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Are you looking for a completely unique and different type of tattoo? Here are some amazing ideas for Ankle Bracelet Tattoos to set you apart!

ankle bracelet tattoo
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Anklet bracelet tattoos are a unique twist to timeless anklet tattoos.

An ankle bracelet tattoo essentially acts as an ornament for your ankle. Just like most people wear bracelets as an ornament or a piece of jewelry on their hands, some people also choose to get a permanent bracelet tattooed on their ankles.

If you are wondering how much is an ankle bracelet tattoo, then look no further! An anklet tattoo normally costs between $100-$200 based on the kind of design you choose. If you are wondering what does a colored ankle bracelet tattoo cost, then you should be ready to spend around $200 or more. Ankle tattoos can also be quite painful for absolute novices as the ankle is a particularly sensitive place on the body for a tattoo.

While anklet tattoos are mostly seen on women – it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, ankle tattoos are for everyone! If you like the design you see, then you should go ahead and get the tattoo.

Simple Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Ideas

simple ankle bracelet tattoo ideas
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Most novices and people who are getting ankle bracelet tattoos for the first time are quite nervous about the amount of pain they might feel. Therefore, novices should look at simple ankle bracelet tattoo designs. Most simple ankle tattoo ideas consist of minimal contours and lines which actually resemble a sleek and beautiful ankle bracelet.

Colorful Anklet Tattoo Ideas

colorful anklet tattoo ideas
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For those women who are not satisfied with minimalistic tattoo designs, a colorful anklet bracelet tattoo would be a perfect choice. Any bland tattoo can be made to look gorgeous and captivating once you add some colors to it. If you want the ankle tattoo to look beautiful but not too cluttered, then just choose two or three soft colors and add it to the bracelet tattoo design.

Alluring Charm Anklet Tattoo Designs

alluring charm anklet tattoo designs
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One of the most popular ankle tattoos is the anklet charm styles! A charm bracelet is usually a solid piece of metal wrapped around your hand to which you can keep joining smaller charms. These charms can be added according to your whimsy or even based on significant life events which you want to remember forever. However, handling an actual bracelet all the time can get inconvenient so you can get a charm ankle bracelet tattoo instead!

Elaborate Anklet Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Enthusiasts

elaborate anklet tattoo designs for tattoo enthusiasts
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While some people like their ankle bracelet tattoos to be sparse and basic, others might want their ankle bracelet tattoo to be more ornate in design. In order to set your ankle bracelet tattoo apart and make it look even more gorgeous, you can add floral patterns with flowers like a lotus, beads, heart design, or even a feather. Designs related to the latest fashion trends and styles for women would make your tattoo ankle bracelet more contemporary and elegant.

If you really want to add a floral style to your tattoo, then you can add a lotus or sunflower to make the tattoo even more beautiful. You can also check out these elegant Lily of the Valley Tattoo designs to add to the beauty of your ankle bracelet tattoo.

Anklet Tattoos With A Splash Of Color

anklet tattoos with a splash of color
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There are different types of ankle tattoos for women so you have to be creative with your anklet tattoo design. A great way to have a unique anklet tattoo is to add just a small splash of color with the striking black tattoo. Rather than making the entire anklet tattoo colorful, adding color to the feather or the flower at the middle of the tattoo will enhance the beauty of the entire tattoo.

Beautiful Symbols For Your Anklet Tattoo

beautiful symbols for your anklet tattoo
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Many women try to experiment with their anklet tattoo by modifying the bracelet in a way they like. You can put in different elements to make your tattoo look even more gorgeous. You can add a sign or a symbol like the sun, moon, heart, or feather. This would give your anklet tattoo a deeper meaning and represent your emotions and feelings.

It would also be a great idea to add tiny symbols like a heart or lantern to your tattoo to make it more stunning and creative. You can also add more designs as ‘pins’ on the Pinterest app which can provide you with several tattoo recommendations.

Anklet Tattoo Designs With Meaningful Words

anklet tattoo designs with meaningful words
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Rather than using symbols or floral patterns, many men and women also get phrases or words tattooed on their foot. At the hands of an expert tattoo artist, these phrases can become a lovely anklet bracelet tattoo. You can also choose phrases which mean a lot to you like ‘Every moment is a fresh beginning’ or ‘Not all who wander are lost’ tattoo ankle bracelet.

Graphic Anklet Tattoo Ideas For People Who Like To Experiment

graphic anklet tattoo ideas for people who like to experiment
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Anklet bracelet tattoos are really easy to modify the way you want. Thus, if you have a special preference for complex and layered graphic designs – you can attach that to your ankle bracelet as well! With the help of bold geometric shapes and clever shading, the tattoo will be extremely attractive and eye-catching.

Gorgeous Tattoo Ideas That Look Like Jewelry

gorgeous tattoo ideas that look like jewelry
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The best way to ensure that your foot is always adorned is to get an ankle tattoo bracelet! If you love wearing anklets, then you can choose a unique bracelet design that looks like a piece of actual jewelry. Just like the picture, you can choose bright colors for the feather, gems and beads to make the tattoo look realistic.

Lovely Anklet Tattoos With Names

lovely anklet tattoos with names
101 Best Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Ideas You'll Have To See To Believe! | Curated Mint 63

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Ankle bracelet tattoo with names are incredibly popular nowadays. This special type or style of ankle bracelet tattoo allows you to have the name of a person you love imprinted on your body. Many people add the names of the people they love or have lost to their tattoos to forever remember them and celebrate them. Similarly, if you want to add the name of the person you love – you can do so through an elegant ankle bracelet tattoo on your foot.

An anklet tattoo is perfect for people who are looking for a soft and ethereal tattoo. So get your thinking hats on and create a delicate anklet tattoo which will be thoroughly appealing and charming!

Need More Inspiration

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