20+ Unique Wash Basin Designs You’ll Love

From ceramic and stone to glass and metal, a wash basin perfectly reflects your bathroom’s arty touch. Today, most homes have moved on from the common white sinks to colorful glass ones. The farmhouse style units and self-supporting sinks are getting very popular these days.

As we all know bathroom is an important part of a home so you’ll always want it better in terms of style and amenities. You can give a special touch to your bathroom décor simply with fixtures. There are different styles of sinks, freestanding to wall-mounted to bowl styles; take inspiration below. These are some examples of unique wash basin designs that will be a centerpiece in any bathroom.

human face shaped sinks
Image: Iconic World

# These hand-painted porcelain wash basins by London Basin Company are stunning masterpieces for bathroom.

hand-painted porcelain washbasins by london basin company
Image: London Basin Company
vinyl player wash basin
Image: Behance/Pasque D. Mawalla

# This wooden wash basin by Tischlerei Paul Neumann sports stunning texture and anomalies of a live edge wood slab.

wooden wash basin design
Image: Woodbasin

# This bathroom sink by Woodio is made from waterproof and cast moldable wood material.

woodio wooden wash basin design
Image: Woodio

# Give a desert look to your bathroom with 3D-printed sand washbasins by Sandhelden.

3d printed wash basin designs
Image: Sand heroes
concrete wash basin with erosion nature
Image: Tomáš Vacek

# Featuring curvy lines and delicate silhouettes, these Murano glass sinks by Glass Design will add artistic flair to bathroom.

glass design's murano wash basin design
Image: Glass Design

# Distinguished by a flat shape that’s entirely covered by a grill, this freestanding wash basin by Bruno Munari is very unique.

freestanding wash basin by bruno munari
image: Bruno Munari

# This natural river stone bathroom sink will definitely be an eye catcher of your bathroom. Buy: $200

natural stone wash basin
Image: Etsy/DecoraLoft

# This Mediterranean style ceramic sink features a unique bowl printed with flower and leaf patterns. Buy: $310

printed wash basin designs
Image: Etsy/IstanbulArtWorkshop

# A round hammered bronze sink will add vintage essence into bathroom. It is handcrafted by Mexican Artisans. Buy: $280

bronze metal wash basin designs
Image: Etsy/SimplyCopperSinks

# A simple yet complex wash basin design conceived by Aqua Vita with a sheet-like material.

smart and elegant wooden washbasin 1
Image: Behance/Kateryna Sokolova
smart and elegant wooden washbasin 3
Image: Behance/Kateryna Sokolova

# This shapeless wash basin from Metamorfosi collection by Olympia Ceramica is available in various ceramic colors.

modern and refined metamorfosi washbasins 1
Image: Olympia Ceramica
modern and refined metamorfosi washbasins 2
Image: Olympia Ceramica

# Manufactured by Bagno Sasso, the design of Ammonit concrete wash basin is inspired by the forms found in the nature.

washbasin design in wallmounted cabinet
Image: Bagno Sasso
creative bathroom washbasin ammonit by sasso
Image: Bagno Sasso

# Say goodbye to ceramic with the Ninna curvy wooden wash-bowl by Slowwood.

wooden wash basin by slowwood
Image: Slowwood
wooden wash basin by slowwood 1
Image: Slowwood

# Designed by Bulgarian designer Victor Vasiliev, Cube glass sink looks invisible while hanging on a wall.

transparetn glass cube sink that looks invisible 1
Image: Victor Vasilev
transparetn glass cube sink that looks invisible 7 1 1
Image: Victor Vasilev

# Make your bathroom look stylish with Motif basin by Omvivo that will showcase a delicate pattern for you.

motif forest basin on motif vanity 2
Image: Omvivo
motif basins with delicate patterns by omvivo
Image: Omvivo

# A cup or basin? This playful cup-shaped sink is made by ARTCERAM. The handle of the cup becomes a towel rail.

cup sink made by artceram basin.
cup sink made by artceram basin ^7

# How about a washbasin with an integrated storage compartment? Split sink by Planit has it all.

bathroom-sink-with-integrated-by planit_1
Image: Planit
planit split sink
Image: Planit

# Penta vessel sink by Mac Stopa represents a geological story of history. It is a combination of clear and solid materials.

penta vessel sink 123
Image: Mac Stopa
penta vessel sink of two contrasting materials 3
Image: Mac Stopa

# Foglio washbasin designed by Ricardo Antonio is made out of Corian. Its unique shape adds a cool touch to modern bathrooms.

foglio corian badezimmer wc waschbecken von ricardo antonio
Image: Brascor Countertops

# This water map wooden sink is designed by Julia Kononenko. It is a simple laminated wood block that features 3D representation of the central London streets.

watermap 112
Image: Julia Kononenko
watermap 3
Image: Julia Kononenko

# Silence by Antonio Lupi is a brilliant piece of art that has built-in lights.

b silenzio antonio lupi design 1
Image: Antonio Lupi
b silenzio antonio lupi design 6
Image: Antonio Lupi

# Falper’s Wing is a designer wash basin with gentle and smooth curves.

b prodotti 2 1
Image: Falper
b prodotti 1
Image: Falper

# Boasting a curved design, this wall-mounted wash basin is designed by LAGO.

skin by daniele lago
Image: LAGO
skin by daniele lago 3
Image: LAGO

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# Nami marble washbasin by Kreoo is reminiscent of drapery with a wrinkled design.

nami kreoo designer sink
Image: Kreoo
nami kreoo curtain like sink 2
Image: Kreoo

# Birichino slatted washbasin by the Italian design studio Purapietra takes cue from the sea waves flashing against the nearby reef.

birichino washbasin by purapietra 1
Image: Purapietra
birichino washbasin by purapietra 3
Image: Purapietra

# This spiral wash basin by Iranian designer duo, Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri will add some flair to bathroom.

spiral washbasin by naser nasiri 2
Image: Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri
spiral washbasin by naser nasiri 7
Image: Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri

# Vortex wash basin by Deniz Karasahin is an award winning sink with spiraling design.

vortex washbasin design by deniz karasahin
Image: Deniz Karasahin
vortex washbasin design by deniz karasahin 1
Image: Deniz Karasahin

# Designed by Enzo Berti, this blue Sodalite Nabhi washbasin will lend a mysterious elegance to any bathroom.

Image: Enzo Berti
keroo nabhi collection 1
Image: Enzo Berti

# The shape of this sink by by Kohler is inspired by a flower petal. It is a beautiful piece of art.

kohler petaline basin
Image: Kohler
kohler petaline basin 1
Image: Kohler

# This hollow sink with built-in storage is designed by Hunap Studio for Laufen. It creates the impression of a dented fuel tank.

hollow sink chic collection 1
Image: Hunap Studio
hollow sink chic collection 3
Image: Hunap Studio

# Battigia Corian sink is designed by Michel Boucquillon for Antonio Lupi. It retracts from the wall and stays completely out of sight when not in use.

battigia by michel boucqullion 1 1
Image: Antonio Lupi
battigia by michel boucqullion 1
Image: Antonio Lupi

# Designed by four Japanese designers, Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin, and Peishan, the Lifting sink is a combination of three different sinks.

lifting sink 1
Image: Lifting Sink
lifting sink 2
Image: Lifting Sink

# Stratotanker sink by MotoArt is made from the landing gear door of KC-97 aircraft.

motoart stratotanker sink 1 1
Image: MotoArt
motoart stratotanker sink 2 1
Image: MotoArt

# Igiemme 2.0 sink is crafted from Nero Marquina marble by Purapietra.

igiemme vercelli
Image: Purapietra

# This custom-made concrete guitar sink by Pearidge Concrete. is a centerpiece for the bathroom of any music lover?

guitar sink 12
Image: Pearidge Concrete
guitar sink 2
Image: Pearidge Concrete

# Ocean wash basin by Marco Pisati is inspired by the waves of ocean. It comes in two colors: black and shiny white.

il bagno bandinis ocean wash basin 2
Image: Behance/Marco Pisati
il bagno bandinis ocean wash basin
Image: Behance/Marco Pisati

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