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Faith tattoos are a must-have for every person to display that spiritual and religious side of their personality. On that note, here are some of the best faith tattoo font ideas mentioned below.

faith tattoo
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Have you ever considered getting a lettered tattoo?

Lettered tattoos are one of the most popular designs in the world of tattooing. They look good on every individual, men and women alike.

There are various styles and designs available for lettered tattoos. For example, you can opt for a cursive font tattoo, a calligraphy font tattoo, or even a simple font tattoo. Regardless, they are one of the most personalized forms of designs available. Most people usually choose any motivational words, or even the name of their loved ones, to be tattooed on their bodies. What’s more, you can even implement different interesting elements to your design to make them look more meaningful. If you are interested in these kinds of tattoo ideas, then mentioned below is a list containing some of the best faint tattoo designs that you will absolutely love.

Cursive Faith Tattoo Font

cursive faith tattoo font
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The above-mentioned below shows a beautiful example of a cursive faith font tattoo etched behind the ear of the individual. The artist used plain black ink to create this design without going into too many complications. This is the beauty of body art. Even the simplest of designs can look great on your body. Faith tattoos can represent different emotions to different individuals. For some, it can symbolize a higher power, while others might perceive it to contain spiritual connotations. 

Yet another important thing to notice here is the unique placement of this Tattoo Design. Some of the most common placements for lettered tattoos include the wrist, shoulder, and forearm. However, in this image, the wearer has chosen the area behind her ear, which further enhances the aesthetic appeal of this Tattoo Design.

Faith And Bird Tattoo Designs

faith and bird tattoo designs
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As mentioned earlier, when it comes to lettered tattoos, you can unleash your full creativity to make your design as much unique as possible. Take the example of this image. The wearer here has incorporated a very cute bird design into her faith font tattoo. Did you know that in Christianity, there are different elements through which you can represent faith? Some of them include dove, praying hands, and rosaries. So if you are considering getting these types of meaningful Christian tattoos, it is important that you go through the meaning of all the elements and select the one that is in sync with your beliefs. Now, returning to this tattoo’s design, the artist has used a stunning cursive font to create this entire look. When placed alongside the tiny bird design, it looks incredible. If you like these kinds of aesthetic designs or know someone who does, you should definitely recommend this tattoo to them.

Faith And Infinity Tattoo

faith and infinity tattoo
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The infinity symbol is one of the most versatile designs of all. What makes this symbol so unique is that it does not have any specific ending or beginning and has a close resemblance to the number 8. You can incorporate the infinity design into any tattoo to enhance the beauty and meaning of the tattoo. One such example has been portrayed in this image. As we can see, besides the infinity symbol, the artist has included several other elements, like the birds and the feather, in his Tattoo Design. Even then, the tattoo does not at all look clustered or over-the-top. Instead, it generates an elegant vibe, full of different meaningful symbols. To achieve this kind of look, you need a tattoo artist who has an accurate sense of depth and spacing. Furthermore, the font used in this design also looks quite aesthetic, and if you look closely, you can see the heart symbol right above the letter ‘i’. The whole tattoo has been drawn in black ink and placed on the hand of the individual.

Colored Faith Font Tattoo

colored faith font tattoo
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If you want something on the colorful side, we have got you covered. The above-mentioned image shows a beautiful example of a colored cursive font faith tattoo paired with two beautiful flowers. For the word, the artist has chosen a stunning shade of green ink, and to highlight the flower’s delicate petals, he has chosen the red color. When placed together, the tattoo generates quite a vibrant and soothing vibe. These designs are more popular among women than men since flowers represent feminine qualities like beauty, elegance, grace, and innocence. Furthermore, you can also explore other different colors for your Tattoo Design. The only thing to remember is that the colors you select must complement each other well and be relevant to the idea or story you want to share through your body art.

Cross Faith Tattoo Fonts

cross faith tattoo fonts
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Here is another excellent example of a faith tattoo combined with a stunning cross design. The artist has primarily used quite a bold font to generate this look and has colored the design with black ink. The cross is yet another popular symbol in Christianity that has very deep religious connotations. Some of the most common fonts used for these kinds of tattoos include those that we find in religious books. However, that is not at all necessary. You can choose any font of your liking while keeping in mind that your idea is to make the word pop instead of it being too flashy. If you want recommendations, you can refer to this design right here for your next letter tattoo.

Faith Neck Tattoo

faith neck tattoo
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Before delving into the design of this tattoo, let’s understand a few facts about its placement. The neck is considered to be one of the most sensitive spots to get inked. The skin surrounding our neck is very thin and full of nerve endings, so when the tattoo needles penetrate into this region, it can cause excruciating pain to some individuals. Secondly, a neck tattoo is like a lifetime commitment. Once you get inked, there is no going back, even if you hate your tattoo. So be careful about your Tattoo Design and choose your tattoo artist after thorough research. Now, coming to the design of this tattoo, as quite visible, the artist has chosen quite a huge bold font to create this dramatic look. At a closer look, you can also see shadings of black in certain regions of this design to give this tattoo a more realistic touch. This kind of tattoo font can be quite time-consuming; however, the result is worth the wait. So if you are looking for similar tattoo ideas, you should definitely use this as a reference for your next tattoo.

Faith And Heart Tattoo

faith and heart tattoo
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Here is another stunning example of a faith Tattoo Design etched on the forearm of the individual. The two highlights of this tattoo are the inclusion of the heart and the bird design. What’s more, to give this tattoo a more vibrant look, the artist has even colored the heart with a bright shade of red ink. A red heart is a very common symbol in the tattooing world that denotes love and passion. Incorporating such a meaningful element into your Tattoo Design enhances the overall meaning of your body art.

Faith And Rose Tattoo

faith and rose tattoo
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Nothing can beat a rose in beauty and elegance. It is one of the iconic symbols of love, compassion, innocence, and purity. The color you choose for your rose design can also denote different meanings. For example, a white rose tattoo can signify purity and innocence, whereas a black rose represents death and grief. This image shows a beautiful example of a faith lettered tattoo, combined with a bright red-colored design. The artist has even added some shadings near the stem of the look using black ink, thus giving it a more realistic appearance. One important thing to notice about this design is the size of both elements. For the word, the artist has gone for a simple and minimalist design, whereas he has designed the rose in a large and detailed manner. When combined together, the whole tattoo looks quite neat and aesthetic.

Watercolor Faith Tattoo

watercolor faith tattoo
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Here is another way to creatively personalize your Tattoo Design. The artist here has added several splashes of varied colors around the word. Watercolor tattoos are slowly gaining momentum in the tattooing world because of their vibrant looks and aesthetic appeals. The only downside is that they fade a lot quicker than other tattoo designs. To prevent that from happening, you might need to get frequent touch-ups done at your tattoo parlor. This will help to retain the fresh and crisp look of your tattoo.

Faith And Flame Tattoo

faith and flame tattoo
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Here’s one last design, a beautiful faith tattoo paired with the iconic flame design. The flame, as we all know, denotes light, warmth, power, and strength. When you combine that with such meaningful lettered tattoos, it enhances the overall look and message of your body art.

There is no single perfect design for a lettering tattoo. There are a plethora of styles and designs that you can explore before finally settling for the best one. That said, here are a few other examples of faith tattoo ideas that you can also use as a reference for your next design.

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