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Soccer player haircuts can be very versatile & easy to style. Some of the best football haircuts are low-maintenance & short. This is because soccer players need to feel comfortable, and they need to be mobile while running around & playing soccer. If you want to see what are some of your favorite footballer’s hairstyles, keep on reading!

Who Has The Best Hairstyle In Football?

Soccer player haircuts can vary so much in style, and length & can look wearable every day. Are you someone who loves to follow trends? Are you into some cool cuts? Everyone can look for their perfect soccer cut in this article. According to some, Paulo Dybala has an amazing haircut since it is sleek & low-maintenance. Do you prefer his hairstyle, or are you into something bolder? Either way, you can find something that suits you in our guide.

What Is Ronaldo’s Haircut Called?

Ronaldo is one of those soccer players who often go for either a Ceasers cut or who goes for a side-comb fade. He loves to add some detail all over, but his hairdo is not that hard to achieve.

What Is Messi Haircut Called?

Big names such as Lionel Messi can rock anything. Messi is one of those soccer players who are into volume and classic side-swept cuts. You can also ask for a mid-fade if you want to achieve this side-swept bang action.

Top 10 Soccer Haircuts

1. David Beckham Footballer Haircut

david beckham footballer haircut
“David Beckham” by Yahoo Pressebilder via WordPress

David Beckham has an amazing haircut every time. You will either see him with comb-through hairstyles, or some spikey action. No matter what team he is in, you can always see others rocking his hairdo on the field! He is a trendsetter, and this should be your go-to if you have a thinner texture.

2. Phillipe Coutinho Haircut

phillipe coutinho haircut
@”COPA DO BRAZIL 2010 – VASCO X CORINTHIANS-PR – 21/04/2010” by Ide Gomes – Photographic Reporter via WordPress

Soccer player haircuts are often as simple & as short as this one. If you want something low-maintenance & your hair is very short you can enjoy these similar hairstyles. This is the perfect cut for everyday wear as well.

3. Sergio Aguero Haircut 2017

sergio aguero haircut 2017
“Sergio Aguero” by Nathan Congleton via WordPress

Are you someone who loves bolder haircuts & you need some inspo? If so, go for this hairdo. Bleach the top & don’t forget to grow out a beard. It is very attention-seeking and perfect for guys who naturally have thicker & longer strands.

4. Lionel Messi Modern Football Haircut

lionel messi modern football haircut
“UNWTO_SG and Lionel Messi” by UNWTO via WordPress

As previously mentioned, Messi can rock many different haircuts. This ‘’messy’’ hairdo is swept all the way back. You can easily achieve it by using a comb and adding some hair wax to set your hair in place. It will survive any teamplay & is practical for the field.

5. Granit Xhaka Haircut Footballer Hairstyle

granit xhaka haircut footballer hairstyle
“File:Ser-Swi (23).jpg” by Edgar Breshanov via WordPress

Soccer player haircuts can be this simple. Get a fade cut on the side & make sure that you leave some volume on top. Soccer players enjoy this hairdo since it is so airy & perfect for the field.

6. Antoine Griezmann Wavy Hai

antoine griezmann wavy hai
“File:FRA-ARG (10).jpg” by Anton Zaitsev via WordPress

Antoine Griezmann enjoys his curly hair. He has to add some gel and simply brush it out with his fingers. No reason to use a comb, but the hair will still have bounce on its own.

7. Gareth Bale Messy Blonde Haircuts

gareth bale messy blonde haircuts
“File:Gareth Bale 2015 (1).jpg” by Dmitry Zhuravel via WordPress

Gareth Bale has a bit medium-longer hair. However, he does not mind styling it into a ponytail or a bun. If you are someone who prefers simplistic haircuts, but you have somewhat longer hair – you will enjoy this when playing soccer.

8. Olivier Giroud Haircut Soccer Hairstyle

olivier giroud haircut soccer hairstyle
“Olivier Giroud” by thesportreview via WordPress

A taper cut with a beard can add so much style. You can also go for an undercut detail, and you will enjoy this combination. Soccer players prefer shorter haircuts (like this one), but they style it easily with a beard.

9. Gerard Pique Quiff Popular Soccer Haircuts

gerard pique quiff popular soccer haircuts
“Gerard Pique” by Doha Stadium Plus via WordPress

Gerard Pique is one of those soccer players that can rock anything. This messy quiff haircut is a must-have from our list for you if you are into longer hairstyles + if you love more volume at the top.

10. El Shaarawy Hair Messy Mohawk

el shaarawy hair messy mohawk
“File:Stephan El Shaarawy 2014-08-06.jpg” by Haider Alhuraifi via WordPress

Lastly, you can get this faux hawk or mohawk hairdo if you love longer hairstyles. It is not the best & most common soccer hairstyle, but it is very stylish + perfect for men who aren’t into David Beckham’s typical shorter hairstyles.

Who Is The Most Famous Soccer Player?

When you think of soccer players, you probably think of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, & Ronaldinho. These are the most talked-about names at the moment. Usually, any Barcelona or Arsenal player will easily find his way on this list.


1. Which Soccer Player Has The Best Haircut?

This is a question that can be hard to answer since it comes down to your own personal experience. Some guys look good with one specific style, while others can’t pull it off as easily. Some are fans of man bun and others enjoy pompadour. You can easily copy and get inspiration when watching World Cup. For a lot of people, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar often rock the coolest and most modern hairdos.

2. How Do Soccer Players Cut Their Hair?

Soccer players can try out a ton of different looks, but finding something that really suits them can be time-consuming and a bit tricky. However, you should know that soccer players invest a ton of time and money in their looks. Almost none of them cut their own hair, and they tend to book the best of the best hairstylists and barbers. Some of them even bring their hairstylists on trips and their football tours/plays. In the end, it is a luxurious and high-maintenance hairstyle, despite the cut that one is going for.

3. Is Long Hair Allowed In Football?

Why wouldn’t it be? The truth is that you can rock anything you want, as long as you’re feeling comfy and well-prepared in it. Even if you are a football player who has longer hair or afro locks you can still style it high up and in a messy bun or in a ponytail. In the end, you can have both style and practicality.

On That Note

And there you have it! Some of the best soccer player haircuts. If you are someone who loves to follow & support their team, how about you choose one hairstyle from our list & from your favorite football player? Soccer player haircuts are low-maintenance as well as easy to achieve. Just use a comb, and some hair gel, and you will be good to go! This decision can be hard; make sure you stick to something that suits your hair length & type.

Feature image from Pexels

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