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Hair loss. When it comes to grooming and appearance nothing is more devastating to a man. A thick head of hair has long been synonymous with masculinity and virility. Despite full hair having nothing to do with either (outside of an aesthetic sense), it can still strike a severe blow to a man’s confidence when it’s gone. In fact, over 70% of British men fear potential hair loss.

Hair loss is a clear sign of aging and that’s a problem if it begins prematurely.  The majority of us will experience some degree of hair loss throughout our lives; 40% of us having noticeable hair loss by 35! The younger you lose your hair often the harder it is to accept. We understand why you guys are worried but don’t give in to despair just yet! With 75% of British guys believing hair loss can’t be prevented, we figured it was our duty to enlighten you. In no particular order here are 25 amazing ways to reduce, slow and/or stop the onset of hair loss.

1. Meditate The Hair Loss Away

meditation - Hair Loss

Stress and anxiety are very often linked to hair loss. Practices of meditation are perfect to combat these issues helping you grow stronger, longer hair. Stress/anxiety can lead to serious conditions such as Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium which can cause more extreme loss. The good news is that meditation can help the hair return. Even if your hair loss is unrelated to stress and negative feeling, it will still help you cope with the situation better regardless. If you need help getting started in meditation there are plenty of apps like Headspace out there to try. A happy mind is essential to all aspects of our lives, hair included.

2. Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo To Fight Hair Loss

Dandruff hair loss

Yep, not only does it look gross, dandruff can actually damage your hair and lead to hair loss. The scalp is, of course, the foundation for your hair so it must be kept clean. Research shows the more unhealthy a scalp the weaker and more brittle hair it will produce. Not only does an anti-dandruff shampoo keep your hair dandruff free, it also reduces external irritants such as dried hair products. Look for products that contain zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole and use often.

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3. Exercise More To Combat Hair Loss

Exercise Guy

Besides keeping you fit exercise releases plenty of endorphins which combat stress, depression, and insomnia; major causes of hair loss. There is evidence to suggest cardiovascular activity also lowers androgen levels in your bloodstream, slowing the balding process.

4. Stop Brushing Wet Hair To Avoid Hair Loss

Wet Hair

Wet hair is weak hair which means it’s far more easy to break. Avoid using a brush on wet hair at all costs as this will encourage hair loss. If you must style wet hair GENTLY use a wide-toothed comb or simply your hands until the hair is dryer.

5. Hair Bun – Hair Loss.

hair bun - hair loss

Styles like hair buns, ponytails and braids often pull hair taught, weakening it on a follicle level. Consider a different style to save your locks.

6.  Consider New Styles To Tackle Hair Loss

Buzzcut Gosling

Sometimes you need to work with what you have. To maintain your sense of style with a receding hairline it may be best to adapt with a new ‘do. A buzzcut is an easy option. Keeping the hair super short works great to diminish the visible difference between the hair and the receding hairline. Want more amazing cuts for blokes with thinning hair?

7. Stop Smoking To Stop Hair Loss

smoking guy - hair loss

Though long romanticized by the silver screen, we should all know by now that smoking is bad for us. Cancer, blood clots, bad breath, yellow teeth, erectile dysfunction just to name a few of the side effects. But did you know it’s also bad for our hair? It’s been discovered that guys who smoke 20+ cigarettes a day are over TWICE as likely to suffer hair loss than those that don’t. It’s been theorised that smoking damages the blood vessels leading to the scalp, leading to thinning hair. Consider cutting down or better yet stopping altogether.

8. Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption To Beat Hair Loss

Alcohol - Hair Loss

Yep, drinking reduces the rate of hair growth too. Alcohol can also weaken your immune system and when you aren’t healthy neither is your hair. You don’t have to knock it on the head altogether but try and cut down if you want your hair to be in better condition. Mmm, maybe we should have chosen a less appetising photo…

9. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally To Prevent Hair Loss

Towel Hair Loss

It might be inconvenient but if you’re serious about keeping your ‘do you may want to give up the towel-drying. Though not as damaging as a brush toweling your hair is still an unwelcome stressor when the hair is wet. Let your hair take it’s time to dry to avoid further breakage.

10. Try Yoga To Combat Hair Loss

Yoga - Hair Loss

Don’t think it’s just for women. Like meditation, practices of yoga can have tremendously positive effects on your mental health. It fights anxiety, stress, and depression; all major causes of hair loss. Yoga will keep you more positive and therefore make your hair all the more likely to thrive. Even if your receding hairline is related to another cause, it’ll help you deal with the loss all the better.

11. Take A Break Once In Awhile To Halt Hair Loss

Holiday - Hair Loss

It doesn’t have to be a holiday, just take some time out every once in awhile. Read a book, go to the cinema, Catch up with friends. It’s important to work hard but it’s just as important to take a well-deserved break every now and then. It will keep you ‘in the moment’, taking your mind off hair loss.

12. Stay Hydrated To Avoid Hair Loss

Stay Hydrated - Hair Loss

A human’s body is compromised of 60% water. Water is essential to all our daily bodily functions and that, of course, includes hair. If you want strong healthy hair there may be no better answer than staying hydrated. Swap out the carbonated drinks for water and your hair will thank you for it. Aim for 8 glasses or the equivalent a day to get the best out of your hair.

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13. Reduce Sweat To Reduce Hair Loss

Sweat - Hair Loss

A sweaty head equals oily hair which can clog up pores and weaken follicles. Don’t let it accumulate, keep your scalp clean and stay cool especially in physical activity and/or warmer weather.

14. Regaine Your Hair From Hair Loss

Regaine - Hair LossThanks to its main ingredient Minoxidil, Regaine is one of the few clinically proven over-the-counter treatments for hair loss. It increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the follicles; stimulating the area and promoting hair growth. It doesn’t work for everyone but for those that it does, it can have massive benefits. Such a product comes with a pretty big downside though; the price tag.  Plus you’ll have to buy it regularly or your hair will revert back to normal.

15. Incorporate more Protein Into Your Diet To Reduce Hair Loss

Protein Diet - Hair Loss

Protein is the building blocks of the human body so it stands to reason that it helps your hair grow. In order to grow thick and healthier hair, nutrients like protein are essential. A protein lacking diet often results in weaker hair and makes the chances of balding all the more likely. We advise focusing on healthier proteins such as fish, nuts, pulses, eggs, chicken breast and lean steak.

16. Use Vitamin D to Tackle Hair Loss

Vitamin D Deficiency

image: Pinterest.com/MHTAClinic

Studies have found those suffering from shedding hair are far more likely to have a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is very important in the growing phase. Fatty fish, Oranges, and eggs along with the Sun are great sources of Vitamin D. Consider taking supplements in the Winter months when sunlight is less pertinant.

17. Take Vitamin B-12 To Battle Hair Loss

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 aids in the manufacturing of red blood cells, helping hair grow stronger. As the Vitamin is primarily found in meat it may be wise to take a supplement if you’re vegetarian/Vegan.

18. Use Natural Juices to Halt Hair Loss

Ginger Juice

While it may sound like quackery home remedy nonsense; rubbing your scalp with garlic, onion or ginger juice can actually help against molting hair.

19. Avoid Excessive Heating To Lessen Hair Loss

Heat - Hair Loss

We get it some hairstyles demand you use heat but it can be quite a detriment to your follicles. Heat damages your hairs proteins and over time with excessive use can lead to frailer locks. If you must use heat consider the promise of a medium setting as well as apply protectants beforehand. Regular styling products like sea salt spray can help against the hair dryer but you may require something more like a heat protectant spray for straightening.

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20. Talk To Your Doctor to Cope With Hair Loss

GP - Hair Loss

When in doubt it’s best to consult the experts. Your GP will be able to tell if you’re balding but more importantly will be able to confirm the cause. If it’s not male pattern baldness and rather a hormone balance or perhaps something more serious. It’s best to find this out as quickly as possible to receive  proper treatment.

21. Eat Antioxidants To Repel Hair Loss

Antioxidants - Hair Loss

Antioxidants like green tea and blueberries work wonders to reduce molting hair and repair hair growth. Consider incorporating them into your diet.

22. Essential Oil Head Massages

Lavender - Hair Loss

Scalp massages stimulate growth alone, combine the massage with essential oils and you’ll really be treating your bonce. Essential oils like lavender, thyme, and rosemary have been shown to help balding heads. Apply a few drops to a cooking oil of your choice then gently work in for a few minutes then wash. Repeat once a week. Your hair will not only smell great it’ll become healthier too.

23. Grow A Beard To Hide Your Hair Loss

Beard - Hair LossThe added hair of a beard is a perfect way to compensate for the loss of it on top. It offsets the bald look and can add a distinctive twist to the traditional buzzcut.

24. Consider A HairTransplant

Transplant - Hair Loss

It’s no longer the frowned upon procedure that it used to be. Transplants can save your hair or at least replace it. The procedure involves taking hair from the sides and/or back and sometimes even the chest. A typical treatment can cost between £2,000 to over £10,000 depending on the number of grafts required. That gets even steeper when you factor in the possibility of repeat treatments when hair refuses to take. If money is no option then you should consider a transplant if your balding is severe.

25. Want To Avoid Hair Loss? Stop Reading This Article

Jude Law - Hair Loss

(Okay maybe not just yet, we’ve still a couple more paragraphs to go). Our point here is acceptance. The fear of balding alone can be the catalyst for anxiety and the more negative we feel, likely the more hair we’ll lose. It’s a vicious cycle. The mind may even play tricks on anxiety-prone individuals, causing them to believe their hair is thinning when it isn’t. The stress of such a situation, unfortunately, may actually lead to real hair loss. Whatever the case sometimes acceptance is the only way forward. Acceptance takes the fear out of balding which will likely slow the progress of further recession. Some guys just look better bald anyway.

On That Note

So there you have it 25 amazing ways to reduce hair loss in guys. Whether it’s styling, dietary, lifestyle or even medical procedure there are plenty of ways we can prevent (or at least slow the progression) of recession. Considering just how common receding hairlines are though perhaps it’s time we change our way of thinking instead. We should begin seeing hair loss as a distinguished sign of maturity rather than an end to our youth and embrace it. It’s yet to hold back the likes of Jude Law, Sir Patrick Stewart or Jason Statham after all.

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