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Shaving is one the many tasks that men go through on a day-to-day basis. But how do you choose when there are so many shaving cream brands around? Something you do so often should be a pleasure rather than a burden. A lot of men struggle with shaving leaving all sorts of bumps and bruises after a shave.  A man’s needs when it comes to shaving stems down to two things, the razor and the shaving cream. Other things come into play but none that play as big of a part as the essentials.

A top standard razor is the product which is always associated with a good shave, but the need for a good shaving cream or shaving lotion is obvious and can make all the difference. In this article we will provide you some of the best shaving products and list the 15 best shaving creams for men that will have your skin feeling smooth and healthy post shave cause with shaving it’s not just about how it looks but how it feels.

Proraso’s Shaving Cream

Proraso’s Shaving Cream is one of the leading wet shaving products. It is a product that has stood on the shelves of barber shops for over 100 years and developed the first pre-shave cream in 1948. The Italian companies products can be found in male grooming establishments worldwide making it one of the best Italian shaving creams. Proraso’s contains eucalyptus oils that purify your skin accompanied with menthol which refreshes and revitalises the skin. Good pick for anyone that prefers the more traditional method’s of male grooming. Click To Buy


Supreme Cream creates a rich, thick luxurious lather to lift hair up and away from the skin for the ultimate smooth and close shave.  With ultra-nourishing and Macadamia Nut Oil, Glycerine and Soybean Oil, Jack Black shaving cream allows the razor to glide close to the skin while offering a cushion of protection against razor burn, irritation, nicks and cuts. Leaves skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. Click To Buy


Many of us understand the importance of a morning jolt of caffeine. At times, it seems like life-giving nectar. It only makes sense that it would provide a boost to another sacred morning routine. Caffeine is one of the natural products that is widely known to help hair regrowth. This shaving cream will give you a smooth shave but also have your beard growing back thick and full. It’s also made with aloe, spearmint, sunflower oil, and shea butter, all of which also help protect and nourish the skin. Click To Buy

NIVEA Men’s Shave Cream

Nivea mens shave cream is one of the most affordable shave products on the market. Classic Nivea cream has become part of life for many generations. It nourishes the skin effectively and, thanks to its velvety smooth texture and is a product commonly used and accepted by many as the cheapest shaving cream on the market. Click To Buy

Aveeno Shave Gel

Therapeutic Shave Gel helps hydrate and protect skin against razor bumps during shaving. Formulated for dry, sensitive skin, this lubricating shave gel provides a close, smooth shave to prevent razor bumps, nicks, and cuts. It is ideas for those of you that feel you skin is more sensitive than normal and does well to keep shaving a simple task. The advantages of shaving in gel form is often that it provides better lubrication for the skin and is often cheaper alternative to traditional creams. This is the best shaving gel available. Click To Buy

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shave Cream

To The Art Of Shaving company, the quest for a perfect shave must include preparation, lathering, shaving, and moisturising. They think they accomplish all four with their Sandalwood Shaving Cream. After all, it generates a rich, foamy lather that protects the skin from irritation while also providing an ultra-smooth shave. Plus with sandalwood oils involved it makes for a nice scented procedure. The Art of Shaving are at the forefront of male grooming and is definitely on of the best shaving products.


With the Organic Shaving Cream Bowl from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Suitable for use with or without a shaving brush, its unique formula forms a protective cushion to allow the razor to glide effortlessly over the face for less resistance, minimised irritation, fewer nicks and a longer lasting blade. Infused with a nourishing blend of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Allantoin and Vitamin E, the cream works to moisture, protect and soothe skin, leaving it calm and comfortable making it the best organic shaving cream. Click To Buy

V76 By Vaughn Shaving Cream

V76 by Vaughn is quickly making their name known in the men’s grooming circle by delivering top-notch products. Developed by Vaughn Acord, famed men’s grooming expert that has served the likes of Tom Brady, Ashton Kutcher, and Bruce Springsteen. It’s safe to say that V76 by Vaughn knows a thing or two when it comes to styling. Their products have continued to impress, this shaving cream is award-winning and seen all over the world making it the worlds best shaving foam. Some prefer foam as it makes for easier application. Click to Buy


This is one of the best clear shaving cream. Billy Jealousy’s Hydroplane Super-Slick Shaving Cream fancies itself as the go-to option for sophisticated, yet sometimes bad boy men and its products are said to be favored by the likes of George Clooney and James Franco. The Hydroplane Slick Cream is an all-in-one product that blends pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and skin conditioner. Click To Buy

Cremo Shave Cream

With its solution designed to not create a thick foamy lather or require a brush for application, it’s breaking a long-standing tradition that wet shaving enthusiasts have adhered to for several years. Applied to your skin with just your hands, it’s an extraordinarily slick shave cream that helps to provide a comfortable shave that leaves your skin free of irritation and razor bumps. This product is a good change for someone who wants to try an alternative to a traditional cream. Click To Buy

Les Industries Groom Shaving Cream

Les Industries products are made with quality natural ingredients, creating a shaving experience that is gentle on any skin type. Its fragrance is peppered with hints of sage, juniper, and pine for a perfect woodsy finish. This is a product you will find at the top of many shaving cream reviews. Click To Buy

Bulldog Original Shave Cream

Shaving is a difficult task and something as small as a dull blade can be the difference between fresh-faced or irritation, Ouch! But there’s a more comfortable way to shave. Bulldog Original Shave Cream soothes with natural ingredients like green Tea, camelina oil, and aloe vera. At a very affordable prices Bulldog once again provides great skin care for men via this cheap shaving cream. Click To Buy

Kiehl’s Smooth Glider Natural Shave Lotion

When you’re cleaning up stubble or defining the lines around your beard, it’s important to see exactly what you’re doing. This clear, no-lather lotion allows you to be ultra-precise while getting in close. Making it one of the ideal products for those styling or trimming their beards. This is by far the best clear shaving cream as visibility can do a lot more than you think. This shaving lotion will allow for that extra bit of precision. Click To Buy

Blind Barber Watermint Gin Shaving Cream

The name may not inspire much confidence, but Blind Barber makes some mighty fine grooming products. The watermint Gin Shave Cream works up into a clean-smelling lather that helps your razor glide against your skin with minimal risk of cuts or nicks. Click Here To Buy

Crown Shaving Co. Shaving Cream

Crown Shaving Co. have made a name for themselves with good ingredients and high quality products. The shaving cream in particular is exquisitely smooth, and filled with many wonderful ingredients. The eucalyptus and spearmint are perhaps the most noticeable, making every shave smell like a mystical, refreshing forest. Other ingredients include shea butter, white tea leaf extract, and pomegranate extract making it the most ideal organic shaving cream. Click To Buy


In all there are many different qualities and properties to a good shaving cream. Non aerosol shaving creams are better because usually they are of better quality. It may be a little bit of trial and error to find the product that is best suited for you. However the above will help you choose a product that will not only help maintain healthy smooth skin, but also make your shaving experience smooth and easy.

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