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No matter your thoughts on how the series ended, Tokyo Ghoul was an awesome anime and even better manga! Who’s your favorite TG character? Tell us in the comments section down below! But before that, get inspired by our top 10 picks on Tokyo Ghoul tattoos!

What does Uta’s tattoo mean?

Most people also love Uta as a character from the series. An oh boy, does Uta have some amazing tattoos on his body! One tragic one is his eye turned black from tattoo ink. Don’t get that one! He sports a neck tattoo written in Greek which translates to: “I can live neither with you, nor without you.” To see more continue scrolling our awesome top 10 list!

What do the flowers mean in Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul isn’t the only anime to feature the traditional red spider lily flower! It’s also named the hell flower, so think about that. Why would such a gorgeous flower be named terrible things you may ask? FIrst of all, the bulbs are poisonous and in the cultures of East Asia this flower is associated with the dead.

Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Season 2 Ken Kaneki Black Ink Manga Panel Tattoos

tokyo ghoul tattoo season 2 ken kaneki black ink manga panel tattoos

Need some amazing TG tattoos to decorate your anime fan skin? Look no further than this Ken Kaneki ghoul tattoo! Manga panel tattoos were always popular among fans of the series. So why not get one yourself? Unsettling knuckle cracking noises in the distance…

Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Anime Eyes Black and Red Ink Tattoos Forearm Placement

tokyo ghoul tattoo

Get the best experience as an anime fan and tattoo these fierce looking Tokyo Ghoul eyes! One can be your typical TG style eye while the other your second favorite series ever. You’ll have people also love your tattoo as well as your personality in no time!

Full Color Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Sleeve Touka and Rize Ghouls Tattoos

full color tokyo ghoul tattoo

Looking for incredible TG sleeve tattoos to make your friends jealous? To see more continue reading our article! Take a look at this insanely good coloring job! The tattoo artist has outdone themselves with this one. How can anyone say no to this Touka and Rize as ghouls tattoo?

Black and Red Spider Lily Flower and Poisonous Centipede Tokyo Ghoul Reference Tattoo

black and red spider lily flower

Only true privacy Tokyo Ghoul fans will know why this tattoo is appalling and beautiful at the same time! Not only does the design and color red remind you of hell, but a ribcage tattoo is notoriously painful. Only hardcore ghouls and fans will get this one!

Black Ink Greek Quote Uta Tattoo From Tokyo Ghoul Neck Placement

black ink greek quote uta tattoo from tokyo ghoul neck placement

Tall, dark and handsome – who wouldn’t look up to Uta! His neck tattoo is what inspired our top 10 list anyways! The Latin quote written in the traditional Greek alphabet roughly represents being torn between being with someone you can’t be with. What a cool tattoo idea indeed!

Tokyo Ghoul Uta Kagune Bloody Red Tattoo With Flowers Shoulder Placement

tokyo ghoul uta kagune bloody red tattoo with flowers shoulder placement

If this man is your favorite character from the series, you need to get this Uta Tokyo Ghoul tattoo! Black and red ink tattoos create such a perfect harmony. Done in a manga style, this TG tattoo is worthy to be in your experience log! Would you let him tear your flesh?

Black Ink Splatters Juuzou Suzuya TG Tattoo Rhombic Frame Character Tattoos

black ink splatters juuzou suzuya tg tattoo rhombic frame character tattoos

Remember Juuzou? Now that’s a fun TG character to tattoo on your arm or thigh! Opt for a manga look with black and gray inks. Instead of the classical rectangle, choose a rhombic frame to make the design more interesting.

Ken Kaneki Split Personality Season 1 and 2 Black Ink Awesome Tattoo Idea

ken kaneki split personality

We here admire Ken’s transformation in life, and here’s why! It’s proof one can survive everything thrown at him. Which is why we think you need a powerful TG Ken tattoo like this one. Show people you’re made of steel and wear this split Kaneki personality tattoo with pride!

TG Series Logo Black To Red Ink Gradient and Ken Kaneki Cool Tattoo For Fans

tg series logo black to red ink gradient and ken kaneki cool tattoo for fans

Fit for any and every fan of the series, this TG logo will surely look cool on your skin! The black to red gradient suits every skin tone, so don’t let that one worry you. And what’s a TG tattoo idea without our protagonist Kaneki Ken? The perfect forearm or above ankle tattoo!

Incredible Ken Kaneki TG Tattoo Done by Talented Artist Manga Tattoo Biceps Placement

incredible ken kaneki tg tattoo

We’re finishing the top 10 list off with an incredible rendition of Kaneki Ken from TG! The details, the highlight in the eye, the shading – everything about this tattoo is marvellous! An amazing tattoo for an even more amazing person and fan of the show. Get it done on your biceps or calf muscle this month!

Having Said All That

We hope you loved our top 10 picks on Tokyo Ghoul anime tattoos! Whichever character inspired you on your tattoo journey, we appreciate it! To get the best experience at your trusty tattoo shop, have a design ready before you continue with email or call to set the appointment. Feel free to get a Tokyo Ghoul design onto your skin from the ones we showcase above.

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