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Want to pay a fitting tribute to the iconic songstress Amy Winehouse? Then here are some amazing Amy Winehouse tattoo ideas that you should check out!

amy winehouse tattoo
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All fans of musical genres like jazz, and soul will definitely know the name of English singer Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse was known for her contralto vocal range and deep voice. She sang and wrote songs that covered multiple musical genres including jazz, soul, rhythm, and blues.

Amy Winehouse started her musical career at a very early stage in life. She released her first album named ‘Frank’ when she was only 20 years old. She followed her debut album with ‘Back To Black’ in 2006 which went on to gain international success and appreciation. ‘Back To Black’ was applauded by critics and listeners alike for the jazz influence as well as the honest, deep lyrics that were influenced by her own struggles in life. Amy Winehouse led a tragic life where she constantly battled with depression and addiction issues and her life ended due to alcohol poisoning when she was just 27 years old. Her death shook music fans around the world and many of them turned to tattoos to celebrate her life and legacy.

If you are also a huge fan of Amy Winehouse and want to show your love and admiration for her, then you can check out these wonderful Amy Winehouse tattoo designs.

Minimal Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs For Her Fans

minimal amy winehouse tattoo designs for her fans
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After her tragic death, fans of Amy Winehouse have used different ways to keep the singer alive in their hearts and memories. While some fans bought the albums again or heard the songs, some fans also chose to get a tattoo to carry the singer with them for life. If you are also looking for a tattoo based on Amy Winehouse, then you need to determine the kind of tattoo you want at first. If your sense of style and aesthetic is quite minimal and simple, then you can also choose a simple and minimal Tattoo Design based on the English singer.

Lovely Amy Winehouse Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Her Music

lovely amy winehouse tattoo ideas for fans of her music
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Amy Winehouse has remained a favorite among young music fans ever since she debuted with her album ‘Frank’. Critics lauded the album and she was established as a leading woman musical artist in the United Kingdom in the contemporary musical scene. Then she released ‘Back To Black’ which was appreciated for the honesty in songwriting and the impressive vocal range that she flaunted. If you have been a long time fan of her music, then you can definitely pay a tribute to her through a tattoo like the one in the photo above.

Lyrical Tattoos Based On Amy Winehouse’s Songs

lyrical tattoos based on amy winehouse's songs
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Another way to express your admiration for a musical artist is to get a tattoo of their song lyrics. Amy Winehouse’s lyrics are famous throughout the world for being poetic as well as quite realistic. Thus, if any of her lyrics have stood out to you and captured your attention, then you can also ask the artist to ink the special lines on your skin.

lyrical tattoos based on amy winehouse's songs
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Thus, you can choose an Amy Winehouse Teardrop tattoo with the lyrics to Amy Winehouse’s hit song ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’. You can also choose to get the lyrics of ‘Back To Black’ above your right wrist or left wrist.

Artistic And Creative Tattoos Based On Amy Winehouse

artistic and creative tattoos based on amy winehouse
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If you want to express your love and admiration for Amy Winehouse in a unique and unconventional manner, then you need to unleash your inner creative potential and think about the kind of designs that would suit you. If you are not a fan of portrait tattoos, you can also get a subtle and creative Tattoo Design that portrays the singer. The picture above is a great example of how the wearer has just added the eyes of Amy Winehouse to her tattoo and expressed her appreciation for the singer.

You can also get a lovely Amy Winehouse silhouette tattoo or Amy Winehouse daddy’s girl tattoo, inspired by the singer herself.

Here are some more music tattoo designs if you want to complement your Amy Winehouse tattoo designs with other beautiful tattoos!

Stunning Amy Winehouse Portrait Tattoo Ideas

stunning amy winehouse portrait tattoo ideas
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Amy Winehouse was a brilliant songwriter and singer whose life was tragically cut too short because of alcohol poisoning. An artist who was struggling with mental health and physical issues, she effortlessly blended the genres of pop, soul, blues, and jazz together for her biographical songs. If you have been awed at her songs and consider her to be your most favorite artist, then you can definitely go ahead and look at some Amy Winehouse tattoos.

A lot of fans prefer to get portrait tattoos of the artist and you can do the same. However, you may want to do some research before picking a tattoo artist as you will need to go to someone who has experience and expertise in creating realistic and accurate portraits. Once you have chosen such an artist, you can easily get a portrait tattoo with black ink like the wearer has done in the image above.

Vivid And Colorful Amy Winehouse Tattoo Ideas

vivid and colorful amy winehouse tattoo ideas
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While most portrait tattoos are done with black ink on the skin, you can definitely go for a colorful Amy Winehouse tattoo if you want. Once the artist has created the outline, you can ask them to fill it in with appropriate colors. For example, in the photo above, the artist has carefully shaded the blue jeans that Winehouse is wearing with multiple shades of blue to bring out the exact color. The addition of colors to the tattoo has only made it look more eye-catching and beautiful.

If you are in the search for more colorful musical tattoo designs based on singers, you should check out these awesome ‘Born This Way’ tattoo ideas if you happen to be a fan of Lady Gaga.

Awesome Traditional Tattoo Idea Based On Amy Winehouse

awesome traditional tattoo idea based on amy winehouse
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An American traditional tattoo is a well-known and peculiar style of tattoos that uses exaggerated figures. When portraying a live subject, the American traditional tattoo style uses thick, bold lines and distorts the figure in certain subtle ways to stick to the original style. A lot of tattoo artists also fill in the figure with blocks of bold colors.

If you are a fan of this tattoo style, you can also ask your tattoo artist to customize an Amy Winehouse portrait tattoo using the traditional style. You can use the picture above as an example of how the tattoo artist has drawn inspiration from pin up tattoo as well as traditional tattoo styles to create an Amy Winehouse pinup tattoo.

Tattoo Designs To Celebrate The Album ‘Back To Black’

tattoo designs to celebrate the album 'back to black'
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‘Back To Black’ has to be one of the most definitive music albums of the first decade of the 21st century. This pop, soul, and jazz-influenced album became famous throughout the world after its release, and established Amy as a leading woman soul and jazz artist. In this album, she bared her own life story and struggles as she dealt with the deep, personal themes of heartbreak, trauma, guilt, sadness, and loneliness while being in a relationship. Some of the well-known songs from the album such as ‘Back To Black’, ‘Rehab’, ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ were inspired by her own relationship with husband Blake Fielder-Civil. This album that came out of the feelings she felt while in a relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, gave her international recognition as Amy won some major Grammy awards including ‘Album of the Year’.

If you are a huge Amy Winehouse fan, chances are that ‘Back To Black’ is one of your favorite music albums. Therefore, you can definitely use the album as an inspiration and get a tattoo based on that.

Tattoos That Celebrate Amy Winehouse’s Personality And Features

tattoos that celebrate amy winehouse's personality and features
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If you are looking at a number of designs for Amy Winehouse tattoos, then chances are that you have noticed how some of her physical features and characteristics stand out the most. Apart from her deep voice, Amy was also known for her pin up girl dressing style, her fondness for tattoos, her buffed up black hair, and dramatic eyeliner wings. Even during her major concerts, she was seen wearing a simple tank top with jeans while her face would have a lot of makeup – most prominently, the striking eyeliner wings which drew attention to her eyes. In addition to that, her hair was also quite noticeable because of the puffed up beehive hairdo.

Consequently, if you want a slightly unconventional and creative tattoo to pay your tribute to this singer, you can also just focus on these features and make some abstract Amy Winehouse tattoos.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs For Your Forearm

amy winehouse tattoo designs for your forearm
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A lot of people prefer forearm tattoos as the tattoos placed on the arm are easily visible and can be flaunted easily. Consequently, if you want to ensure that your tattoo can be seen easily – then you need to decide where to place it on your arm. If you are thinking if placing a small Amy Winehouse portrait tattoo, you can choose the bicep area on your left arm below your left shoulder or even replicate that on the right. You can also place the tattoo on the arm area above your right wrist or left wrist depending on what you think suits you the best.

It is quite natural for fans to want to pay homage to their favorite musicians or actors through tattoos. A tattoo based on their favorite singer expresses their love and also the influence that the singer and their music has had on the fan’s life. Similarly, if you have been touched by the music Amy Winehouse made, then you can also pick a Tattoo Design based on her that you like

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