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When you hear the word knight, the first association is probably a European medieval knight, right? But the concept of knights goes further to other cultures too, even to the tattoo art world! Everyone needs brave men to protect their country. So why not become that man who wears an awesome knight tattoo as your armor?! Get inspired by our top 15 list down below!

What does a knight tattoo mean?

There isn’t anything symbolic in particular when it comes to knight tattoo ideas. It’s simply a statement of your virtues that are that of a knight. If you’re courageous, loyal and skilled, then a knight tattoo might be for you!

Did knights get tattoos?

Medieval Europe was a dark age, literally. Between getting ransacked and working 20 hours a day for bread, people didn’t have much time to open tattoo shops. Sad, but true! It’s not likely that a knight would have an actual tattoo. But heated iron branding such as the cross symbol could work as a tattoo for sure.

Insanely Realistic Beautiful Black And White Medieval Knight In Armour Tattoo Arm Position

Insanely Realistic Beautiful Black

We’re starting the list off strong with an incredible rendition of a knight tattoo! The beauty of this tattoo art lies in the details done only with black and white ink. Talk about talent! This knight tattoo needs to be seen by the world, so get it done on your forearm or calf muscle!

Traditional Templar Knight Wearing Helmet Tattoo Art With Rose Knight Tattoo Ideas For Men

Traditional Templar Knight Wearing Helmet Tattoo

Did you learn everything about knights Templar from tv or video games? Let us know down in the comments! But before that, check out this charming traditional knight with armor tattoo! Perhaps he’s out to give his maiden a rose. And perhaps you should give yourself the best gift – an amazing tattoo art for your skin!

Sketchy Character Design Knight Knights Tattoo Black And Gray Art Arm Placement

Sketchy Character Design Knight Knights Tattoo

Straight out of an RPG game manual, this character design knight tattoo is fit not just for gamers. Everyone can appreciate unique tattoos knight designs, right? Tattoo this charming black and gray inked man in armor anywhere you wish, but we suggest the arm!

Simple Yet Funny Black Ink Knight Tattoos Tiny Medieval Tattoo Design Idea

Simple Yet Funny Black Ink Knight Tattoos

Get a giggle out of this simple yet funny knight tattoo every time you look at your arm! Done in the classical inky art style of the Dark Ages, these two fighting knights are all an artist needs in a tattoo. Bonus points if you know which armor belongs to which monarchy!

Realistic Drawing Tattoo Art Inked In Black Knight Tattoos In Armor Design For Men

Realistic Drawing Tattoo

Straight out of a medieval video game, everyone can appreciate dark knight tattoo designs! Slaying mythical beasts all day must be fun. Having a realistic knight in armor tattoos done by a talented artist will surely get your all the maidens! Get it done on your shoulder or thigh.

Colorful Knight Tattoo Designs Classic Tattoo Style Memento Vivere Quote Banner

Colorful Knight Tattoo Designs Classic Tattoo

Our time on this planet is very short when you think about it. So why waste it on searching for knights templar tattoos when we have the best ones right here! Check out this banner quote and charming knight tattoo! Ideal for your arm or calf muscle. Remember you have to live with that knight forever!

Fantasy Knight Tattoo Designs Dark Knight Tattoos For Men Forearm Placement

Fantasy Knight Tattoo

This Dark Souls inspired knight knights tattoo is everything a fantasy RPG gamer wants and needs! Tattoos represent who you are and what you love. And if you love knight templar rising from the dead to battle evil forces, this awesome tattoo idea might be for you! Consider a forearm position for the best effect!

Epic Templar Knight In Armor Tattoo Full Color Knight Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Men

Epic Templar Knight In Armor Tattoo

Are you ready to sport an epic arm or leg sleeve tattoo? Then we suggest this full color dark knight’s templar battling forces from Hell design! The use of color on this templar knight tattoo is excellent. And those white ink highlights make the armor oh so shiny!

Tattoos Knight Medieval Armored England Knight Tattoo Art On Hand In Black And Gray

Tattoos Knight Medieval Armored England Knight

Do you love searching for knight tattoos and imagining you’re one yourself? Fall in love with this simple yet elegant black and gray tattoo of medieval knight’s templar inspired tattoo! Show off your appreciation for their loyalty and knight codex with a hand knight tattoo like this one!

Epic Knight Templar Tattoo Designs Shiny Chainmail Armored Knight Sleeve Tattoo

Epic Knight Templar Tattoo

Have you seen a more menacing looking templar knight in your life? We would only recommend bumping heads with this knight in a video game or tattooing him on your body! A sleeve knights templar tattoo such as this will make everyone’s jaw drop! Add a blue flame coming from the chainmail for the extra evil knight templar effect.

Knight Tattoos For Men Templar Knight Riding Horse With Shield Warm Ink Chest

Knight Tattoos For Men Templar Knight Riding Horse

Imagine returning to the epic time of honorable knights! While today’s codex of chivalry has changed, the least you can do is become a knight yourself! Or just get an awesome templar knight riding a horse tattoo across your muscular pecs. Warmer inks suit warmer skin tones – it’s simple as that!

Simple Armor Headpiece Templar Knight Tattoo On Calf Muscle Knights Templar Ideas

Simple Armor Headpiece Templar Knight Tattoo

The era of knight templar and their conquests never really stopped being popular in the tattoo world. So don’t let that trend die out just yet! A simple grayscale knight templar helmet tattoo with a quote can go a long way! Choose an old font like the gothic letters to match the mood.

Simplistic Knight Tattoo Forearm Placement Grayscale Knight Tattoos Ideas For Men

Simplistic Knight Tattoo Forearm Placement Grayscale Knight Tattoos

Still haven’t found the right style of knight templar tattoos you want? Well how about this simplistic yet powerful knight in traditional armor tattoo idea?! Choose a subtle background element to complete the design.

Excellent Ink Body Artwork Tattoos Of Knights In Desert Scene Leg Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Excellent Ink Body Artwork Tattoos

Want a knight’s templar tattoo idea to charm everyone? Then devote your entire calf muscle to a desert oasis scene with a templar knight drinking water. The mystical vibe these kinds of knight tattoos give off is ideal for any man into myths and legends about templars.

Funny Desaturated Colored Ink Tattoos Knight From Medieval Times Knight Tattoos Idea

Funny Desaturated Colored Ink Tattoos

We’re finishing the list off with a funny looking knight in motion tattoo! Is he wounded or avoiding to be? Is he dancing in front of his beloved king? Who knows! All we know the desaturated color scheme used works great with any skin tone you might have. The perfect knight tattoo for a fun loving person!

Having Said All Of That

We hope you loved our top 30 pics on knight tattoos! If you ever dreamed of becoming knights templar, now you can! Kind of. Find a trusty and talented tattoo artist and get yourself one of our best knight tattoo designs showcased above. Pinky swear you won’t regret it!

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