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Girly font tattoos are becoming more prominent among girls due to their classy looks. Check out these fantastic girly font tattoo fonts that look absolutely stunning.

girly tattoo
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Girly font tattoo designs are basically used to give words to your thoughts. These fonts could be of any size and any type that rightfully represents the feminine side of that person.

These types of tattoos show various personalities of different individuals. Some people like to tattoo their famous or motivational quotes on their bodies, while others have a hidden meaning in their personal lives that is being portrayed through tattoos. These designs enhance your fashion styles and personal choices. It comes in several types of prints, sizes, and contents that make you unique as a person.

Some of the popular fonts are- Romantica, Marshmallow by Billy Argel, True love, Angilla Tattoo, Inked skin, and so many more. Although the girly fonts are usually opted for by girls, it doesn’t restrict themselves only to one specific gender. Anyone who has a deep admiration for girly fonts or simply just wants to show their feminine side to the world can access this tattoo anywhere they want. With that said, let’s look at some of the amazing girly font designs with different variations and how beautiful they look on different body parts.

Cursive Font Tattoo

cursive font tattoo
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This font tattoo in cursive style is one of the most common and very famous nowadays. It comes in different sizes and different styles based on your choice. Among various different fonts, the cursive style font is one of the most used fonts worldwide because of its fairly standard design. It suits well on all skin types, and anyone can choose, especially those who are getting a tattoo for the first time.

Cursive fonts look like a handwritten script that uses a conjoined style. It looks very casual and has free-hand movement as it gives a smooth and beautiful look. It is one of the most popular designs among girls as it is one of the girly feminine cursive tattoo fonts.

Dizzy Girl Font

dizzy girl font
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This design is unique and super cool; that uses two colours to represent two sides of the design. It is a unisex tattoo font, and one can get this design anywhere on their body, either as logos or as text. It gives a dizzy and distorted appearance to the tattoo that makes people engage with your tattoo. It comes in different sizes and styles based on your choice.

If you’re someone who has a love for optical illusion images and graphics can immediately choose this design. It looks very attractive, and not everybody can understand the text of your tattoo. It is a good option for someone who doesn’t like to open up at first and likes to keep things a bit cryptic.

Names’ Girly Tattoo Fonts

names' girly tattoo fonts
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Another unique font idea is to get the names of you and your loved ones. You can pair this up with any name that you want. The font looks very soft and has free-hand movement, which looks like handwriting. You can even design it with some small patterns around it. It looks very classy and elegant.

This tattoo shows your sympathetic nature and loving personality towards the people you love. You can choose any text style you want and get it anywhere in your body. It also shows your special connection with your loved ones, adding more value to your relationship. Things to go for while getting this tattoo is- a friendship tattoo, a relationship with your partner, your ideal., your parents’ names, and many more.

Ribcage Girly Font Tattoo

ribcage girly font tattoo
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Ribcage tattoos are one of the sexiest and most elegant designs among all the other tattoos. This picture has a philosophical quote written in a girly font. You can even write a name or describe yourself in one word using a similar pattern. The ribcage tattoos are mostly hidden, but at the same time, it is one of the boldest designs to have.

This tattoo shows the most frequent mood and attitude of that person; that is quite a brilliant idea to have as a tattoo, which is going to stay for a more extended time period. You can get this tattoo in any font and anywhere you want. It will also look great on the leg and even on the biceps.

Girly Font Quotes At The Back

girly font quotes at the back
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This design is tattooed vertically on the back running from neck to bottom. This is one of the most creative approaches to getting a girly font as a tattoo that runs vertically. The place would be mostly hidden, but it will have a special meaning for a person. You can get varied sizes and patterns depending upon your option. You can even select the different font size that suits you.

In this picture, there’s a life philosophy written on the back that complements your life as a whole. These tattoos are designed to enhance your personality and could be a perfect design for anyone more into life rules and principles. You can even get classy fonts for tattoos like these.

Girly Font Tattoo On Inner Bicep

girly font tattoo on inner bicep
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A famous quote in your language as a tattoo is distinctive and quite attractive. The font in this picture is straightforward or simple and pretty legible. For someone who is more towards subtility and simplicity can go with this kind of tattoo anywhere on their body as it comes with varied options.

You can be more creative with this tattoo. You can design it with some extra elements around it or leave it as it is. Both styles are exquisite to have. The design can be in any language you love or any quote you know in a different language. You can decide on other elements and not just an excerpt, such as famous words, the last words of an influential personality, or any person you know.

Comic Quote On Forearm

comic quote on forearm
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This is one of the most basic fonts that you’ll find for yourself. It is a classic handwritten font that girls most frequently use. It is a comic or meme quote that is written as a tattoo and could be a perfect option for someone who likes to keep things light.

Humorous quotes or funny one-liners are becoming more famous these days, and people, especially girls, who like good humour and have exuberant nature, can choose this design with a girly font that could either be handwritten or classy, simple or script fonts based on their preferences.

Classy Girly Tattoo Fonts

classy girly tattoo fonts
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Another great option for women to get a font-style tattoo is to go for this classy and modern font that says ‘ART’. This font is standard among people and is still one of the most used fonts, even today. You can get this tattoo on your arms, neck, back, or shoulders, as shown in the picture.

This type of tattoo represents your personal choice of logos, graphics, and different styles of fonts, as the text is very classic and may differ among people. The font is not particularly girly but unisex; both genders use that. You can get a girly cursive tattoo font for the same type of tattoo if you want your tattoo to be in a more cursive style.

Arabic Girly Tattoo Fonts

arabic girly tattoo fonts
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Arabic fonts are already super famous among people due to their beautiful characters and elegant Tattoo Design. It is one of the easiest and most basic tattoos to get. You can write anything you like, such as name tattoos, any specific Arabic or Urdu word, any text that you relate to, and so many other things.

This tattoo signifies that you have a soft corner for different cultures, especially Arabic or Islamic religion. Those people who get this tattoo are also considered religious by nature. It is a very elegant tattoo to have, especially for beginners. This popular design can be drawn anywhere on the body, especially on the hands or the back of the neck.

Cute Font With Animated Characters

cute font with animated characters
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Last but not least, this cute little pattern looks absolutely adorable as a tattoo. The text font is paired up with an animated or cartoon character, which looks just perfect with each other in the ideal place. You can even colour those characters or texts to make them even more appealing.

These types of tattoos show your happy and friendly nature. It also depicts that you like cute things and pay attention to small details. It is a perfect tattoo for friendly personality people, especially girls. If you want to get a tattoo for the first time, then you can choose this as an option.

There are various types of fonts that exist in modern times. The font style tattoos are becoming more common these days as it is on trend for a long time. The font doesn’t necessarily have to be extra; complex font often expands over time and may distort its appearance and readability. Classic fonts, such as Bellfield, a typeface inspired by traditional American tattoos, can be one great option to compliment your personality. If you liked the tattoo ideas above, then check out some others that you can select based on your choice.

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