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As you probably know it by now, a marine haircut is very strict and straightforward. You have probably seen a lot of marine haircut styles on the TV, as well as different shows, movies & series, right? Well, if you feel like these haircuts are low-maintenance, you are right! We will present short haircuts, as well as tight haircuts which will suit men who are about easy and super wearable haircuts, see for yourself by reading down below!

What Is A Marine Haircut Called?

This simple hairstyle is often called a crew cut, but it is also popular and known as a high and tight marine haircut. It is an accessible shape to go for, perfect for those who like low-maintenance hairdos. If you know of military regulations, this is the best reason to book this hairdo!

Do The Marines Make You Cut Your Hair?

Technically, no. No Marine rules indicate that you have to get a cut. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow. Your hair needs to be clean, not too messy, as well as precise. Hair and sideburns should be trimmed, and the top should be tight with no flare at all. It can be styled any way you want, but make sure it is not longer than three inches.

What Is An Ivy League Haircut?

An Ivy League cut is pretty professional, as well as known as the Princeton or Harvard Clip. This is just another name for a crew cut, which only has a bit more volume at the top. It is a lot similar to the marine haircut, only catered toward guys who need something with a tad bit more volume.

1. Military Cut Fade High And Tight

military cut fade high and tight
@Megan Bagshaw via Unsplash

This tight haircut with a fade transition will suit any head shape. However, you should have a stylish front and a bit of bang if you want to achieve marine-inspired haircuts that are wearable to the office, but at the same time, great for parties.

2. Marine Haircut Brush Cut

marine haircut brush cut
@Ruslan Rozanov via pexels

This high and tight haircut with a slight sidecut is stylish and wearable by younger men. If you like shaved and trimmed offsides, and just a bit of a top volume, you will like this haircut. Make sure you use a trimmer and maintain your haircut on your own in the future.

3. Marine Haircuts Buzz Cut

marine haircuts buzz cut
@Florian Doppler via pexels

If you like trending hairstyles and you don’t need a low-maintenance cut, this one is just one level harder to achieve than the typical marine buzz cut. The sides are short and easy to set, while the top needs a comb, as well as a bit of a hair gel. You can style all of your hair on the left side, it gives out a cool effect.

4. Fade Haircuts Marine Style

fade haircuts marine style
@Kenzie Kraft via Unsplash

This is the typical marine haircut, minus the beard. Marines usually need to follow a regulation regarding their beards. However, if you don’t have to, combine this short hair with a shorter beard, as well as mustache. This skin fade, as well as the beard, should be trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

5. Marine Haircuts Spiky Cut

marine haircuts spiky cut
@Radek Pestka via Unsplash

This is the typical jarhead haircut, only with a bit of bang at the front. Styling is super easy with this one since all you need to do is make sure the top is combed through. Maintenance is also easy, and don’t forget to cut your hair every other week to keep it look sleek. Hairstyles such as this one are perfect for any age group!

6. Fade Haircuts Army Crew Cut

fade haircuts army crew cut
@Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

Military haircut regulations allow and approve this American soldier haircut. This marine haircut has a slightly voluminous top and the 2 all over haircut stylish design. Luckily for you, you can achieve this fresh cut with just some basic products – such as a trimmer and matte clay. You can also achieve the flat cut with a razor, as long as you know how to use one.

7. Us Marines Haircuts

us marines haircuts
@René Ranisch via Unsplash

This 6 on top haircut is very easy to maintain. The skin fade on this buzz cut is easy to style. Make sure you have your favorite and trustworthy styling product with you each day before you commit to this marine cut. Just brush it through with your fingers and you will be good to go.

8. Military Haircuts High Fade

military haircuts high fade
@Aleksandar Andreev via Unsplash

Marine haircuts and similar hairstyles are easy to style and achieve. This cut is pretty trendy as well as perfect if you don’t like using a lot of tools on top of your scalp.

9. Military Haircut Fade

  military haircut fade
@Zahir Namane via Unsplash

The little side-swept cut is for men who like variations and who want to play around with their hairstyles. Add a gel to the top and make sure you brush the hair out to achieve trendy military haircut styles.

10. Marine Haircuts Skin Fade

marine haircuts skin fade
@mohammed idris djoudi via Unsplash

Lastly, this regulation haircut and a marine hairdo will suit men who like high and tight haircuts. Stubborn beard will also look good with this or similar haircuts since both are so low-maintenance.

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