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Hunting for the most perfect dandelion tattoo to get inked on your body? Pick one of the many dandelion tattoo designs curated specially for you.

dandelion tattoo
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The plain and simple dandelion flower is a unique item of nature having deep symbolic meanings making it a highly sought after tattoo design all around the world.

Flower tattoos like the rose tattoo and the flower of life tattoo have always been popular among tattoo enthusiasts who look out for inspiration and symbolism in new tattoo designs. Some flowers symbolize sadness and loss while others are a symbol of joy and friendship.

Many of you may ask what does a dandelion tattoo symbolize. One of the joys of childhood is watching fluffy dandelion flowers and blowing them in the air. A dandelion tattoo has the symbolism of lost childhood attached to it, a time when people have no worries in their lives. It shows the importance of every moment and how we should enjoy it before it flies away.

As one grows older, they get nostalgic about the dandelion flowers and become even more conscious of getting inked with dandelion tattoos. In Latin, dandelion is called ‘taraxacum officinale’ which loosely translates into “the official cure for diseases.” Very few people know about the edible quality of dandelion plants with health benefits such as being vitamin and mineral rich.

If you still want to ask what does a dandelion tattoo mean, then there are many more meanings attached to the flower. If you are a believer in second chances, as these flowers can withstand a lot of extreme climatic conditions.

Getting a dandelion tattoo inked on your body can remind you of making a better choice and to stand tall when any obstacle comes. Moving on from a past is important if you want to head to the future.

The list of beautiful dandelion tattoos just below has every design you have been looking for. So what are you waiting for? Pick one or more dandelion tattoos that suit you the most.

Dandelion Tattoo with Quotes

dandelion tattoo with quotes
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This dandelion tattoo is for all those people for whom quotes have deep meanings. The dandelion flowers look perfect but they are so delicate that when the wind blows, they blow away, one by one. This aptly summarizes the meaning behind this dandelion tattoo idea – perfectly imperfect.

All people in the world wish that their dreams get fulfilled. Very few actually get to do so. But if you get this dandelion tattoo design then you could really find inspiration for making your life perfect even with all the imperfections you carry. You may even get this tattoo if you are a person who celebrates imperfections as if they are perfect.

dandelion seed tattoo
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Dwelling in the past will not make you happy in the present or even help you change your future by acting in the now. This dandelion tattoo on the wrist is a message of hope. Notice how the words have been framed around the dandelion plant. It is a symbol of moving on from a troubled past, a time when dreams were shattered which you had seen with a person.

Watercolour Dandelion Tattoo

watercolour dandelion tattoo
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A splash of colours can always look rich and beautiful. They can create a cherishable memory and plant it on your skin. This watercolour dandelion tattoo is a refreshing tattoo that any person can get. The use of colour with the quotes and the beautiful butterflies can make the tattoo evergreen.

The design has used dandelions as the base with dandelion seeds and the stem adding powerful imagery to the entire dandelion tattoo. When we say tattoo dandelion instead of a rose that is preferred by more people, we simply mean that the watercolour design is an excellent choice for dandelions but not so much for a rose.

The placement of such a dandelion tattoo is vital as it can represent various meanings in different places such as the shoulder or the arm. It is suggested that you use your back for a beautiful tattoo like this one.

colored dandelion tattoo
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This watercolour dandelion tattoo is a lot different from the previous one. The use of coloured ink splashed across the dandelion is an interesting take on the dandelion flower.

Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize the “always” quote from the seventh book in the franchise, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. This is one of the best-known quotes in history and has gained a cult following among tattoo lovers around the world.

Wishful Dandelion Tattoo Design

wishful dandelion tattoo design
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Making a wish while blowing tiny dandelion seeds in the air as if sending a wish to the wish Gods is a play many children engaged in. This tattoo is a depiction innocence and joy of living in nature, away from phone screens. It symbolizes childhood but also, can symbolize how the dandelion is losing its popularity against modern gadgets. Blowing dandelions and making a wish come true was all one could think out of their head. This dandelion tattoo will take you back to that time.

dandelion with hope letter tattoo
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Get this beautiful dandelion tattoo if you are a believer in the everlasting hope of life coming to a full circle. You may use your wrist for this tattoo to show it to your colleagues.

Dreamy Dandelion Tattoos

dreamy dandelion tattoos
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This dandelion blowing drawing tattoo is a wonderful dandelion tattoo. The thrill of seeing the dandelion seeds flying in the wind is such a brilliant work of art. Such tattoos dandelion can be done on the side of your body or even your wrists.

The dream element of this dandelion tattoo cannot be overlooked. You know that when you used to blow dandelion seeds when you were a child, you made a wish. This tattoo has a similar concept that when you get inked on the skin, you are wishing for something which you want to achieve in your life.

dandelion water color tattoo
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This tattoo combines watercolour with a dream to create a stunning image where you can see the dandelion seeds flying away in the wind. Carefree souls can get this tattoo to symbolize their free spirit and their light-hearted nature.

Pokemon Dandelion Tattoo

pokemon dandelion tattoo
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Pokémon tattoos are loved by everybody. If you pair them with dandelions then it’s the most perfect combination you can ever get. Dandelion tattoos with Pokemons and the fluffy flower made with black colour look really great on the skin.

Speak to your tattoo artist to get an idea of using the most suitable Pokemon who would look cool with the dandelion plant. Cubone is a great choice in this regard. You may even pair a Charizard with dandelions and jot down the design on a piece of paper.

Colourful Dandelion Tattoos

colourful dandelion tattoos
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Dandelion tattoos having lots of colours could be your next piece of a style statement with symbolism attached to them. Colours bring ideas and are a reminder that even in bleak times of difficulty, art brings respite.

The yellow dandelion flower is used to make a wish by children by blowing the seeds. Pairing the weed with other flowers and leaves gives it a nice meaning that it is different from others, the beauty of mother earth showering her blessings on you.

dandelion root tattoo
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This dandelion tattoo is very soothing to the eye due to the colour combination of the yellow dandelion flower and the green leaves. Using colours instead of using just black work makes it pop out of the skin. This tattoo looks very realistic as if the dandelion plant has just been plucked from the ground.

Dandelion Tattoo With Birds

dandelion tattoo with birds
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Dandelion tattoo designs with the bird are one of the most used designs of dandelion tattoos. The dandelion seeds transform into birds is similar to a dream changing into reality.

shoulder dandelion tattoo
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This shoulder dandelion tattoo also uses the design of dandelion seeds becoming birds after blowing in the air. It shows how art can be transformative.

The delicate dandelions are a force to reckon with as they are a symbolism of rebirth.

Skull and Dandelion Tattoo

skull and dandelion tattoo
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One of the thrilling and scary dandelion tattoos is a tattoo dandelion using skeletons and skulls. The skull is a symbolism of death and decay. Whereas a dandelion is an example of joyful wishing. The two forces oppose each other and complement one another. The skull and dandelion tattoo meaning has been debated for a long time whether it is appropriate or not.

You may get similar dandelion tattoos on the shoulder for amping up the style quotient. The details tattoo means that it should have enough space to work on and hence, a full sleeve tattoo can be a great choice. A smaller version of this tattoo can be inked near the wrist with lesser seeds of dandelions and a small skull design.

Blackwork Dandelion Tattoo Sleeve

blackwork dandelion tattoo sleeve
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A brilliant blackwork dandelion tattoo like this will blow the minds of people around you. Designs like this are very rare where an element of fantasy is brought to the tattoo. The scenery of a night landscape using stars and moons and of course the dandelion make this a one-of-a-kind article to be inked. You can use a design such as the seeds of the dandelion turning into stars for a more dramatic effect and elevate the fantasy aura around this tattoo.

A bold style statement, black dandelion tattoos such as the one in the above image, can be added to your bucket list of tattoos that you want to get in the future. You may keep this image saved for future reference when you make up your mind to get a sleeve tattoo that is also related to blackwork tattoos.

Cute Dandelion Tattoos

cute dandelion tattoos
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Cute dandelion tattoos do not have to be heavy on the symbolism but can just be a feel-good tattoo that can make you the fun person in any group.

The fluttering away of the seed of yellow dandelion meaning that life is fleeting away each day and it is your responsibility to take a break from everything for a few days.

two dandelion tattoo
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A pair of dandelions have joined together in this design of tattoo dandelion giving a refreshing look. One of the dandelions has all the seeds intact while most of them have blown away from the other dandelion. They signify that you do not lose your essence even if you end up losing whatever defines you in the eyes of other people. In spite of that, you hold your head high and brace for the future.

Here are a few more suggestions of dandelion tattoos that could not be fit above.

  • Small Dandelion Seed Tattoo
  • Dandelion Seed Into Dragon Tattoo
  • Wanderlust Dandelion Tattoos
  • Flaming Dandelion Tattoos

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