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Are you intrigued about dinosaurs? Then you should definitely check out some of these amazing triceratops tattoo ideas for the perfect one!

triceratops tattoo
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Most people associate dinosaur tattoos with the strength of body and mind.

Do you have an undying craze for animal tattoos? Then you can root for dinosaur tattoos to stand out from the crowd.

Dinosaurs unpopulated the earth millions of years ago, but they continue to exist even today in the hearts and minds of humans. The popularity of several dinosaur species like the Tyrannosaurus rex has been heightened through the famous ‘Jurassic Park’ movie series. Dinosaurs have not failed to find their way into the world of tattoos too. People often prefer to get one of these ancient inhabitants imprinted. Triceratops is one of them.

Before getting inked, you should definitely learn about the Triceratops tattoo meaning and understand its symbolism. If you are acquainted with the world of dinosaurs, you must have come across the Triceratops. Belonging to the Late Cretaceous epoch, Triceratops is a herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur. Interestingly, the word ‘Triceratops’ is derived from Greek and translates to ‘three-horned face’. Although these dinosaurs possessed an enormous size like the fierce T rex, they were rather mild. They symbolize patience and strength.

If you love dinosaurs and can’t wait to get a dino tattoo from one of the best tattoo artists, then check out these out-of-the-box ideas for Triceratops tattoo and then decide.

Triceratops Skull Tattoo

triceratops skull tattoo
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Mankind did not have the privilege to withhold dinosaurs in their glorious shapes and shades. Man’s first encounter with these ancient inhabitants was through their bones. Hence, the best way to flaunt a dinosaur tattoo is to represent it in its true form, that is, its fossilized version. Did you know that the Tricertops’ skull qualifies as one of the largest skulls possessed by any terrestrial animal to date? It is the skull of the Triceratops that sets it apart. The skull, parrot-like beak, and three horns render a distinct appearance to the species. Tattoos of dinosaur skulls are believed to represent death, and bearing such a tattoo shows that the individual is not fearful of mortality.

The T Rex skull tattoo has become pretty commonplace. On the other hand, with more fossil discoveries, people have become more aware of the existence of other equally unique species. For instance, this Triceratops skull tattoo speaks volumes about the bone structure of the species. The small horn just above its snout, the two long horns above the eyes, and the prominent beak with some flowers and leaves offer accurate details of the species, adding to the beauty of the artwork.

Tiny Triceratops Tattoo

tiny triceratops tattoo
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Not everyone wants an elaborate tattoo. Simply put, small tattoos are cute. Although they are small, they never fail to grab attention. It’s always the minute details that make the difference. Steer clear of all the fuss and head for an adorable mini dinosaur tattoo that is both appealing to the senses and pocket-friendly.

This small tattoo in black is simple and elegant. Although the tattoo is nothing but the outline of the dinosaur, the three horns and the figure are well defined. This is the best example of a cute minimalistic dinosaur tattoo. Moreover, every time you move your hands, it’s right there to bring a little smile to your face. Just like this cute mini tattoo, a mini Triceratops tattoo can sit perfectly well on your wrist, ankle, or even your fingers!

Vibrant Triceratops Tattoo

vibrant triceratops tattoo
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One of the characteristics that make any tattoo distinct is the elements it represents. Triceratops were herbivores, and a depiction of their food habits in your tattoo can make it all the more distinct. You can add some greenery to your tattoo if you follow a vegan diet, just like this herbivore dinosaur.

This Triceratops tattoo comes with the plant motif and is the perfect blend of flora and fauna. If you enjoy stealing the limelight and being the center of attraction, then this bright and colorful triceratops tattoo is definitely the one you should root for. The vibrant shades of orange and green add spice to the tattoo and eliminate all the dullness.

Simple Triceratops Tattoo

simple triceratops tattoo
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It is aptly said that there is class in simplicity. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean bland. It implies that you just need to stick to the basics without much complexity that involves ornamentation or fanciful decoration.

You can take inspiration from this Triceratops tattoo. Simple yet elegant, the tattoo is an outline work in black. This one is extremely stylish with just the bare minimum. If you are really interested in dinosaurs, you can add some more cute miniature versions of your favorite dinosaur tattoos, including the famous T-rex tattoo.

Realistic Triceratops Tattoo

realistic triceratops tattoo
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Nothing can beat a tattoo that exhibits a realistic scene. 3D effects can bring any tattoo alive. Although this concept might appear ironic for these extinct creatures, it’s a fun way of keeping their images alive through generations.

Besides its artistic exuberance, this grey-colored triceratops tattoo roaming about amidst bright red flowers offers an insight into the nature of the dinosaur species itself. It can be easily deciphered that Triceratops were herbivorous and perhaps loved to roam about in grassy areas. Therefore, this dinosaur tattoo carries an aesthetic and historical value at the same time.

Classic Triceratops Tattoo

classic triceratops tattoo
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When in doubt, opt for the classic black and white! Black is never out of fashion. This exquisite black and white triceratops tattoo covering the upper arm is the best example.

Triceratops tattoos can be designed in several classic variations. This dinosaur tattoo, for instance, beautifies the entire arm with just the head of Triceratops. The flowers and leaves ornamenting the tattoo gives it a compact look and a feminine touch.

Neo-traditional Triceratops Fish Tattoo

neo-traditional triceratops fish tattoo
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The triceratops tattoo with the tail of a fish seems straight out of the ancient mythical creatures, like the half-horse half-rooster Hippalectryon, who were considered to be a hybrid or mixture of two or more animals.

This triceratops fish tattoo is a unique combination of terrestrial and aquatic elements that emanates a sense of mysticism. The upper part of the tattoo composed of the Triceratops, and the lower part of a fish makes the dinosaur tattoo even more unique.

Winged Triceratops Tattoo

winged triceratops tattoo
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When imagination meets reality, great work of art is born. Unlike dragons, dinosaurs existed on the earth, but much about their life still remains shrouded in mystery.

This dinosaur tattoo comes with the beautiful wings of a butterfly. The wings do not prove that the dinosaur could fly. In fact, it reminds us of the free-spirited nature of these ancient creatures who roamed the earth. The planets in the background make the tattoo more enchanting. You can also implement the tools of imagination and choose the wings of the bird of your choice.

Artistic Triceratops Tattoo

artistic triceratops tattoo
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There’s no limit to creativity and experimentation when it comes to dinosaur tattoos. So, why hide your tattoo when you have an artistic one to boast of?

The brown shade for the skin with touches of yellow makes the tattoo more relevant to the modern rhinoceros, although they aren’t really related. It might also refer to the leathery skin possessed by the dinosaur. The emphasis on the beak and the neck frill makes the tattoo a true representation of the dinosaur species. As mentioned earlier, the Triceratops possessed a three-horned face that offered a distinct appearance to the species, so you can focus on the head of the Triceratops while getting tattooed. In fact, you can be creative and throw in some colors to add some life to the skull.

Crystal Triceratops Tattoo

crystal triceratops tattoo
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While creating a tattoo, the best results are derived from the culmination of the imaginary and reality. The use of crystals or other gems makes the tattoo more valuable. Precious gems and crystals adorn the crown of a king. Moreover, crystals symbolize purity.

If you want a dinosaur tattoo that you’ll treasure throughout your life, then you can opt for this one. The use of crystal for the horns and eyes makes the tattoo magical and enticing. This tattoo embodies the fierce side of dinosaurs in general. While the T-rex tattoo stands for power and aggression associated with the species, the Triceratops tattoos generally don’t exhibit such violent personality. The choice of red color for the entire head heightens the symbol of fierceness.

Dinosaur tattoos are timeless. You can style your tattoos by drawing directly from the fossils or just improvise and get a customized dinosaur tattoo. Here are some amazing Triceratops tattoo ideas that you can look up before heading to your tattoo artist.

  • Cartoon Triceratops tattoo
  • Triceratops tattoo for the back
  • Large Triceratops tattoo
  • Red and black Triceratops tattoo
  • Funny Triceratops on a skateboard tattoo
  • Modern Triceratops tattoos with lettering

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