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What comes first to your mind when you hear the word demon? Is it an evil possessing spirit you’re scared of or a cool demon tattoo design? The word demon actually comes from Greek and doesn’t mean anything bad! It stood for a spirit of divine power. Only in the Chirsitanity-dominated Middle Ages has the demon become an evil thing in need of exorcism. Almost every culture and religion has its own version of a demon. And all of them can get you inspired for your next demon tattoo designs! If you’re looking for demonic tattoo ideas, you’ve come to the best place. Get the best demon tattoo designs by scrolling down our list of top 6 demon tattoos designs down below!

Are tattoos demonic?

This might surprise you, but it’s not uncommon for people to ask if tattoos demonic or not? While some designs do depict a demon head or demonic face tattoos, a tattoo itself is nothing bad! And not all demons are evil either. In Japanese folklore demons or oni can be a symbol of protection. So don’t listen to others, and get yourself an awesome demons tattoo from our top 6 list below!

White Angel Wing and Red Wing Demon Back Tattoo

white angel wing and red wing demon back tattoo

It is said that a fallen angel who disobeyed fell to hell and became a demon. At least in the Western religion of Christianity. Every human has both of these sides in himself/herself. That’s why the angel and demon wings tattoo is ideal for every person! Tattoo demon wings alongside angel wings to showcase the never ending struggle between your good and bad side. Get it tattooed on the back of your neck or as matching wrist tattoos. It’s your choice!

Blood Thirsty Sexy Demon Tattoo Red Girl Design

blood thirsty sexy demon tattoo red girl design

A demon, unlike the devil, isn’t always an evil being. What’s not to like about this sexy bloodthirsty demon girl? The geometric rhombic element perfectly frames this female demon face tattoo. Did you know, more men wear a tattoo of a girl then women do! Also the blood red tattoo ink stands out on any and every skin tone out there, so don’t worry about it. A sassy demon girl with red horns tattoo design is all you need to show what a passionate lover you are!

Black and Gray Japanese Oni Demon Head Tattoo Design

black and gray japanese oni demon head tattoo design

Demons or oni are a common theme in Japanese folklore. Yakuza often have demon face tattoos on their body as a sign of protection. A demon head tattoo like this one represents the ability to punish evil, instead of inflict it. Traditional tattoo colors used in Japanese tattoos are black, white, red and yellow. You can opt for a classical black and gray demon tattoo or add a splash of color to the design. Ideal for any placement on your body you so desire!

Black Ink Demon Hunter Demonic Tattoo Logo

black ink demon hunter demonic tattoo logo

Looking for simple and manly demonic tattoo designs? Then how about this black ink demon hunter sign as your next demon tattoo? Bold black ink tattoos such as this demon logo tattoo are great for any placement you think of, but we suggest calf muscle or as a demon hand tattoo. Goat ears and long pointy horns are elements associated with Western evil demon tattoos. So you might get some scuffs here and there, but we assure you will look cool having this logo tattooed on your skin!

Detailed Black Ink Demon Tattoo Drawings Demon Head Tattoo

detailed black ink demon tattoo drawings demon head tattoo

Looking for a detailed black work demon tattoo to decorate your skin? Have you thought of dark demon tattoos? You must have, since you stumbled upon our top 6 list of demon tattoo designs! This demons tattoo has a face only a mother would love. But the monstrous, almost creepy looking design is the perfect manly tattoo to show off. Get this black outline demon head tattoo done on your shin or shoulder for the best effect!

Back of the Head Tattoos Demon Traditional Design Tattoo

back of the head tattoos demon traditional design tattoo

We’ve saved the most extreme tattoos of demons we could find! Only the bravest and craziest will opt for this black and gray demon tattoo! Demon tattoos have a bad rep which is unjustified. Back of the head tattoos are a very mad choice, but we support it! This demon tattoo has all the typical elements all the demon tattoos have. You got the long textured horns, sharp teeth, a dramatic look and the iconic pentagram. If this demon tattoo speaks to you, then be a rebel and wear one of the greatest demon tattoo designs!

Having Said All Of That

We hope you found our top 6 list of demon tattoo ideas inspirational! Whatever other people say, tattoos themselves aren’t the devil. In fact, demons and devils are completely different, still fictional, beings. A tattoo of a demon can represent your fight with vice or your inner demons. Demonic tattoos designs may even serve to discourage evil things from happening to you! So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today and get the best demon tattoo you like from our list above!

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