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Are you super into tarot cards and want a tattoo to flaunt your interest? Here’s a list of tarot card tattoos you must check out.

tarot card tattoo
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Tarot tattoos are unique emblems that could mean different things to different people.

Tarot card tattoos are just as trendy as powerful. And if you have enough faith in this particular type of cartomancy, we’ve got you covered with 10 amazing tarot tattoos of different designs.

Like astrology, tarot card reading is a type of fortune-telling where tarot cards are used to gain perception into one’s past, present and future. Tarot has a complicated language which leads to every reading methodology being different from one another. Any tarot deck has 78 cards, consisting of Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Minor Arcana cards resemble playing cards. Minor Arcana contains 56 cards, divided into 4 suits (wands, cups, swords and pentacles), each having 14 cards. Each suit has 4 court cards: a king, a queen, a page and a knight. Sometimes the page and knight are replaced by prince and princess. The Minor Arcana cards represent the interactions, experiences, thoughts and emotions you come across as you go on with your life. Drawing a Minor Arcana card might help your intuition to fix a temporary situation by changing the course of your actions. Whereas, drawing a Major Arcana card gives you an insight into the queries you have regarding new beginnings, the path of your life or the phase of life you are currently going through. Major Arcana, also known as the trump cards are a set of 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21, all the cards representing 22 stages or obstacles of life. The first card is The Fool Card (the fool acting as the protagonist of the story of Major Arcana) and the last one is The World Card. Major Arcana being more powerful, can affect the reading of Minor Arcana. Tarot cards can have deep meanings that can differ from what the guidebook that comes with the deck says. There are two kinds of tarot readings: question readings and open readings. Question readings guide your true self to make your own decisions. On the other hand, open readings address broader aspects of life rather than a particular area of the problem. Tarot reading guides one’s spirituality and helps them build a connection to their inner wisdom. Other than being used by professionals, tarot cards can be used personally for self-awareness as well. If you believe in the creative energy of tarot readings, here is a collection of tarot card tattoo ideas you would not be able to resist getting inked:

The Halloween Themed Moon Tarot Card Tattoo

the halloween themed moon tarot card tattoo
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If you have drawn the Moon card in a divination session, you’ll know that the moon card indicates that something about a situation or a person in your life is deceptive and you should trust your intuition in that case. It also tells you to focus on your dreams as your subconscious might be trying to make you see the information you have missed. The Moon card is like a guiding light everyone needs in their life. And this Moon card tattoo with a little touch of Halloween will bring a lot of meaning to the life of the person who will wear the tattoo.

The Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo Crossover

the lovers tarot card tattoo crossover
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The Lovers card represents union, harmony and attraction. This card is a symbol of finding equilibrium within oneself. It indicates that you are in a dilemma about making a difficult choice. The Lovers card tells you to be wise about making your decision and be aware of all the necessary information before choosing which path you wanna follow. This tattoo features Sally and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as the lovers. What could hold more symbolism than a tarot card and an animated horror movie combined into one tattoo?

The Strength Card Tattoo

the strength card tattoo
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The Strength card represents taming emotions and overcoming obstacles we face because of our own fear, anxiety and doubts. It indicates that you have all that you need to succeed and at this point, you should be daring and courageous to fight your inner obstacles and believe in yourself. This card also symbolizes taming someone else’s wildness by being compassionate and encouraging. This tattoo is extremely intricate in quality, hence, the tattooing process will take quite some time to be complete. But we assure you, it will all be worth it.

The Fool Tarot Card Tattoo

the fool tarot card tattoo
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The Fool represents new beginnings. It could mean that you are about to start your journey for a new adventure. This adventure can mean anything including travelling to a place you have never been to before. The Fool tells you that you might need to take a leap of faith to achieve growth from this new adventure and also that you need to take time to look around before you leap. This tattoo is large but also a minimal way (since it features the fool but not the rest of the card) to show your faith in tarot card reading and the positivity you hold within yourself.

The Star Tarot Card Tattoo

the star tarot card tattoo
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The Star card is a sign of inspiration, contentment, and hope for the future and creativity. This card stands for the spiritual connection you have with the universe. It represents that you have been through some tough times providing you with a renewed sense of your rational self. It tells you that whatever you have suffered is in the past, and you are now ready to embrace whatever plans your future has for you. Other than that if you are confident about yourself and/or are artistic in nature, this is the perfect kind of tarot tattoo you would want on your body.

The Hanged Man of Tarot Tattoo

the hanged man of tarot tattoo
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The Hanged Man card tells you that you are feeling stuck or trapped in a situation or in your thoughts. This card indicates that only you are responsible for the confinement. It represents that you have the power to release yourself from the trap. It says you need to let go of your perception and look at the thing that is bothering you from a different angle. Therefore, if you somehow feel trapped, be it in a situation or frame of mind, getting this one inked will give you the power and remind you to let go or free yourself for the sake of your own happiness.

The Justice Card Tattoo

the justice card tattoo
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The Justice card represents karmic justice and cause and effect. It indicates that all your actions have consequences and none but your actions are responsible for where you stand today. It asks you to introspect and find karmic lessons from your current situation. And if you are currently involved in some legal dispute, it signifies that your legal matters will be resolved. Hence, if you believe in karma, getting this piece of art inked on your body is a great idea you do not wanna let go of. And the best part is that it could work well as a calf or even a forearm tattoo.

The Hermit Card Tattoo

the hermit card tattoo
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The Hermit card signifies that you are entering a stage where you will search for your soul and find enlightenment through spirituality. It tells you to take some time out for yourself to understand the reason for your existence a bit better and find what direction you wanna follow in your life. The wise hermit tells you if you are unusually isolating yourself and if you need medical attention or help for the same. Getting this tattoo will be just as wise as the Hermit if you want to focus on yourself more than anything else in this world.

The Moon & The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo

the moon & the sun tarot card tattoo
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The Moon tarot card represents deception and asks you to trust your intuitions to understand it. But the Sun card, on the other hand, represents success, joy, and enthusiasm. It says your liberated self will bring light and joy to everyone around you. It also signifies that if you have been deceived, the Sun is coming to shine brightly upon the deceit to reveal the truth. While the Moon tells you to look out for deception, the Sun contradicts the Moon and reassures you that you will no more remain a victim of deceit or lies. This vibrant tattoo has a deep meaning you might wanna think about. And we bet this one is gonna look aesthetic as an arm or a calf tattoo.

The Pokémon Style Strength Tarot Card Tattoo

the pokémon style strength tarot card tattoo
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The Strength card represents courageously taming of one’s raw emotions, fear, anxiety and doubts. This card usually features a woman petting or walking a lion. And if you loved Pokémon growing up, you must know that the Pokémon named Cubone wears a skull-like mask that makes training and taming it extremely puzzling for the trainer. Hence, Cubone, here, replaces the lion and stands for the emotions that are hard to master. If your love for tarot card reading and Pokémon is real then, you can be sure that you would not regret getting this beautiful greyscale tattoo inked.

Tarot tattoos come with innumerable possibilities of tattoo designs. They are often considered to be lucky to the wearer of the tattoo as well. If you have enjoyed going through the list of tarot card tattoos we put together for you, we hope, you are sure about choosing or customizing one for yourself by now. You can create one according to your preferences too. But since this is something you will carry for the rest of your life, you might wanna be a bit careful about what you choose. And if you are still a bit confused, here are some more tarot card tattoo ideas for your dilemma:

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  • Minimalist Tarot Card Tattoo
  • The Devil Tarot Card Tattoo
  • The Magician Tarot Card Tattoo
  • Crossover Between Tarot and Playing Card Tattoos
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