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Over the last few years, Kpop has become something we have all heard about. Not only is it popular in Asian countries, but it has gained popularity all over the world. Besides music, Korean hairstyles have become very popular and trendy. Do you have some K-pop idols in your mind? Want to get the perfect look? If so, keep on reading to find out our top picks for 9 Cool Kpop Hairstyles for Men.

What is Korean Men’s Hairstyle All About?

A Korean men hairstyle can take many different shapes and forms. They are usually short or medium length hairstyles which can be done in many different ways and colors, perfect for men who like bleached looks and can handle the maintenance. Some people call them Asian hairstyles for men, while others call them Korean hairstyles. Either way, if you want to change up your hairstyle keep on reading to find out more about these awesome hairstyles.

Who Has Best Hairstyles In Kpop?

K-pop stars can go for a ton of different and cool options. The most popular girl group has to be BlackPink, don’t you agree? However, when it comes to guy looks and male hairdos, you might prefer copying looks and ideas from:

However, go for a K-pop hairstyle that suits your preference, hair type, and hair color. The truth is that a ton of guys struggle with sideburns and their temples, hence why you have to customize the outcome for your hair type and texture.

How Do I Style My Hair Like Kpop Star?

Follow any trend you like when it comes to your haircut. To style a specific texture or your length, make sure that you follow the following tips and tricks:

  • Use high-quality shampoos & conditioners: apply these on top of your head twice a week to clean and moisturize your shorter or longer strands.
  • Use a hairdryer to style your hairdo. If you plan on going for a messy hairstyle sweep it on the side and use brushing strokes to push in the right direction.
  • Kpop idols are all about pomade and hair wax! The truth is that they have thick hair which has to be styled and set in place. Invest in these two to prolong your hairdo lifespan.
  • You should cut your hair every 4 weeks to maintain your new hairdo. Don’t forget to add a bit of hairspray when in need of a shiny and sleek finish for the entire day.

21 Cool Kpop Hairstyles For Men This Season!

1. Short and Neat Korean Haircut

short and neat korean haircut
@Joon Tae Kim via pexels

If you do not want to style your hair too much, but want it to look neat, then this one is for you. This super easy Korean hairstyle works great for guys who like to have a short and neat hairstyle. Most Kpop hairstyles are not for work because of their color, but if you keep this Korean haircut black it will be suitable for both your work and nightlife. Also, you don’t need a lot of products to style this hair.

2. Korean Hairstyle With Bangs

korean hairstyle with bangs
@Munga Thigani via Unsplash

Korean hairstyles are mostly medium or short haircuts, so they are great for guys that don’t like long hair. In case you want to add that extra element to your Korean haircut, you can always add some bangs. Just make sure that they fit your head shape and you have found the perfect short haircut for guys!

3. Cool & Trendy Black Undercut

cool & trendy black undercut
@Leandra Rieger via Unsplash

Oh boy, oh boy if you like undercut hairstyles and also Kpop haircuts, then this is your match! This cool and trendy undercut is super easy to maintain, doesn’t require a lot of products, and can be done in many different styles. Undercut hairstyles are characterized by shaved sides and hair in the middle. You can choose if you want the hair in the middle to be medium or short length. Also, you can keep this Korean men hairstyle classy by leaving it all black or adding highlights for a more edgy look.

4. Curly Korean Hairstyles

curly korean hairstyles
@Maria Geller via pexels

There are not that many ideas for a curly Kpop hairstyle, but in case you like both and weren’t sure if you should do it, then this is your sign! You can do a buzz cut on the sides and make your curly hair pop in the middle. Curly hair is not so present in Asian culture, but if you are lucky to have it then feel free to rock it!

5. Boy Korean Hairstyles

boy korean hairstyles
@Henry de Guzman via pexels

If you have short hair then Kpop haircuts are your dream come true. Most of their haircuts work with short hair and they also look so amazing. For instance, if you add some volume to your hair with a side cut just like in the photo, it will make your hairstyle pop! We are sure you will receive a lot of nice comments on it. Just keep in mind that hairstyles like these may require a bit more products to maintain.

6. Very Modern Kpop Haircuts

very modern kpop haircuts
@Chris Blonk via Unsplash

One great thing about Kpop haircuts is that they can be very modern and there are a lot of ideas you can come up with. Haircuts like these wouldn’t be considered as Asian hairstyles because of their edgy look. You can achieve this cool cut if you have medium-sized hair. The side-cut gives it a badass look, while the hair in the middle makes it modern.

7. Asian Hairstyles with Side Bangs

chris blonk
@Rahadiansyah via Unsplash

Asian hairstyles with side bangs are great for more stylish people and for those who like it when their haircuts pop! These are also great for those who don’t like a buzz cut. It is fairly easy to style haircuts like this one, you might only have to see your hairstylist a bit more frequently because of the bangs

8. A Very Clean Cut Asian Hairstyle

a very clean cut asian hairstyle
@JT Kim via pexels

Maybe you are looking for some Kpop boy hairstyles which are a bit cleaner and not so out there. No worries, as always we got you! As seen in the photo, Asian hairstyles don’t necessarily have to be all out there, but they don’t have to be boring either. This clean-cut is the perfect balance between edgy hairstyles and modest hairstyles.

9. Very Edgy Kpop Hairstyle

very edgy kpop hairstyle
@Joen Nguyen via pexels

In case you are not afraid to go all out, then why not try this hairstyle? It has a clean side cut with hair on the other side. What makes this super edgy is the purple dye which is a characteristic of the Kpop style. Be aware that it will take some time to achieve this haircut and it will also be a bit harder to maintain it. But, we are sure it will be worth it in the end!

Having Said All of That,

Both Kpop and Asian hairstyles can be done in all sorts of ways. They have a unique vibe to them and what makes them even more amazing is the fact that most of them don’t require a lot of effort to maintain. So in case you are still deliberating ongoing for this hairstyle, then here is your sign – go for it! Maybe even try one of the hairstyles we mentioned above. We are certain you are going to love it!

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korean hairstyle
@Hisu Lee via Unsplash

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