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Outline dove tattoos are one of the most elegant Tattoo Design since it looks very simple but carries a deep meaning behind them. Take a look at some of the amazing dove tattoo designs.

outline dove tattoo
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Dove is a small bird that is a symbol of love and peace. People also relate the dove with the holy spirit and see a flying dove tattoo as freedom or a messenger of love. It is one of the purest symbols of peace that looks quite adorable and elegant when tattooed. In Bible, the holy spirit is compared with the dove at the Baptism of Jesus. However, different regions have different meanings behind dove Tattoo Design.

It is a unisex tattoo that comes in different styles and designs. Simple dove tattoo designs are perfect for someone who’s getting a Tattoo Design for the first time. Moreover, it creates a classy look and suits, everybody. A Dove tattoo is the epitome of love and if you are someone who admires love, freedom, peace, and birds, check out these wonderful outline dove tattoo designs.

Dove Tattoo With Olive Branch

dove tattoo with olive branch
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This dove tattoo is one of the most straightforward designs that is designed with a leaflet. It doesn’t have any detailing, and the bird is created just by outlines. The leaves of an olive branch are given green colour, keeping the outline dove tattoo colourless that is complementing each other.

The tattoo on the wrist looks absolutely classy and stunning. It has avoided too many designs, along with a dove tattoo that just seems perfect. It would be an excellent option to use it as fillers; otherwise, this tattoo alone would suffice the requirements.

Dove Tattoo In Pairs

dove tattoo in pairs
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There are two doves used in this picture. The outline of this tattoo looks like a doodle which makes it even more beautiful. You can get this Tattoo Design on your hands, legs, neck, behind your ears, and even wrist.

A pair of dove tattoos are of great significance and are a symbol of friendship. It is a perfect way to get a friendship tattoo with your friend. It signifies the unbreakable bond between loved ones and shows their deep connection with one another. You can even colour those dove birds of your choice, or you can even design it with a branch.

Full Dove Tattoo

full dove tattoo
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This Tattoo Design is a full-length dove tattoo containing all the bird’s basic details. It has all the feathers showing, which makes it beautiful and elegant. You can even do some shadings or colouring on the tattoo to make it 3d or leave it as it is. The tattoo is light-coloured, but you can make some alterations to it, like using white ink as an outline or maybe drawing some flowers around it.

Dove tattoo designs represent the inspiration of love, peace, and freedom. These tattoos complement all skin types and help reflect an individual’s personality. You can get this design on your forearm, legs, back, collarbone, or anywhere in your body.

Dove Tattoo On The Ankle

dove tattoo on the ankle
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A small dove tattoo on the ankle looks very stunning and realistic. Although it looks very tiny, it is actually a great design to get if you like subtle things. Because of its size, you can get this tattoo behind your ears, on your wrist, collarbone, and even on the neck.

Doves are always mentioned in Bible and other mythology because of their peaceful nature. It shows us the path of forgiveness, spreading love and peace around us. It could be a perfect tattoo option for anyone who’s religious by nature.

Two Dove Tattoos With Shade

two dove tattoos with shade
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Another cute dove Tattoo Design is these two birds with olive branches on their beak. The tattoo has given some shading to the abdomen area to make it look like a 3d design. But the tattoo altogether is very simple and looks like an animated version of the dove tattoo.

Dove birds with olive branches are seen as the symbol of peace and forgiveness. It has an angelic feeling and is considered a good omen. It is also a sign of fidelity and purity. Vast culture has different meanings for two doves, but the common baseline is the innocence and composedness of a person.

Two Doves Attached With A Branch

two doves attached with a branch
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This tattoo depicts two dove birds carrying an olive branch together, which is also looking like a connection between the two birds. The tattoo has small fine details on the feature that is not overcrowding the design. It seems like a dream tattoo that you can get with your loved ones.

This dove Tattoo Design is the depiction of friends or your relationship with your dear ones. Two doves carrying one single branch also show strength in unity. You can even design this tattoo with some colours or patterns or even some simple flowers. If you want to get a ‘friendship’ tattoo on your arm, then this is the design for you.

Thick Dove Tattoo On Chest

thick dove tattoo on chest
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This thick dove outline tattoo is one of the most incredible designs on the entire list. It has some detailing on the wings and feathers, but the design is kept simple. The thick lines make the effects of the tattoo and the entire Tattoo Design look like a doodle artwork on the body.

Simple dove tattoos are one of the best designs to get, especially when you don’t want to exhibit them to the world. However, the tattoo itself is eye-catching, which also has great significance. You can get this Tattoo Design on your hands, legs, shoulder, neck, back, and so many other places.

Animated Dove Tattoo

animated dove tattoo
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This tattoo is especially for someone who likes to keep things cute yet beautiful. Another dove tattoo that is designed as a cartoon character seems like a thought-out idea that makes the tattoo quite adorable and simple. The design would look great on everyone, especially girls. Moreover, the bird is carrying a rose flower with its beak, making it a cherry on top.

These types of dove tattoos represent the friendly nature of a person. Those people who like to keep things light and don’t get in-depth about the matter would love this design. It also shows that you respect the religious symbol but also like to make things according to your preferences.

Flying Dove Tattoo

flying dove tattoo
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This Tattoo Design has multiple dove birds, representing the dove bird’s flying process. Each Tattoo Design is different from one another and beautifully illustrates the entire flying process. It also has small dove birds on hand, and the whole tattoo looks very artistic and out of the box. Apart from that, the shading inside the tattoo makes it more appealing.

If you have the zest for getting more than one dove bird, then this tattoo option is one of the best to have. This tattoo doesn’t contain any extra elements; instead, it shows the birds’ fine detailing, making it more realistic. You can even add some olive branches for an extra touch. The tattoo entirely represents one’s love for freedom and nature. They don’t like to be captured or capture anyone. It also represents an individual’s free spirit that makes them unique.

Dove Tattoo With Clouds

dove tattoo with clouds
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Finally, we have this dove tattoo outline which is coloured with blue ink. This Tattoo Design has clouds inside the dove tattoo which makes the Tattoo Design super cool and beautiful. The tattoo is dichromatic, and you can also use multiple colours to make this tattoo. You can even use other birds to make it, even more, stand out.

The sky or the clouds represents freedom and distance. This dove tattoo represents people who are optimistic and believe in the future. The bird tattoos signify positivity and grace in one’s life. It is also considered a sign of god and its strength. By seeing the tattoo, we can also interpret that birds belong to the sky and shouldn’t be kept in a cage. The sky is their home. You can also see this tattoo as the sky is the limit.

Dove tattoos are common among people who believe in faith, peace, and freedom. This type of tattoo creates a sense of positivity and optimism in the environment. The flying dove tattoo with an olive branch is a symbol of a messenger of peace and harmony. If you’re someone who’s fascinated by simple yet profound meaning tattoo designs, then this outline dove tattoo is for you. Some other options which you can go for apart from the ones mentioned above are as follows:

  • Outline Dove Tattoo on the neck
  • Outline Dove Tattoo with a Message
  • Outline Dove Tattoo with rose tattoo
  • Outlive Dove Tattoo with Sparkles
  • Outline Dove Tattoo with Angels

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