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Tom Hardy is an actor and a fashion icon that women worldwide love, and can’t resist! He is a true gentleman and a top-class Hollywood actor that became popular in the last couple of years. Why and how? Keep on reading if you wish to learn a bit more about Tom Hardy, and if you wish to get any of his versatile and cool hairstyles!

Who Is Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy is a British actor who is 42 years old. He is mostly known for his huge movie roles such as Inception, Mad Max, Lawless, and as of recently – Venom! As you’re reading this, the premiere of Venom 2 is happening! This will make people who like Tom Hardy, his acting style, as well as his dashing gentleman appearance super happy, as well as excited.

How To Get The Tom Hardy Haircut?

Tom Hardy haircut can be hard to achieve since there are many different hairstyles and haircuts to choose from. However, the easiest one to achieve is the Tom Hardy Taboo haircut!

  • Step 1: Tom Hardy rocks gentleman inspired haircuts with ease, while also having that bad boy vibe. His hairdo in Taboo is best-described as an ivy league hair, so ask for an ivy league haircut when you are at a salon.
  • Step 2: Once your hair is cut short, ask for a subtle fade on the sides. Hairstyles such as this one should be cut every 3-4 weeks. You could also incorporate a short and stubborn beard if you are going for that masculine and gentleman vibe.
  • Step 3: Add your favorite go-to hair product to the top and around the bangs. Use either a matte pomade or clay to get the slicked back cut. Warm up the product between your fingers and apply gradually and evenly throughout your hair.

This hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain. If you are a fan of low-maintenance haircuts that can suit any face shape, as well as any age group, you will love this style!

What Haircut Does Tom Hardy Have? Top 7 Options

1. Tom Hardy Hairstyle Buzz Cut

tom hardy hairstyle buzz cut
@”Tom Hardy” by honeyfitz via WordPress

This haircut is very low-maintenance and it has that bad boy vibe. We think that this style suits Tom Hardy the best since it allows him to show off his facial features. He has a shorter forehead, and this buzz cut truly suits him. If you have a similar face shape just know that this haircut will suit you.

How to style it?

This short gentleman cut will look great with a short and stubborn beard. If you are skilled enough, you can give yourself this short cut. Use a pair of clippers #1 and shave and trim off everything. Run a bit of pomade and set all of your baby hairs in place. You can also add an undercut detail and fully embrace this photo hairdo.

2. Messy Texture Tom Hardy Hair

messy texture tom hardy hair
“Tom Hardy at Cineword Broad Street, Birmingham” by Stephen J Giles via WordPress

Tom Hardy looks like a legend in every movie. If you loved Tom Hardy’s haircut Lawless edition, you will love this hairstyle! It is really messy, textured, uneven, as well as reckless looking. If you are into fast styling and you love being careless, you will enjoy this hot hairdo.

How to style it?

The attention is on the messy texture and Tom Hardy knows how to style it. You should go for a slicked-back hairdo and use a wet and runny pomade to achieve this hairstyle. With this or similar haircuts, you will need to visit your barber every 4-5 weeks, which is great for men who are into long-lasting styles. Finish off the look with a beard and embrace the reckless vibe!

3. Short Slicked Back Tom Hardy New Haircut

short slicked back tom hardy new haircut
@”Tom Hardy” by divasss via WordPress

This is the perfect day to day haircut for men in their 30s. Tom Hardy haircuts change throughout the years, and he is always rocking a different haircut in every movie! This just shows you that you can switch up your hairstyle every year and that you can experiment with ease and carelessly with many different hairstyles.

How to style it?

This hairstyle is all about embracing your natural texture and letting your hair grow out in a couple of months. It is very easy to achieve since all you have to do is slick it back with some sea salt spray the moment you wash it! This cut is also perfectly paired with a beard, and it gives out a relaxed vibe.

4. Slicked Back Fade Hairstyle Tom Hardy

slicked back fade hairstyle tom hardy
@”Tom Hardy” by theglobalpanorama via WordPress

Haircuts such as this one are for a true gentleman, and will only look good if you can pull off a suit! Tom Hardy usually looks like this when he is off to premiers, Red Carpets, and Oscars. He can pull off a slicked-back hairstyle and looks the best in suits that emphasize his body. This cut is on a high-maintenance side, and will look great on mature men, or those who have an important formal event ahead!

How to style it?

Make sure you have long hair that you can slick back all the way to the back. This gentleman inspired hairstyle will need a high-quality matte pomade which can slick back all of your hair. Apply the product heavily on the top, and go for a fade or an undercut on the sides.

5. Tom Hardy Hairstyle Buzz Cut

tom hardy hairstyle buzz cut
“Tom Hardy” by Gage Skidmore via WordPress

If you want a haircut that looks amazing on oval head shapes, this is it! Tom Hardy rocked some short buzz cut hairdos in some movies. If you love hairstyles that look easy to do and that are low-maintenance you will like this hairstyle. Usually, a fade or a buzz cut will look great on guys who have a smaller forehead.

How to style it?

Style this hairdo with a longer beard. You can balance out your look and go for a drastic beard and a shorter top. Tom Hardy beard is a bit stubborn, and if yours is too; make sure you tame it down and groom it regularly. Apply a rich beard oil over your facial hair and stick it in place.

6. Tom Hardy Spiky Slick Shaved Hair

tom hardy spiky slick shaved hair
@”Ruben Fleischer, Riz Ahmed & Tom Hardy” by Gage Skidmore via WordPress

Tom Hardy short hair and similar hairstyles were a go-to by guys in 2010! Why in 2010? Because Tom Hardy rocked a similar hairdo in Inception. That movie made millions, and is still, to this day, one of the best and highest rated movies in history. Did you love Tom Hardy in this movie? If so, why not embrace this simple hairstyle?

How to style it?

Continue growing out your top portion and let the shaved off sides stay the same. Always maintain the same length with a trimmer, and slick back your top portion with a matte clay. Shop for the right high-quality products, and apply gradually over the top portion. Follow this step every other day, and right after you wash your hair!

7. Spiked Tom Hardy Haircuts

spiked tom hardy haircuts
@”tom-hardy-escape-from-new-york-star-contender-11” by atomtetsuwan2002 via WordPress

This haircut will look great on younger men as well as guys who are still in college. If you are someone who likes messy and low-maintenance hairstyles, you will enjoy this hair. It looks great on guys who are in their twenties, as well as men who want a minimalistic hairstyle.

How to style it?

This hair should be styled with clay and some mousse. Apply a heavy amount over your entire top portion. Run it through your fingers and make it messy looking if you want a reckless cut. You can also decorate it with some stubborn facial hair, or shave it off completely.

On That Note

Whether you are a gentleman or you are in your teens, you can still rock and enjoy the Tom Hardy cut! Choose one of these 7 hairstyle options and wear them with confidence. A typical Tom Hardy hairdo can be worn by younger and older men, just let it grow out, and use the right set of products for ultimate and noticeable results!

Need More Inspiration

tom hardy hairstyle
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tom hardy hairstyle
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tom hardy hairstyle
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