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Ever wanted to get a tattoo that represents fertility? Check out our awesome list of moon and star tattoo design ideas below!

moon and star tattoo
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A crescent moon is a representation of fertility.

Whereas a star tattoo represents that you are unique.

If you are planning to start a new chapter in your life or are planning to have children, you can get a moon and star tattoo design. A star and moon tattoo design is a representation of something new and that you are ready to take on the challenge. Some cultures consider the phases of the moon as the different phases of your life. A star tattoo is typically seen with a crescent moon tattoo design to symbolize good luck as well, different cultures have different interpretations of what the moon and stars tattoo means. Some people also like to get sun and moon tattoo designs. Some tattoos are made to look sketch-like they look like they have been made as a sketch.

Check out our awesome list of moon and star tattoo ideas below!

What Does A Moon And Star Tattoo Mean?

A moon and star tattoo means that you are ready to accept the changes in your life. It also represents fertility and an honor to the moon goddess. Its also believed that the moon phases keep your menstrual cycle in cyclical nature. There are a lot of beliefs surrounding the meaning of a moon and star tattoo. If you want to get a full moon tattoo that means that you are opening your life to new opportunities. Many women prefer to get symbols that represent their reproduction cycle as a flower blossoming. You can also add different elements of the sky to your tattoo design.

What Does A Crescent Moon And Star Tattoo Symbolize?

The crescent moon and star tattoo symbolize manifestation. You want to attract positive vibes in your life and want to make changes in your life. It also means that you are taking the stars in the night sky as your guide to direct you on the right path. It is also believed that a crescent moon tattoo is a symbol of trying to make your life better and tapping into your feminine element. A full moon on the other hand means that you have been able to tap into that element and are now moving forward. Crescent moon tattoos are more commonly seen than full moon tattoos.

Moon And Stars Wrist Tattoo Design

moon and stars wrist tattoo design
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The tattoo artist for this tattoo made the moon and the stars as a line drawing. The moon represents a change or a new chapter. The crescent shape is a representation of the moon goddess guiding you towards a better life. Half-moon tattoo designs represent your connection with the universe. When you see the night sky with the full moon, it is a representation of a new beginning. A lot of cultures believe that a woman’s menstrual cycle is connected with the phases of the moon.

Moon And Star Forearm Tattoo Design

moon and star forearm tattoo design
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Crescent moon tattoos are a representation of new changes to your life. When there is a crescent moon in the night sky, it is believed that there will be positive changes according to astrology. The moon is seen as a mother figure in a lot of cultures. So, when you think about a new ink, make sure you understand the meaning of the tattoo. There are several elements in a tattoo and make sure you understand the message you want to convey.

Matching Moon And Star Leg Tattoo Designs

matching moon and star leg tattoo designs
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A sun and moon tattoo design represent the balance in life and the union of celestial bodies. The moon and star tattoo design is a representation. There are different meanings to a tattoo design, for example, a full moon tattoo could also mean new beginnings and a deeper connection with the heavenly bodies. In ancient times, a black cat was considered to be bad, but now not a lot of people believe that. If you want to get a black cat sitting on a crescent moon is considered to be part of the celestial symbols of manifestation.

Black Moon With Star Tattoo Design

black moon with star tattoo design
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Moon tattoos with simple designs have recently become popular. It also creates an element of mystery and darkness. A crescent moon tattoo also means that you are thinking about starting a family. Stars tattoos on the other hand are a symbolism of beauty and being something magical. Some people like to add a flower. This is also considered a tiny moon with a star tattoo. Moon tattoos and crescent moon tattoos have a dark side to them as well. Star tattoos are typically seen with moon tattoos especially black moon tattoo designs.

Realistic Crescent Moon and Stars Tattoo Design

realistic crescent moon and stars tattoo design
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Sun and moon tattoo designs are different than a crescent moon and stars. A moon tattoo symbolize the union of our feminine element with our aura. A blue moon tattoo on the other hand doesn’t have any specific significance, it just means that a person is capable of change and they are willing to make the necessary changes in their life. A moon and star tattoo has recently become popular in popular culture.

Cartoon Crescent Moon With Star Tattoo Design

cartoon crescent moon with star tattoo design
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Some people don’t like their tattoo design to be serious. It’s nice to see the cartoon element on a tattoo design. This tattoo design can be considered to be like a blue moon tattoo design, it doesn’t have a specific explanation to it, maybe the person getting the tattoo wanted to have a comical approach to it. It is considered that a blue moon doesn’t have a deep or significant meaning, but that because it is a moon tattoo we consider it to be a sign of change.

Crescent Moon In The Cloud With Stars Tattoo Design

crescent moon in the cloud with stars tattoo design
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This design is a representation of peace and prosperity. When you feel that you are comfortable in your skin and are not worried about what people have to say about what is right or wrong in your life. This is also a symbol of being able to embrace change and being able to embrace what life has to offer. This type of tattoo takes more than one sitting to complete as there are different layers to the tattoo. You can see that there are some dots and shading that have been done to the tattoo design.

Hand-poked Crescent Moon With Stars Tattoo Design

hand-poked crescent moon with stars tattoo design
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The style of this tattoo design is known as “poking” as the tattoo is done by poking the ink into the first layer of the skin. There is no mechanical needle and the tattoo artist just uses one needle to complete the tattoo.

Line Drawing Crescent Moon With Stars Tattoo Design

line drawing crescent moon with stars tattoo design
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This is a cute tattoo design and the tattoo artist has used their style of art to make the tattoo. This design is made with a mechanical needle machine and must have been completed in one sitting. This type of tattoo design is made on the forearm as it would be less painful on the forearm. Adding the elements of the moon and stars means that you are ready to embrace change.

Traditional Moon and Star Tattoo Design

traditional moon and star tattoo design
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This tattoo design is made in the traditional art of tattoo arts.

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