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What’s the first association that comes to mind you hear Pandora? It’s from the Borderlands games, right? Maybe you’re a gamer yourself or have just seen other people wear awesome Borderlands tattoos. Either way it’s good you’re here if you’re on the hunt for some awesome Borderlands tattoo designs to love forever. To see more continue scrolling down our top 15 list of amazing Borderlands tattoo ideas you need to see!

Amazing Borderlands 2 Tattoos Psycho From Borderlands Cool Tattoo Design For Men

amazing borderlands 2 tattoos

Are you looking for cool Borderlands 2 tattoos to decorate your skin? We have just the thing! Psychos are so intoxicated with the search for Vault secrets that they’ve gone mad. Let this awesome Psycho tattoo from Borderlands 2 be a reminder to stay humble and stay cool!

Black Ink Outlines Borderlands Tattoo Ideas For Gamers Calf Muscle Placement

black ink outlines borderlands tattoo ideas for gamers calf muscle placement

If you’re a Borderlands fan, we know you’ll love this tattoo art! Even without color, this Borderlands tattoo looks so cool! You can leave it as is for the perfect post-apocalyptic look or add colored inks. Best suited for a bicep or calf muscle placement!

Full Color Upper Arm Borderlands 2 Mask With Vault Symbol Tattoo Ideas

full color upper arm borderlands 2 mask with vault symbol tattoo ideas

On the topic of awesome Borderlands tattoos you deserve, we give you this full color Borderlands 2 mask tattoo! The shading and the details of the mask are insanely good. The bright red rose on the design makes for an eye-catching contrast. The perfect Borderlands tattoo ideas for your upper arm!

Cool Borderlands Vault Symbol Tattoo Experience Log Post-Apocalyptic Alien Vibes Tattoo

cool borderlands vault symbol tattoo

Would you dare explore the dangerous secrets of the Vault? If so, we suggest getting this tattoo for good luck on your scavenger hunt! The green technology bits mixed with the natural galaxy image are so much like the game Borderlands. Perfect for your forearm or shin!

Video Game Tattoos Borderlands 3 Sketchy Moze Character Gunner Tattoo Art

video game tattoos borderlands 3 sketchy moze character gunner tattoo art

What a formidable Gunner First Class she is! Whether you loved playing the character or admire her resolve, this sketchy Borderlands 3 tattoo is for every gamer. It looks like something straight out of the official guide book! Make place for this Borderlands tattoo somewhere on your arm and you won’t be disappointed!

Gaming Tattoos Simple Borderlands Golden Vault Logo Symbol Tattoo

gaming tattoos simple borderlands golden vault logo symbol tattoo

This tattoo is gold! Made for any and every gamer fan of the Borderlands series. Simple yet straightforward, wear your fandom with this Borderlands tattoo with pride anywhere you go. Ideal for any tattoo placement your heart desires!

Borderlands Tattoos Insecurity Bot Minion Cool Game Tattoo Designs For Men

borderlands tattoos insecurity bot minion cool game tattoo designs for men

Have you played the Borderlands DLC Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel yet? These aren’t especially hard bosses, but they make for cool game tattoo ideas! Tattoo this ragged Minion robot on the side of your leg or arm and get to that Vault!

Black Outlines Borderlands Weapon Drawing Hammerlocks Jacobs Shotgun Tattoo Designs

black outlines borderlands weapon drawing hammerlocks jacobs shotgun tattoo designs

Borderlands has some awesome weapons in the game! This Hammerlocks Jacobs shotgun has never looked so good before! Perfect for the trigger happy Borderlands fan! Get your black ink weapon Borderlands tattoo this month!

Borderlands Tattoo Ideas Borderlands 2 Golden Key Rare Game Item Tattoo For Men

borderlands tattoo ideas borderlands 2 golden key rare game item tattoo for men

Wouldn’t it be nice to loot hidden chests with rare and awesome weapons in them? Now you can, kind of! Tattoo the Golden Key from Borderlands games on your inner arm or thigh and unlock fortune in your life! Yellow tattoo ink will pop on any skin tone you might have, so don’t let that thing bother you, and stay gold!

Sexy Mad Moxxi Pinup Tattoo Designs From Borderlands 3 Gamer Tattoo Ideas

sexy mad moxxi pinup tattoo designs from borderlands 3 gamer tattoo ideas

Have you hit up any bars in Pandora yet? Then you must have been drawn to Mad Moxxi! This foxy lady makes for an awesome Borderlands tattoo, even for men! Leave the alluring bar owner in black outlines or color her curves in – it’s your choice!

Borderlands Inspired Tattoo Ideas Life Hack Healing Item Gaming Tattoos

borderlands inspired tattoo

It would be great if we had these healing items in real life! Being unstoppable and immortal is a gamer’s dream, and tattooing this Borderlands inspired tattoo might bring you closer to it just a bit. Hack your way through life with awesome gaming tattoos on your forearm or shin! The blood red and metal needle color will surely stand out on any skin tone.

Simple Borderlands Tattoo Ideas Maliwan Weapon Manufacturer Logo Tattoos

simple borderlands tattoo ideas maliwan weapon manufacturer logo tattoos

In need of simple Borderlands tattoo references to show off your fandom? We have just the thing you’re looking for! If you’ve played Borderlands you’ll know the Maliwan weapons manufacturer has the coolest ideas involving nature and technology. Show some appreciation for the craft and simply tattoo the ‘Maliwan’ logo on the back of your neck or wrist!

Colorful Shoulder Borderlands Tattoo Logo With Phoenix Wing Game Tattoos For Men

colorful shoulder borderlands tattoo logo with phoenix wing game tattoos for men

Want to look like an awesome and manly Borderlands player? Then get this flaming Borderlands logo tattoo on your shoulder! These bright colors are perfect for any and every skin tone, so you have no excuses. Plus they go well with the Borderlands logo colors anyways. What are you waiting for?

Awesome Full Color Borderlands Tattoos Borderlands Sleeve Tattoo Design Bright Colors

awesome full color borderlands tattoos

If you’ve been thinking of getting some Borderland tattoos, it must be a sign you need this Borderlands sleeve tattoo! It has all the right elements you’d want from a Borderlands design – from the iconic mask, to the Vault symbol and grenades! Make your arm look like pure gold with an epic Borderlands sleeve tattoos idea just like this one!

Epic Black and Gray Borderlands Sleeve and Hand Tattoo Metal Armor Design For Men

epic black and gray borderlands sleeve

We’ve saved the best for last! Become fully immersed in the epic world of Borderlands with this one! Everyone will be in awe looking at your black and gray armor sleeve tattoo, we guarantee it. Be a proud and fearless Vault Hunter and get this incredible Borderlands tattoo, with permanent ink or not.

Having Said All That

We hope you were inspired by our top 15 Borderlands tattoos list to get one yourself! With so many cool tattoo designs to choose from, your job isn’t easy. But we’re certain you’ll love the 15 Borderlands tattoo ideas we showcased above! To get the best experience at your trusty tattoo place, come prepared with all your cool ideas.

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