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Oval or round face shapes are the most common face shapes worldwide. Both men and women who have round head shapes can experiment with many different and unique haircuts. If you’ve been dealing with irregular and not customizable hairstyles your entire life, you should experiment with these top 10 hairstyles for round face men edition! They will help you elongate your face, while still giving you fashionable haircuts. See for yourself.

What Hairstyle Looks Good On A Round Face?

Hairstyles for men round face shapes can vary. However, the perfect cut is something that sharpens up your face, and also adds dimension. Your cheeks shouldn’t look soft, round, and your forehead shouldn’t be too exposed. Hairstyles that suit round face shapes are usually long, messy, as well as swept to the sides!

Does Beard Suit A Round Face?

Oval face hairstyle men, as well as heart shaped face men, can and should rock a beard. By adding facial hair along your jawline, you are actually elongating your face and are allowing your face to experiment and enjoy a different shape. It can be hard to find the perfect haircut, but once you connect your beard with your hair, you will easily switch up your appearance.

Which Side Should I Part My Hair For Asymmetrical Face?

Some men can’t combat the roundness of their face because one side is a lot more asymmetrical than the other. So, if you are wondering what haircut suits me and you don’t know about proper hair parting – here’s all you need to know:

Round Face Hairstyles For Men Top 10 Designs: What Haircuts Should I Get Men Edition

1. Textured Curly Crop

textured curly crop
@Amina Filkins via pexels

Remember to grow out your hair as long and as healthy as possible. Guys who have naturally voluminous locks, and who love their curly strands will easily create flattering haircuts. This voluminous top is great at creating a distraction from your round face, and the stubborn baby hairs will define your jawline.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Embrace your features and your locks with curl cream. Apply the product straight to your wet hair if you want to add more volume, as well as definition to the hair. Don’t forget to spread out the product evenly with your fingers, and always use a round brush when brushing out the strands.

2. Defined Edges Classic Fade

defined edges classic fade
@Laurence Cruz via Unsplash

Guys who have naturally lighter hair (or even ginger hair) can have a hard time styling their strands. However, men who have patience, as well as the right set of products will achieve the perfect cut for their head shape. Ginger guys should go for shorter styles, but that are perfectly placed on the side. Don’t forget to brush out your hair day-to-day to get a clean cut.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

A taper fade should be styled with hair pomade. Use matte hair products and add a bit of oil to your beard to make your strands stand out, and to give more dimension to your face shape.

3. Messy Texture

messy texture
@Justin Chen via Unsplash

Spikes are a bit more challenging to style, but they can suit many guys, as well as different head and face shapes. Your round face will look a lot more defined if you give it dimension at the top portion. Men who also have larger foreheads will like this hairstyle, and it will definitely frame their faces.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Your spikes will need a lot of moisture. Make sure you wash your hair every 2-3 days and use hydrating and nourishing shampoos and creams. Add a significant amount of product and wax through your top portion, and make sure you get regular cuts and trims every 3-4 weeks to maintain this neat cut. Also, a set of funky and longer mustache will allow you to frame your face and will make your cheekbones appear sharper than they are.

4. French Crop Haircuts For Guys With Round Face

french crop haircuts for guys with round face
@Abhishek Jaiswal via Unsplash

A French crop is usually worn by men who like and love low-maintenance haircuts. You can always improve your hair texture, but if you are into shorter hairstyles, you will always come back to similar cuts. Men who play football or who do sports will love this popular and short hairdo.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

To maintain the crop, try to cut your hair regularly. Always ask your hairdresser to style your hair along with the beard. Go for the shaved sides and only apply a small amount of hair gel to maintain the haircut.

5. Cool Quiff Medium Length Hair

cool quiff medium length hair
@JJ Jordan via pexels

Round face shapes will need a heavy cut, fringe, bangs, or side-swept details. You could also go for a skin fade and a hard transition if you are truly trying to make your jawline pop, and your face shape elongate. Guys who are in their twenties, as well as those who like playful and attention-seeking cuts, will love this type of styling!

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Try to wear your hair long & voluminous at the top. The best way is to apply pomade and to blow-dry your hair while it is still semi-damp. Use a blow drier on a low heat setting and go for seamless spikes, but also add some volumizing spray to give back life and bounce to your front portion.

6. Curly Fringe Volume Haircut

curly fringe volume haircut
@Mesut çiçen via pexels

This messy and curly hairdo will suit men who have naturally curly strands. Guys who have a round face will love this cut, since it truly shortens their frame, and gives them an elongated face. Try and avoid any silicone-based products, and only stick to this cut if you have naturally voluminous, wavy, or curly hair.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Use nourishing, moisturizing, as well as hydrating shampoos and conditioners. Remember to comb through your hair only when it is damp. Haircuts such as this one can be harder to style, but you can easily achieve the perfect curl, just add cream, or your favorite curl-boosting gel.

7. Back Swept Pompadour Medium Hairstyles

  back swept pompadour medium hairstyles
@Ralph Rabago via pixels

A pompadour slicked back haircut is a bit harder to maintain. However, this cut can elongate your face, especially if you pair it up with an undercut detail. Younger guys usually love similar hairstyles, are you on of them? A pompadour is on a longer side, but it can do wonders for oval or round face shapes, and it is perfect if you are into bold features!

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Push all of your hair back in place with a wide comb, as well as with your favorite matte pomade. Men who have naturally straight hair will pull off this style. Make sure you wear your hair straight in the back but finish off the look with some facial hair. It will add dimension as well as width to your face.

8. Perfect Short Haircuts With Precise Lines

perfect short haircuts with precise lines
@Hair Spies via Unsplash

Your round face can be easily shaped and ‘squared out’ with precise and clean lines. Ask your barber to give you this style with a razor, but let him give you a voluminous crop at the top with scissors! Men who have naturally shorter hair will pull off this look with ease.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Improve your hairdo with the right set of products. In this case, this is a trimmer (if you want to do the upkeep on your own), as well as some wax. Facial hair can improve the overall look, but it is not necessary.

9. Taper Angular Haircut With Fringe

taper angular haircut with fringe
@Tristan Dixon via Unsplash

Can you tell how this skin fade hairdo gives the appearance of a square-shaped head? This is because the sides are super trimmed down and properly cut, while the top is left with a lot of hair, and wavy strands. Guys who prefer asymmetrical cuts will definitely enjoy this one.

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Add only a bit of hair oil to your ends. Improve the texture and get rid of any flyaways. You will get a lot of comments regarding your fade, so make sure you have a trustworthy hairdresser before you start wearing this cut.

10. Side Swept Hairstyles For Men With Round Face

side swept hairstyles for men with round face
@Thibault Debaene via Unsplash

Lastly, if your hair is naturally wavy and it has some volume and bounce – you will love this hairstyle. The bangs that are swept on the sides are giving out an illusion of a diamond-shaped face, and the height of the bangs is easy to achieve, and it is low-maintenance. If you want bangs yet you don’t want to struggle with maintaining them, these are perfect!

What products to use, and how to style your hair?

Only some hair wax, or preferably a curl cream will do the job. Make sure you apply the product while your hair is still semi-damp. Men who are in their mid 30 will love this style the most.

On That Note

And there you have it! An in-depth guide on how to style ten different hairstyles for round face shapes. Styling your hair does not have to be hard. You will improve your technique, and you will easily add dimension to your face shapes. Just follow our rules, and make sure you choose a hairstyle that suits your facial features, as well as your style.

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