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Do whitebeard tattoos fascinate you? Well, this is just the right place where your pursuit ends! Check out these super cool whitebeard tattoo ideas for your upcoming tattoo sessions.

whitebeard tattoo
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The whitebeard tattoos look astounding because of the entire rigid look the characters create.

The whitebeard pirates made their appearance in the Toei animation series named, One Piece and had been loved by many. So, when it comes to picking anime tattoos, the whitebeard tattoos can never be out of trend.

Having a tattoo is a fun experiment. But it satisfies your soul when the needlework on your body conveys a significant meaning. While talking about whitebeard tattoos what readily comes into our mind are pirates. Pirates are the representatives of freedom, terror and most importantly, sea-voyages. So, getting whitebeard tattoos typically showcases self-love and wanderlust. also whitebeard tattoo is the the emblem of one’s childhood days, as this tattoo takes us down the memory lane. The whitebeard first appeared in chapter 234 of the One Piece Manga and in 151 episode of the anime and bagged a special place in the fans’ hearts ever since. Here is a compilation of some smashing whitebeard tattoo designs.

Whitebeard Flag Symbol Tattoo

whitebeard flag symbol tattoo
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This particular tattoo represents the symbol of whitebeard’s flag. Whitebeard’s flag consists of a typical Jolly Roger which includes a huge mustache and a cross behind it. The dignified members of the crew were seen bearing this symbol of whitebeard flag. Even the Ace and the Whitebeard himself were seen the whitebeard flag symbol tattooed on their backs. Though initially, in the manga a Manji was used instead of the cross but in the anime the Manji symbol was replaced by the cross to avoid any bafflement with the Swastika.

This whitebeard flag symbol is a perfect unisex tattoo. Mostly done with detailed black ink and with some shades of white in between, this tattoo inevitably creates a magnifying look.

Whitebeard Vs Gol D. Roger Tattoo

whitebeard vs gol d. roger tattoo
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Several controversies are heard among the fans when arises the question, ‘who is better, whitebeard or Gol D. Roger?’ well, both the characters leave intense impact individually. Whitebeard as well as Roger are of equal heights in terms of strength. But there are certain things that draw comparisons between the two. Roger with his phenomenal power and with a great aspiration to be the best pirate, emerged as one of the greatest figures of One Piece series. While Whitebeard never wandered in the seas in search of lands or to rule the world. Rather, he focused to have a distinct treasure, a family of his own; which indeed he had, over the years he watched over the crew members like a true head of the family does.

This Whitebeard Vs Gol D. Roger tattoo tinted with shades of different colors creates powerful look. The minute details are what makes the tattoo exceptional. This image will look marvelous if engraved on the powerful parts of your body, such as thigh, back and forearms.

Whitebeard & Jinbei Tattoo

whitebeard & jinbei tattoo
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Jinbei earlier belonged to the sun pirates but later became one of the allies of the whitebeard pirates. He did share a close affinity with Portgas D. Ace. Later we found that he refused to fight at the Marine ford war as that would be a betrayal to the Whitebeard as well as Ace. Jinbei was also one of the Seven Warlords of the sea. But declining the call of the Marine ford resulted in his resignation from the warlords. So, this Whitebeard & Jinbei tatt00 represents loyalty and true friendship. The tattoo, in the picture, is carved with the touches of various colors. But you can get it customized as per your likings. Either way, it will create an incredible look.

Ace Whitebeard tattoo

ace whitebeard tattoo
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One of the most popular characters of this Toei animation series is the Ace. Ace made many futile attempts to cut Whitebeard’s head off but eventually ended up being one of the loyal whitebeard crew members. Ace was the 2nd division commander of the whitebeard pirates. He revered the Whitebeard immensely and considered him the place of a father figure in his life. This tattoo will stir the emotions of the person who has been a true fan of this popular anime. Besides, everybody is bound to notice this stunning needlework.

Whitebeard Vs Shanks Tattoo

whitebeard vs shanks tattoo
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Shanks is one of the most formidable key figures in the One piece series. Known for his immense speed and intelligence, Shanks marked his place among the One piece fans. Even after losing an arm Shanks showed unbelievable defiance against pain. On the other hand, Whitebeard is the token of strength. So, basically, getting a Whitebeard Vs Shanks tattoo would only mirror your enduring personality and self-confidence.

Whitebeard’s Marco Tattoo

whitebeard's marco tattoo
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Marco, AKA Marco The Phoenix, was another popular character among the whitebeard crew. He was popularly known for his calm attitude and healing powers. Throughout the series he was seen to be loyal to the whitebeard pirates. Most importantly, he was the reason that Ace changed his mind and was drawn closer to the Whitebeard. This Marco tattoo is certainly significant for a true fan of the whitebeard pirates. Also, carved with shades of black, with some indigo and orange touch, the tattoo will certainly give you a stunning look. Also the tattoo is included with a crescent-shaped curve with a cross which signifies the signature mustache of the Whitebeard.

Whitebeard Crew Tattoo

whitebeard crew tattoo
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This particular tattoo is an assortment of some of the whitebeard pirates. This is something that readily excites the fan of the whitebeard pirates. Along with the whitebeard flag symbol, the tattoo includes the Ace, Marco and the Whitebeard himself. Though in the picture the tattoo is engraved on the forearms, you can also use both sides of your lower legs as the canvas. This tattoo can be a perfect subject irrespective of a person’s age, also, it symbolizes teamwork. However, you can get it customized with shades of different colors unlike the picture where the tattoo is inked with black shades only.

whitebeard Sleeve Tattoo

whitebeard sleeve tattoo
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The placement of a tattoo tells a lot about a person. Especially a sleeve tattoo conveys a lot of different meanings. Most important among them is that it showcases a person’s carefree mentality. People who are confident about their physicality and mentality as well, are prone to have a sleeve tattoo. This tattoo rightly serves these people as whitebeard himself is the token of power and self-confidence. He also represents protection and sense of responsibility. This tattoo is a fitting subject for a person who holds a fatherly position and acts as a provider in the family. Moreover, this whitebeard sleeve tattoo covers the entire sleeve with it’s subtlety.

Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger Chest Tattoo

whitebeard's jolly roger chest tattoo
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Chest tattoos are favorite for many when it comes to the placement of tattoos. But chest tattoos can be painful if you don’t have enough fat on that area and can take months depending on the size of the tattoo and your ability to endure the pain as well. So, if you are determined to get your skin bared on the chest area, it simply implies that you are strong, tolerant and straightforward, just like the whitebeard himself. A chest tattoo also resembles something incredibly important to the image-bearer. In that case, to a true fan of the Whitebeard this tattoo is certainly significant.

Having this tattoo inked on the chest symbolizes masculinity and stamina for a man, on the other hand, if a woman gets this tattoo done on her chest, it shows her feminine persona and fearlessness.

One Piece Whitebeard Tattoo

one piece whitebeard tattoo
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This tattoo is one of a kind. This back full piece will make anyone spellbound as it not only flaunts the Whitebeard but also some of the famous characters of the One Piece anime. The tattoo is utterly infused with delicacy. However, the back is a fundamental part of our body. Our backbone makes sure that we stay strong even in vulnerable times. Having a full-back tattoo is a sign of being a hardcore enthusiast. Moreover, the back is a cool place for a tattoo to be done as it provides the artist with enough space to do the delicate piece. However, this One Piece whitebeard back full piece can be time-consuming, but once it is done, this will make you a living piece of art.

Edward Newgate AKA the Whitebeard, was the captain of the whitebeard crew. He, with his extreme strength and strategic combat ability, definitely stands out in the world of manga. Most of all he was a responsible and thoughtful man. These Whitebeard tattoos aptly serve the people who are determined, contemplative, and ferocious. And needless to say, these Whitebeard tattoos are one-stop shop for all the Whitebeard fans. Apart from the above-mentioned tattoos, below are some more intriguing Whitebeard tattoos that will make you awestruck-

  • Colored Whitebeard sleeve tattoo
  • Purple inked Whitebeard Flag symbol tattoo
  • Whitebeard Gol D. Roger and Oden tattoo
  • Mini Whitebeard tattoo on back
  • Whitebeard pirates colored tattoo

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