101 Best Aquaman Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

Aquaman Tattoo
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Arthur Curry, who later became Aquaman – the king of the seven seas – is a half-human, half-Atlantean superhero from the DC comics.

He is one of the founding members of the famous Justice League and the royal descendent of the ancient sunken kingdom of Atlantis. His powers include superhuman strength, amphibious abilities, and telepathic control over marine animals.

2019 saw our beloved Khal Drogo AKA Jason Momoa create ‘ripples’ like the magnificent Aquaman. The movie was an instant box office hit and the Game Of Thrones actor made Aquaman a fan favourite – motivating many people to get a Jason Momoa-inspired Aquaman tattoo on the body. Even in the movie, Aquaman comes with a lot of fascinating tattoos across his shoulders. Here are some of the most creative Aquaman tattoo ideas to help you choose!

The Temporary Cosplay Aquaman Tattoos To Ace The Next Comic-Con

The Temporary Cosplay Aquaman Tattoos To Ace The Next Comic-Con
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People who know the comics fandom, also know the craze behind comic-cons and cosplay. It’s a huge deal. And that is why this temporary, full-body Jason Momoa Aquaman tattoo template is heaven-sent. It is super easy to wear. If you have the build (like Mamoa), you can make the tattoo seem animated too.

Also, here’s a fun fact: Jason Momoa’s tattoos in the movie are fake too! The original Aquaman from the comics did not have any tattoos at all. Zack Snyder’s idea to get the character tatted up and Jason Momoa’s splendid look made the idea stick and the tattoos were subsequently incorporated in the comics as well.

The Jason Momoa Aquaman Tattoos For All The Fans Out There

If you are simply a fan of Jason Momoa (frankly, who isn’t?) and want a tattoo of him in his uber-cool and edgy Aquaman look, then look no further than these crazy body art ideas.

The Jason Momoa Aquaman Tattoos For All The Fans Out There
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Colored Aquaman Tattoo
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Jason Momoa has raked up quite a fandom for himself with his work in Game of Thrones, Justice League, and, finally, Aquaman. And given the actor’s love of tattoos, this might be the perfect fan ink tribute. A colourful ink can be great to go for. But you can get an intense tattoo with a black and white look too.

The Jason Momoa Inspired Sleeve Tattoo

There is one part of Aquaman’s body art that exists in reality. Jason Momoa’s forearm tattoo. The rest of the tattoo was created around this one.

This sleeve of triangles on his left forearm, representing shark teeth, is a homage to his Hawaiian lineage. It’s a symbol of his family’s ancestral guardian spirit, which happens to be a shark.

All black Aquaman Tattoo
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The Jason Momoa And Sharks Aquaman Tattoos For The Shark Lovers

The Jason Momoa And Sharks Aquaman Tattoos For The Shark Lovers

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Unlike the popular depiction of sharks as mindless killing machines, these animals are actually very intelligent and evolved predators. A shark tattoo can be a symbol of strength, intelligence, and resilience.

And now that we have established the shark’s special connection to both Aquaman and Jason Momoa, this shark-infused Aquaman tattoo is sure to be a big hit!

The Mystique Aquaman Trident Tattoo

The Mystique Aquaman Trident Tattoo
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Aquaman’s mighty weapon, the trident, may actually be a unique Tattoo Design by itself. In the comics, the trident is one of the seven relics of Atlantis and was used to control the weather and transform living creatures. It is one of the most powerful weapons owned by superheroes, often considered mightier than the Mjolnir. Plus, the trident has a religious association, especially in Hinduism. It is also a weapon used by many Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Aquaman Trident Tattoo
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The Stylish Aquaman Symbol Tattoo

The Stylish Aquaman Symbol Tattoo
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Some people may find the idea of inking a symbol much more compelling than getting an entire Jason Momoa face inked on the body. This classic spearhead motif has undergone quite an evolution in its life starting as a symbol for Aquaman’s ‘A’ to representing Aquaman’s spearhead hand to being the buckle of his iconic belt.

Aquaman Comic Tattoo
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If you are a lover of symbolic tattoos, then this is just what you need.

Original Aquaman Tattoos In Black And Grey

Original Aquaman Tattoos In Black And Grey
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Many people only got behind Aquaman after the release of the Jason Momoa movie, but lovers of the comics have been onto his genius for a long time now. In the first comics, Arthur Curry was portrayed as a caucasian, blonde, surfer type guy.

Aquaman Black Gray Tattoo
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But this image evolved into a Poseidon-inspired version over the years. While this version of Aquaman may not be the best, it looks nothing short of amazing. Of course, there are variations featuring the other Aquaman looks from the comics too! These tattoos make the Aquaman comic come alive!

Original Aquaman Tattoos In Color

Original Aquaman Tattoos In Color
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The first original Aquaman comics was in colour. Go for a colourful twist with a detailed Aquaman tattoo with all the colours from the original tattoo intact. The blue-sea surroundings place Aquaman in sync with his environment, under the water surface.

The Justice League Fusion Aquaman Tattoos

For people who grew up in the 90s, the Justice League was one of the best shows of our childhood. So it’s only understandable if some of us have a sentimental life-long attachment to these brilliant superheroes.

Here is an intricate tattoo featuring all our favourites straight off the show!

The Justice League Fusion Aquaman Tattoos
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The Adorable Lego and Chibi Aquaman Tattoos

We live in a time where nostalgia is high. And nothing screams nostalgia like Lego and Cheebee.

The Adorable Lego and Chibi Aquaman Tattoos
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90s kids grew up with the Lego set which has now become a remarkable collector’s item. And Lego versions of superheroes have been around for a long time now. So it’s no surprise that Lego versions of Aquaman tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos. A Lego Aquaman can be really cool to look at and an amazing tattoo to go for.

Chibi Aquaman Tattoo
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The chibi is a much newer social media concept; A special kind of caricature turning even the fiercest characters into adorable cuties and making Funko richer by the minute! It’s cute and trendy and can act as a contrast to the all-too-popular angry Aquaman figures we see around us.

Whether you are a new Jason Momoa inspired fan or a classic DC comics fan, there is an Aquaman tattoo for everyone. Some other Aquaman tattoos that you can go for are:

  • Simple Aquaman outline tattoo
  • Aquaman tattoo with geometric shapes
  • Detailed Aquaman and Queen Mera tattoo
  • Aquaman charging with a trident tattoo
  • Aquaman rising from the waves tattoo

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