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Joggers are a staple for everyone, and both men & women own at least 2-3 pairs in their closet. There are many different styles of joggers that you can wear for both casual & work-related events. There are also many different shoes, shirts, as well as stylish denim jackets that you could pair along with your jogger pants. However, are you wondering how to wear joggers fashionably? What is the best & most-catered way per your body shape, preference & event? You can enjoy a smart casual, street style, or semi-formal fashion ideas. We have six ways for you to choose from, just keep on reading!

Are Joggers Supposed To Be Tight?

No! Your joggers should fit loose around your legs, crotch & thighs. Make sure that the outline around your pockets as well as your ”manly parts” does not show through, and it has enough space for you to breathe. If your jogger pants are a bit too tight, rather go one size up and enjoy wearing them with comfort to any event!

What Shoes Do I Wear With Joggers?

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with jogger pants? Usually, the best shoes are high-top trainers, as well as Converse, Vans, or Nike sneakers. The best solution is always trainers or any other sporty shoes. You can also go for some stylish leather boots or Chelsea boots. In the end, try to pair up your shoes with the right fabric of other clothing items, and remember these tips when getting ready to leave the house.

Top 6 Jogger Outfits: How To Wear Joggers

1. Orange Slim Fit Joggers Street Style

3 quick versatile ways to wear joggers curated mint
Sporty outfit @marianodivaio

Are you someone who loves to wear bold & bright joggers? If you need a stylish yet attention-seeking outfit, you will love this combo! These joggers will look amazing with a zip-up orange hoodie, as well as black trainers. If you love easy outfits that can make a huge impact on the weekend and during your casual walks, you will adore this option. Style it when running around, doing some errands, going to the mall, or when waking your dog out! If you are into sports, know that this is a killer-outfit for the arena.

2. White Casual Outfit With Trainers

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A guy in white @lukathletic

The search for your perfect ”coffee date-night outfit” is over! This classic all-white outfit with some grey joggers is perfect for day-to-day events. It is comfortable due to its cotton material and should be worn by guys who love monochrome & simple outfits. Vans with joggers would look amazing, but you can also go for a pair of Converse, Nike shoes, or Adidas in this case. The great news is that you can make any color work with white & you’ll still be the life of the party!

3. Grey Joggers With A Stylish Hoodie

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If you’re wondering how to wear black & grey outfits, follow this guide. You should be wearing these joggers along with a hoodie when you’re headed out to the gym, or if you are taking your dog out for a walk. You can also wear some lightweight shirts underneath & feel even cozier & warmer during the winter. In the summer, go for a short sleeve top (white top), and these grey joggers will look 10x better than they already do!

4. Pink Shirt With Street Style Jogger Pants

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Pink top @_sourabh_j

If you own a pink shirt in your wardrobe & you are trying to follow some trends, why not go for smart-casual wear? Since time is money, you don’t want to invest a lot of time while trying to figure out & find your perfect blazer or suit. However, what you can do is create your dress-code and go for this cool fit with laid-back joggers. Make sure your dress shirt isn’t too formal, but find a pair of joggers that you can smarten-up with some white shoes & jewelry.

5. Brown Joggers With Vans And A Smart Shirt

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Casual outfit @maurodelsignore

If you own brown joggers and a navy blue top, you can easily make this outfit work. If not, try to shop for an oversized stripe shirt that you can wear with your joggers. It can be any label, just make sure it suits your body type. This look could also look great with a pair of loafers in the spring season. Go for some formal & well-known brands since chances are you’ll easily find your outfit from head-to-toe in their stores than you would on Amazon, eBay, etc.

6. Smart Casual Jogger Pants With Denim Jacket On Top

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Stylish guy @jimchapman

Last, but not least, here is one more outfit that you can wear to the office. Go for black joggers which you can wear anywhere & at any point. However, this time, try to pair them up with some stylish shirts, colorful sneakers, as well as a pair of sunglasses! We would also recommend a white denim jacket that you don’t need to button-up. Leave it open & take a photo to capture this moment, as well as this stylish outfit. In terms of your facial hair & your hairdo, we advise that you grow it out since it creates a more masculine look.

Can I Wear Joggers To Work?

So, how to wear jogger pants to work? It is possible and not hard at all. If you want to make your joggers fashion on-point (and even if you work from 9-5,) try to:

  • Wear thicker joggers that are high-quality
  • Go for one-size up than your typical bottoms
  • Add as many accessories as possible
  • Don’t mix & match colors or patterns. Go for solid colors for your entire outfit from head to toe.
  • Wear polo tops but stay away from blazers

How Do You Look Good In Sweatpants?

Wear your sweats as you would wear your favorite trousers. Tuck in your long-shirt and make sure it matches your joggers. The best way to make this outfit work is by going for a pair of stylish loafers, sneakers, or any other jeans you own. Make sure your joggers aren’t too long so that others can see your fancy footwear & your fresh fashion approach.

On That Note

So, now you know how to style joggers. You can easily follow this trend and enjoy versatile outfits every day. In this guide, you can choose between 6 different outfits that can suit many various events. Take our tips into consideration when creating your next outfit. Try to wear the same colored & monochrome pieces and reach for black clothes if you’re struggling with making your joggers work with anything else.

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