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While everyday wear has become somewhat more relaxed than it used to be, there are still certain outfits that will continue to stand strong. The mix and match of a trouser and blazer is one of these such looks and will forever be the middle ground between smart and casual. There’s a talent to getting it right, so we’ve come up with a list of the easiest and best combinations for you to nail on the head and get right for any occasion, be it work or a party.

Blazers are one of the most handy wardrobe pieces that you can own. It is a stalwart of sartorial measure that today can be played down, worn to a job interview or worn to the most formal of events. We are big advocates of pairing a blazer with a contrasting pair of trousers, for those events that are in-between overly smart and your standard outing. Getting it right can be tricky though and we have seen many a error when pairing a blazer with a pair of trousers, and so we compiled a list of the easiest combinations to get right.

Wearing a Mix and Match Suit

You might think at first glance that this sounds incredibly wrong, but you’d actually be wrong for thinking that. Sure your suits might be of a different style and fit, but if you pair the same suit just in different shades, you’ll have a winning look. For any event they can work, especially those smart-casual ones. Hear us out.

Blazer and Trouser Combinations

Navy Blazer and Beige Trousers

This is perhaps the most classic combination and has been championed by a whole host of celebrities, designers and street style stars alike. It is so classic that it is a fail safe way to look good (if it doesn’t, then we aren’t sure how to help you, because there really is no going astray in this look). It is the ultimate preppy look, with designers such as Hackett and Ralph Lauren continuously pushing it, season after season, year after year. It’s timeless and will work for any occasion, so definitely make sure you have a clean pair of slim-fit beige, stone or khaki trousers tucked away, as well as the fundamental slim-fitting navy blazer.

4 blazer and trouser combinations curated mintNavy Blazer and Grey Trousers

A grey suit is man’s best friend. It is a fail safe way to look smart for any formal occasion where a suit is necessary and is by far the most popular choice amongst men. Mix your full suit up for more informal occasions by switching out the grey blazer for a navy one. Navy and grey go perfectly together, with the neutrality of grey counterbalancing the dark navy.

A navy blazer and grey chino combination can be good for dressing down too. You can simply slip on a pair of loafers or if your occasion is slightly more informal, why not chuck on a pair of trainers or plimsolls. It’s an easy look that is guaranteed to bypass failure.

1661146508 615 4 blazer and trouser combinations curated mintBlack Blazer and Grey Trousers

Everyone has a black suit. They’re essential items to any wardrobe. Whether you need one for the sombre affair of a funeral or have one stowed away for a job interview, the chances are you have one. Now, not every occasion calls for a black suit and they can often appear pretty mundane and quite frankly, not that special for every day events (just our opinion – black tie is a whole different story and is one of the best ways to look good).

Now for a day event where it’s essential you look smart, we recommend switching out the black trousers of your suit and instead wearing a pair of grey. This will break up the boring aspect of a black suit and will give it a bit of an edge.

You may be thinking ‘but I always thought that you had to have a darker pair of bottoms to my lighter top’ but this is a common misconception and we want you to break it. Break this style law with ease and you’ll look 100%.

1661146509 818 4 blazer and trouser combinations curated mintNavy Blazer and Black Trousers

A navy blazer and black trousers combination is the easy way to mix up your black suit, but still look on the right side of elegant. People often believe that black and navy can’t be worn together, but we wholeheartedly disagree and think it’s a great combination. Keep it simple and it’s easily one of the best combinations of suit trouser and blazer out there – we recommend keeping to either navy or black shoes too.

1661146510 120 4 blazer and trouser combinations curated mint4 Blazer and Trouser Combinations

  • Navy blazer and beige trousers – the ultimate preppy look, championed by brands like Ralph Lauren and Hackett. This will instantly make you look good and is suitable for any smart casual event.
  • Navy blazer and grey trousers – most men own a grey suit. It’s the most versatile shade for a suit and easiest to wear, but mix it up with a navy jacket instead of a grey.
  • Black blazer and grey trousers – this will look smart, while looking a little edgier than if you wore just a black or grey suit.
  • Navy blazer and black trousers – often thought to be a bad combination, we actually are big fans of it. Wear it with confidence and forget what people say.

1661146511 480 4 blazer and trouser combinations curated mintOn That Note

While a full suit is a great look and nothing can really beat it, we do really support the idea of mixing and matching suiting up. It’s perfect for those days when a suit isn’t necessary, but you want still want to look smart. Next time you go to put a suit on, think ‘is this actually needed?’ and instead mix it up.

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