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Beards are not for everyone, but a good beard can take you from a baby faced average Joe to a mystic stud. Having a beard can change your look majorly and do a lot for your style. Wether you are looking for a style for your long chin hairs or just want to figure out how to trim in style. This list of 101 beard style ideas are exactly what your looking for. So take a leap and experiment, take one of these looks to your barbers and mix up your beard and haircut. From slick moustaches, neckbeard to chinstraps.

How To Choose A Beard

Sure, you may love a particular style, but the question is, “Will it look good on you?” The answer to that question takes many things into account, from facial shape to hairstyle, and even the color of your clothes. In this post we will look at some of the best beard style idea and who can rock them best. A beard on the wrong face shape or paired with the wrong hairstyle can make a amazing bit of facial hair look mediocre… and we want you too look amazing.

Beard Ideas

Beards come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. Whilst beards do often alter every now and then as the changing ‘trends” tend to do the core value of a relationship between a man and his beard often remains the same. So, today I wanted to take a look at the most popular beards you’re likely to see out there in the wild, from a touch of stubble to a amazing full beard-mane…

Full Beard

full beard
@Matheus Bertelli via pexels

A full beard can come in a wide variation of different shapes, lengths and sizes. The simplest description of a full beard is when a man decides to completely fill out his face with facial hair, from his moustache right down to his neck line.

Corporate Beard

Men who can naturally grow a fuller beard are good candidates to sport the corporate beard look. Let it grow from two weeks to two months to get the corporate beard length. You don’t want a lot of short hairs sticking out, so it’s going to take a lot of maintenance, including trimming the cheek line and neckline for a clean presentation.

corporate beard
@Chloe via pexels

The Stubble Beard

Stubble is the shadow look some of us get a day or two after shaving. This look is professional yet casual and a very close to a clean shave. But the shadow gives a mysterious yet stern look.

the stubble beard
@Mikhail Nilov via pexels

The Goatee Beard

The goatee beard still remains as popular as it ever has been, although it now grows in various lengths and styles. The stereotypical ‘goatee’ covers a man’s bottom lip and chin line, although often connected they don’t have to be to become labeled so.

the goatee beard
@sumit kapoor via pexels

The Verdi Beard

The Verdi consists of a full beard with a much more maintained moustache of which the beard wearer often twists the tash’ points into a very eye catching curled style finish.

the verdi beard
@ Bruno Salvadori via pexels

The Bandholz Beard

the bandholz beard
@khalifa waleed via pexels

Summary – 101 Beard Style Ideas

So there you have it. From this list you will be able to pick an amazing beard style to try out. This list is home to some of the greatest beard styles of recent years and you should definitely consider one for yourself. Be experimental with your beard trim and try something new.

Top 5 Beard Style Ideas:

  1. Thick Full Beard
  2. The Long Verdi
  3. Short Full Beard
  4. The Bandholz Long Thick Beard
  5. Cool Full Beard

Feature image from pexels

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