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The only way you have not heard about Cristiano Ronaldo is if you are oblivious to sports or if you have lived under a rock. Not only has Cristiano Ronaldo been nominated for best player several times over the last couple of years, but he is also arguably one of the best soccer players of all time. So it is no surprise that a lot of guys like Ronaldo’s style. If you are one of them, then keep on reading to find out our favorite Ronaldo Haircut Ideas for Men.

1. Short Ronaldo Haircut

10 slick ronaldo haircut ideas for guys curated mint
“Cristiano Ronaldo” by Paolo Camera via WordPress

This short-medium fade haircut has become known as the Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle because of the buzz cut on the side and styled hair in the middle. One of the characteristics of the CR7 haircut is that it is never messy, and it always has that modern look to it. Be prepared to use a lot of hair products to style it, but we are sure it will look fantastic in the pictures you take.

2. Slick Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyles

slick cristiano ronaldo hairstyles
“Cristiano Ronaldo” by Nathan Congleton via WordPress

In case you like cool beard styles and Ronaldos hair, you are going to have to sacrifice one. Unfortunately, Ronaldo isn’t known for his beard. But in case you like his haircut, then we might have the style for you! This one has the famous buzz cut line on the side and spikes at the top. This stylish haircut is not that hard to maintain, but you will need to add gel to it to keep it looking slick.

3. Ronaldo Haircut for Boys

ronaldo haircut for boys
“Euro 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo” by Chensiyuan via WordPress

Since Ronaldo is a role model to a lot of young boys, it is no wonder that a lot of boy haircuts are inspired by him. Hairstyles like this one are great for those people who don’t have time to style their hair or add some products to it. It is natural hair at the top with shaved sides. If you want to add more to this Ronaldo haircut, you can always change your hair color or add some spikes for a more edgy look.

4. Super Sharp Ronaldo Haircut

super sharp ronaldo haircut
“Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes” by Awaken The Greatness Within via WordPress

Sharp and short haircuts like this one are what make the perfect Ronaldo haircut. Even after a 90-minute game, his hair still looks perfect in pictures. So in case you always want to look sharp, this haircut is your match. With a buzz cut on the side and short spiky hair, it is not hard to maintain. You can always do the signature Ronaldo line at the side for a more modern haircut.

5. Curly Hair Inspired by Ronaldo

curly hair inspired by ronaldo
“Cristiano Ronaldo” by Ludovic_P via WordPress

Ronaldo haircut is specific because it means you have short hair, without any cool beard styles, and it is not wavy. Therefore, achieving a Ronaldo haircut with curly hair may be hard, but it is possible. You can do a side buzz cut and style your hair in the middle with gel. That way, you can keep the curls while getting the Ronaldo haircut. Your curls can look like spikes, and you can always add the lines to the side for the perfect haircut.

6. The Mohawk Fade Ronaldo Haircut

the mohawk fade ronaldo haircut
“Cristiano Ronaldo in Emporio Armani underwear #naked” by Enrique_L. via WordPress

When we say Ronaldo’s haircut, it does not mean Ronaldo invented it, but he is the one who made it popular. Some people will call this the mohawk haircut while others, mostly football fans, will call it the Ronaldo haircut. Either way, this haircut is amazing if you like that perfect cut. It has shaved sides, and the hair in the middle is styled perfectly. Hairstyles like this one are great for people who lead a more professional lifestyle.

7. Tapered Sides Ronaldo Hairstyles

tapered sides ronaldo hairstyles
“Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo” by theglobalpanorama via WordPress

Ronaldo is also very known for his tapered hairstyles. That means that your hair gradually gets shorter as it goes lower. You can do a side-swept hairstyle in the middle of spiky hair. Both are signature Ronaldo haircuts. In case you want to keep your beard, then this is the way to go since this hairstyle works best with beards.

8. Undercut Ronaldo Hairstyles

undercut ronaldo hairstyles
10 Slick Ronaldo Haircut Ideas for Guys | Curated Mint 21

As with a lot of other Ronaldo hairstyles, this one also existed before Ronaldo. But, since he made it popular, there is no harm in saying undercut Ronaldo hairstyles. This one means that you leave more hair at the top, which you can style however you want while cutting the sides. For a more slick look, you can use the gel in your hair, or if you want a natural look, leave it as is.

9. Natural Spiky Ronaldo Haircuts

natural spiky ronaldo haircuts
“Cristiano Ronaldo” by dalli58 via WordPress

In case you are lucky enough to have naturally wavy or spiky hair, then this hairstyle is for you! Hairstyles like this one are very modern and can easily be styled into something edgier. You can do a buzz cut or shaved sides. If you want to make it more Ronaldo like, you can add a stripe line. If you feel like it, you can leave your natural hair in the middle as is, or you can style it with a comb or gel. Hairstyles like these can also have highlighted in them, making them even more modern.

10. Messy Hawk Ronaldo Hairstyles

messy hawk ronaldo hairstyles
“Cristiano Ronaldo” by Oleg Dubyna via WordPress

If you don’t like hairstyles which are hard to maintain and achieve, then you are right where you need to be! This messy hawk is something you could see Ronaldo rocking a couple of years ago. Not only are these hairstyles easy to achieve, but they are also super easy to take care of. You won’t be needing any fancy hair products or anything like that. The buzz cut on the side gives it a more slick look, while the messy hair in the middle makes it look laid back.

Having Said All of That,

Ronaldo haircuts look fantastic, and there are so many ways to style them so that they can work for everybody. These haircuts are mostly short and can be done pretty quickly. Both men and boys love them, while women fancy them. We hope you found some inspiration for your next haircut in today’s article. Who knows, you might even give Ronaldo some ideas.

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