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If you’re after that James Bond style but don’t have access to all of the designer clobber he does then listen up. This James Bond style guide will show you how to get the Spectre look.

Recently been hired by MI5? Going on a secret mission that nobody can know about? No? Well, we can’t all be James Bond (as much as we’d all love to be), but that doesn’t mean we can’t get his style. Whether you’re flying through the Alps catching the latest villain or nipping up the shop for a pint of milk, you can get the James Bond look without the fear of being shot.


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Some of you may lack the Aston Martin and various high-flying gadgets but a suit is something that any man can own. Whether you’re going into the office (MI5) or simply on a more formal occasion, a suit will be your best friend.

A black suit would be your best option for versatility and style. Your shoes will need to be both comfortable and smart, so this pair of derby shoes from Base London is a smart option, working great with your suit and any other formal occasion you can think of.


I don’t know if you’re aware, but Bond doesn’t always stroll around in a perfectly tailored suit, he does like to throw on something a little more casual from time to time. Whether you’re interrogating suspected villains or on a casual day out (only slightly different scenarios) you can have a casual look that still looks smart and be the perfect transitional look.

Try wearing a grey roll-neck jumper with a classic peacoat in navy as these colours work great together. Throw on a pair of trousers in the same colour as your roll neck jumper, or, mix up the shades a touch, as grey is a great colour to do this with. To finish the look of wear a pair of brown brogues, just to add that little bit extra smartness to it.

If you’re not feeling the brogues then try a pair of trainers in white, they would work just as well with the outfit and adds a bit of comfort to you and your look.

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Alpine Flying

If you’re a globe trotter and like to swing by the mountains from time to time then you’ll want an outfit appropriate to do the job. You may not be there for the same reason as 007, but you can still look as good as him whilst on your holiday.

With winter knocking on our door you’ve begrudgingly put away all of your summery clothes and opted for something a little warmer. This jacket from Schott is a great alternative to a longer overcoat, short and fitted it makes the perfect accompaniment to any mans wardrobe. Try wearing it with a black jumper and a pair of fitted dark rinse jeans, and polish the look off with a pair of brogue boots for that smarter feel.

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I don’t know how many of you will be holding a machine gun this winter, but it certainly isn’t me, a pair of sunglasses will do just fine. 007 has an enviable style and he is arguably one of the coolest men on the planet, even if he is fictional. Sunglasses may not be on the top of your list, but having a pair for those rare sunny days in winter (my favourite kind of day) will help you out, not only for your eyes but for your style as well.

If you are going for that James Bond look then buying a pair in a more classic style will work better for you. Brands such as Persol and Ray-Ban are spot on for this, really playing on the classic aesthetic and producing amazing sunglasses that will suit most faces and go with anything in your wardrobe.

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Top 9 Daniel Craig’s Bond Looks To Copy

1. Craig’s Bond Charcoal Suit

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James looks like such a cool gentleman in this suit. If you are a fan of his movies and his overall appearance, why not copy this look? It will look amazing with the right tie, along with his most popular and stylish accessory – the omega seamaster watch, a well-known staple. Go for a stylish tie in this case, and stick to the dark grey and blue color combo. Guys who like fashionable fits will want this suit.

2. Gorgeous All Black Thunderball Look

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All black with a pop of white, who can say no to it? Why not try out different ties till you find yours ”the one”? After all, when in Rome… This tuxedo look will suit most guys no matter their age. If you are a true Bond fan and you like a classy look, this one will suit you. Mature guys or men who have an important event ahead (a wedding, prom, etc) will enjoy this overall combo. Don’t forget a fancy collar and cuffs to look like a true Bond film character.

3. White Outfit Black Collar

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How good does this actor look even in his 60s?! This black and white outfit goes to show you that combining these two basic colors can work and look so good. Do you wish to rock a masculine look? Do you enjoy that old 70s fit that is surely formal and elegant? Going for a slick back haircut and throwing on some cool shades can look good and powerful. Don’t forget a powerful and strong perfume that will make your aura a lot more memorable.

4. Casino Royale Turtleneck

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The truth is that you can rock a stylish turtleneck and opt for a casual look that can work well for colder sweater weather. Some guys also like to wear overalls. If you like trendy low-maintenance ideas, this is it for you! Show off the fit when outdoors, having fun with the guys or when rocking weekend drinks casual fit. You can go for any color, although most men tend to go for darker shades for an easy monochrome vibe.

5. Cool Tom Ford Suits

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How about this sharp and edgy fit? Are you someone who fancies suits? The key is in wearing a high-quality and well-made suit. A ton of men like the elegance that stands behind their looks. If you are into formal wardrobe head to toe and you like to look chic, this is for you! Even lawyers can pull off this look. If you are a young guy looking for an attractive look and a cool transformation, this will suit you.

6. White Shirt Cotton Pants

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Try a cool and well-fitted all white shirt. Button up your sleeves and opt for a crisp clean and well-made cotton shirt. Embrace your inner Sean Connery look and go for a cool leather belt, along with cool shoes. You will also look like a bold and stylish private secret agent in the right fit. This look is very fancy, almost having that limited edition feel to it! Polo shirts and cool trunks will look great when picked out properly. This is a prime look for weekend moments.

7. White Elegant Suit

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Action scenes paired with accessories in your pockets can make a stylish look. Why not try out this spy fit? Bond is all about fancy suits and high-quality fabrics. Try out a cool wool beige blazer and go for a matching t-shirt or button shirt to spice up the clean look. Heads up since when it comes to this look, it can be pretty expensive to try and copy. Investing in it, however, is essential.

8. Cool Beige Outfit

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Another beige suit that you can try out. Try out a cool khaki color or brown combo and rock a stylish outfit. Most guys prefer simple white shirts underneath since this fit is easy to pull off and combine. The best part about this look? You can wear it from November to March just as well and as easily. Watch out when it comes to warm weather since the fabric can be a bit too thick and heavy.

9. Black Skyfall Outfit

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All-black outfit such as this one is stylish. You can go for a thick and cool wool coat, along with black leather gloves and black boots. This is a solution for any event! Having just some key items and rocking high-quality and durable black key pieces will make every outfit stand out. You will look like a million bucks with the right essential fit. Don’t you want that from time to time? Try it out for your next big and glamorous event, perfect for picky guys who like to look sharp.

Having Said All Of That

So, are you ready to rock your inner James Bond fit? If so, which look is your favorite out of the bunch? Most guys can wear something formal, so why not finally rock the right suit option?

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