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Are you and your partner a fan of butterflies? You can try these matching butterfly tattoo ideas with anyone, and you’ll absolutely fall in love. Check it out.

Butterfly Tattoo
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Butterfly tattoos symbolize love, beauty, and faith.

Matching tattoos of butterflies represent the close bond that people share with each other. It can be a bond of love, an unbreakable bond of friendship, and a bond of a family; anything that is close to the person’s heart.

Butterflies are an intricate piece of art. These creatures have a lot of detailed patterns and come in all bright colors. They need to place in the perfect spot to make the tattoos noticeable. It is definitely loved more by women since they associate it with beauty and charm. However, other genders can get it too. The designs can include other objects like flowers along with the butterfly, or just a simple monarch butterfly tattoo will make the deal.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Tattoo
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This is a simple yet very classy butterfly matching Tattoo Design. It has been placed at the back of the sleeve area, right above the elbow, which is one of the most popular spots to add a highlighting tattoo. This tattoo is quite mesmerizing as it’s absolutely pure and lucid. The size of the tattoo is medium, which makes it perfectly visible from afar.

The tattoo artist has used simple black ink but has constantly switched to both black and grey variations so that the tattoo looks artistic. The details on the wings of the butterfly are commendable, as it has been kept transparent to make it look more natural and real. Overall, it’s great to have a unique butterfly tattoo that is so simple yet looks amazing when placed in the same place.

Gothic Black Butterfly Tattoo

Gothic Black Butterfly Tattoo
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In this Tattoo Design, the tattoo artist has used a very Gothic-themed butterfly design. There are two butterflies of different sizes. One is comparatively larger than the other one. The tattoo has been made using dark black ink, which makes it look bold and adds more depth and definition to the design of the tattoo.

Both these tattoos have been placed in the sleeve and arm region of the two different customers. The look of the tattoo resembles much the design of a moth. It is a unique tattoo since the tattoo artist has added a lot of details inside the butterflies wings, and it looks surreal. 

Floral Delicate Butterfly Tattoo

Floral Delicate Butterfly Tattoo
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This is a very beautiful and creative design of a matching butterfly tattoo. The tattoo artist has shown a lot of details inside the butterfly’s body and its wings. What makes this tattoo more artistic is the fact that one-half of the butterfly’s wing is a normal wing. However, the other side of the wing has been substituted using various sunflower heads.

There are three sunflower heads that act as the butterfly’s wings and look beautiful alongside the butterfly’s real wings. The details on the wing and the details on the sunflowers are commendable. Rather than using any specific colored inks, the tattoo artist chose to keep it simple and black and white, which is why it looks more elegant.

Black Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Black Butterfly Hand Tattoo
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In this matching tattoo of the butterfly, the tattoo artist has made one side of the butterfly’s wing as a simple plain black real wing, and on the other side, the tattoo artist has made a creative approach to make a wonderful wing out of various flowers.

Not only does it look alluring, but the fact that the tattoo artist has used jet black ink makes this tattoo look even more endearing and adds a classic touch to it. Not to forget, the placement of the tattoo has been very thoughtful as it compliments the skin near the elbow area. The size of the tattoo is medium size which is perfect, and it fits smoothly in the elbow body part.

Blue Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Wrist Tattoo
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This is a beautiful blue butterfly tattoo, which looks amazing in the wrist region of the hand. It has been strategically placed on the thumb finger, but the artistic part about this tattoo is the fact that the entire design has been made in half and half on two hands of the same customer, and only when they put their hands together the entire design can be complete.

Another creative element in this tattoo is the color. Rather than going for a classic black ink, the tattoo artist chose to use blue ink, which looks stunning after the execution. Along with the two angel wings design on the thumb finger, there is another butterfly design right under the index finger, which compliments the entire classic design beautifully. 

Matching Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Matching Butterfly Wings Tattoo
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This tattoo is a representation of love, light, companionship, and genuine support. Looking at the design of the butterfly, it’s just romantic. Half of the butterfly has been tattooed on one hand, and the other half is done on the other. Rather than making them look perfect and looking real, the tattoo artist has shown more emphasis on their thoughtful placement and added more meaning to them by splitting them in half.

The tattoo artist has made simple outlines with thin black strokes to show the butterfly’s intricate design. One hand has the left wing, while the other has the right.

Lightbulb Butterfly Tattoo

Lightbulb Butterfly Tattoo
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This is one of the most unique and creative butterfly tattoo designs. The tattoo artist has effortlessly shown the skills to create a real-looking butterfly tattoo. The details are extraordinarily amazing. Both these tattoos are of a large size which makes them grab the attention they deserve. The design of the tattoo shows how a butterfly looks inside a glass cage of a bulb. It’s quite interesting how the tattoo artist decided to place it in the center right, where the electricity sparks and light emits.

In a way, it also shows how a butterfly can be symbolic of love, light, and, most importantly, hope. However, being trapped inside a glass cage doesn’t allow it to live its dream to the fullest. The tattoo has a beautiful meaning to it, and the design does it all. The tattoo artist has done an admirable job in shading the important highlights of the bulb and the little lines on top of it, making it look lit.

Matching Sister’s Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Matching Sister's Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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The reason why people get matching tattoo is that it has a lot of sentiments and meaning attached to them. Just like in this butterfly matching tattoo, the two customers are two sisters who have gotten the same butterfly back tattoo on their hands. The design of the tattoo includes three butterflies in a semi-circle position with a date of the year close to their hearts at its base.

Almost the entire design looks mostly the same, but the sisters chose to include their personal touch by customizing the birth year dates, which enhances the tattoo more in its creation. The use of simple black ink and thick strokes with deep dark outlines adds more definition and depth to the Tattoo Design.

Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Butterfly Wings Tattoo
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One of the most popular matching butterfly tattoo designs is this one right here. The creativity in this tattoo invites a lot of attention, and the execution of the tattoo is definitely charming. In this tattoo, three girlfriends chose to get the same matching tattoo under the breast region. One-half of the butterfly’s wing is real. However, the other half of the butterfly’s wing is made out of flowers.

The size of the tattoo is medium which looks very beautiful as it is very visible in the chosen area. The tattoo artist has used black ink to outline the entire design and has also used brown ink to add inner shadings for more depth and definition. It definitely looks like body art.

Twin Butterfly Leg Tattoo

Twin Butterfly Leg Tattoo
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This is a small butterfly Tattoo Design that looks absolutely adorable on the thighs. It is a design with two beautiful butterflies who are flying together. The tattoo artist has done a great job in making them look subtle yet enchanting. They have been positioned perfectly under the hip region. These small tattoos have an extremely elegant design.

The tattoo artist has very well outlined them and shaded them remarkably. Overall, a must-try for all those who want subtle yet good statement pieces.

If you have still not been able to find your go-to matching butterfly design, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some more designs to help you make the right choice. Check it out:

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