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Over the years men have become more and more experimental with the haircuts we go for. Social media has played a big part in the way that people experiment with hairstyles and various trends. If your someone that has been looking for a drastic change in your look but wasn’t sure where you’d find it. This is the answer to your trouble. We are going to show you 101 modern hairstyles for men that will have you rushing to the barbers.

In this list we will includes styles and cuts for all hair types cultures and walks of life. If you have afro hair to thin blonde locks. Whether you need to look suave day to day in your formal wear or you want to keep it casual with a messy hair cut. Even if you want to go for a more adventurous style, this is the list for you.

Give these 101 hairstyles for men a browse and make your next trip to the barbers an effective one.

Buzzcut w/ Line

buzzcut w/ line
@Jose Pinto via unsplash

No one is ever going to get bored of a buzzcut. As you see here, British actor Tom Hardy looks pretty sharp in his blazer with his rugged beard and clean buzzcut. Can’t really go wrong with the classic trim but the line parting gives it a modern feel to the classic look. A buzzcut is always a nice change.

Medium Length Ponytail

medium length ponytail
@ANTONI SHKRABA via pexels

For those of you that don’t want to think about cutting your hair anytime soon but want to experiment with style. Try putting your hair in a ponytail every once in a while. This classic look does well to frame the face, plus you can keep your hair out your face which is always a plus.

Messy/Textured Style

messy/textured style
@Justin Chen via Unsplash

It doesn’t always take a new trim to spruce up your hairstyle. This textured/messy look you see sported by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds can be an effortless change to your look. Just go a bit crazy with some hair wax and watch yourself make bed hair sexy.

Buzzcut With Short Sides and Slicked Top

buzzcut with short sides and slicked top
@Anete Lusina via pexels

The buzzcut is a trim that has become quite flexible in terms of whats possible. Now by incorporating shorter sides or fades to the trim you can style the top in a few ways. In this instance the top of hair has been slicked down giving a clean sharp cut that still looks a bit casual.

Blonde Taper Fade w/ Textured Slick Back

blonde taper fade w/ textured slick back
@Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

The taper fade has become a popular cut in all barbers. The slick back give a good volume and height to the hair, but by adding a textured slick back to this already amazing trim it gives a suave sophistication to bleached blonde hair.  Being the trend of the last few years has given people many opportunities to experiment with how they style it.

Side Part Quiff

side part quiff
@Charles Gaudreault via Unsplash

The side part quiff is a haircut that makes the posh boys look posher than usual. This haircut breaths formality and is perfect for any office environment. This sophisticated intelligent looking trim will go great when your suited and booted.

Low Taper Fade w/ Curly Hair

low taper fade w/ curly hair
101 Modern Hairstyles For Men | Curated Mint 17

The low taper face is a classic ever evolving haircut that looks amazing on all hair types and styles. This curly haired taper fade shows the diversity of the trim and how you can use it to accompany hair growth whilst keeping your hair looking nice and neat.

Long Dreads

long dreads
@Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

If you are trying to grow your hair and want a more natural look. Growing dreads may be for you. It can be a long process when it comes to letting them grow to the length you desire but once you get their. You will be amazed with the results.

101 Modern Hairstyles For Men

So this list of 101 hairstyles is bound to give you a haircut that you can run with for the rest of 2018. This list is home to some of the greatest haircuts of recent years and you should definitely consider one for yourself. Be experimental with your haircut and try something new. Our top 5 modern hairstyles from the list are:

  1. Crew Cut
  2. Box Cut Fade
  3. Skin Undercut Caesar Cut
  4. Buzzcut Bleach Blonde Haircut
  5. ASAP Rocky Braids

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this twisted hairstyles for men.

Feature image from pexels

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