it can travel through different realms and return to an earthly atmosphere. This entire tattoo took only a little space on the body. The waist is a rather hip place to situate such a tattoo of profound importance.

Lightning Tattoo With Lion And Birds

lightning tattoo with lion and birds
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This tattoo is an emblem of power and wisdom at the same time. It may signify a need for control over universal peace. Besides, it may suggest an urge to compete with the earthly nature of life and death while simultaneously representing the facets of life. However, the lightning strikes just then and almost entirely on the crosses that lie below it.

This person has chosen their arm for the tattoo. Contrary to small tattoos, this one is more vibrant and filled with a top layer of tales that support their life. As this tattoo occupies a lot of space on the skin, it is best to go for the torso, leg, or arm. Apart from these factors, new tattoos such as this one may take up your patience while the healing process goes on. Sooner than later, you will find the new skin developed with the hues and contemplative tattoo. Moreover, this tattoo has a remarkable show of lightning.

Tiger And Lightning Tattoo

tiger and lightning tattoo
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This tattoo showcases the aggressive nature of a tiger. A tiger is a wild name and often untameable. Although they may seem tameable sometimes, it still goes as far as they don’t inherit any injustice. When injustice strikes, however, a tiger gets to its intuitive nature. It protects itself and establishes a noticeable boundary that keeps it safe in its surroundings. Furthermore, the lightning bolts around the lion are only a reminder that the lion is going into action.

A stream of lightning bolts around the lion’s face only goes on to show its strength in controlling its fate. This person has gotten the tattoo on their skin just above the knee. You can get it tattooed there as well, or choose a space you like. Make sure that the tattooed area covers the significant room for the tattoo deserves to cover up a good amount of your skin.

Lightning Tattoo Around The Leg

lightning tattoo around the leg
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With no other possible tattoo idea surrounding it, this lightning bolt tattoo stands on its own. It is a pretty straightforward version of an actual lightning bolt with many turns taken by the lightning. It shows that sometimes lightning is enough and requires no added effort. One advantage of this bolt tattoo is that you can have it engraved at any place without giving it a second thought. Since it has a mono theme effect, it is suitable for every skin type.

As you can see, this tattoo is a perfect example of a standalone tattoo or an effect people have on others. While it may not seem obvious at times, communicating with a person gives you insight into their thought process. It leads you to understand the person better. If they have this tattoo, it’s a plus. Not only just a great conversation starter, but it is also a mark of deep contemplation behind putting up the tattoo.

Mind Engulfed in Clouds and Lightning Bolt Tattoo

mind engulfed in clouds and lightning bolt tattoo
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This lightning tattoo will look great on any skin. However, the story behind it may be a highly interpretative one. This tattoo in itself seems like a piece of art. Whether it is designed by tattoo artists or the idea of the holder doesn’t make a significant difference. The outcome is phenomenal. You can see the clouds engulfing the mind of the person. Along with the clouds, we see a few stars sparkle with their whole light and bring forth the person’s potential.

The rest of the person’s body is marked by a lightning bolt. This tattoo is also a mark of revelation and portrays a lesson to carry in the form of the tattoo ink. You can have this tattoo in any desired place of your own.

Nape Lightning Bolt Tattoo

nape lightning bolt tattoo
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As you can see, the person holding the current tattoo has chosen the perfect aesthetic that suits their personality and skin type. While the idea for this original skin tattoo looks pristine, it also places itself quite graciously over the holder’s skin. This tattoo is laden over the skin, starting from the nape and extending to the shoulders. A lightning tattoo can never be a bad tattoo.

This lightning tattoo could be a sign that the energy is focused on the mind assuming from the pointy slope of the bolt. This lightning then strikes the rest of the body, starting from the shoulders, and emerges on the body with slight curves and turns. The nape is an excellent place to have such a tattoo. It is a perfect choice if you already have older tattoos on your skin and want to add another one.

Simple Lightning Bolt Tattoo

simple lightning bolt tattoo
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The face is a rather brave place to put a tattoo. It reminds you of Harry Potter’s wound on the forehead, except it is deliberately inked on the lower half. It is distinct from the actions of the person here who decided to put a tiny lighting bolt on their upper cheek.

Coming to think about it, permanent ink on the face doesn’t seem like a bad idea, considering the beauty of this tattoo. The astonishing thing about this tattoo is that it also looks like stems prone to autumn, which can be an alternative meaning to the tattoo. Moreover, it is a great design to start with for minimal tattoos.

Lightning Tattoo Over Shoulders

lightning tattoo over shoulders
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This tattoo is elaborately designed and forms the crux of any conversation instantly. It starts from the shoulders and spreads across the chest. What is interesting about this tattoo is that it is the perfect replica of its partner’s tattoo. Imagine having a photographic miracle inked on you by a tattoo artist. Yes, it’s an inverted tattoo.

This tattoo is successful in reaching these standards and is easily likable. Another good feature about this tattoo is that it covers the upper arm, giving it an all-rounded look. The tattoo artist has also adjoined dots to make it appear more precise.

Lightning Tattoo For The Arm

lightning tattoo for the arm
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Have you ever wondered how lightning bolts draw a steep comparison to veins seen through the skin? This tattoo has done such that. It is a sweet addition to the already present veins. So the next time you choose to go for a tattoo, give this one clear thought.

In this picture, the person has chosen their right arm for the tattoo. Starting just below the neck, they have opted for a clear representation of this tattoo. It predominantly represents the relation of the thunderbolt and the human body and forms a metaphysical opinion in the mind of the person getting the tattoo.

Have you found your calling in one of these tattoos yet? If not, keep scrolling to know more about what options you may have. After all, getting a tattoo is an idea that you may have to carry on for a lifetime.

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