4 Going Out After Work Clothing Ideas for Men | Curated Mint

If you work hard, you might also like to play hard, and sometimes those worlds collide. When you go from your workday to a night out, you want to have some apparel pieces that don’t require you to change at the office.

Choose Jeans (If Appropriate)

Jeans are one of the fashion staples that never go out of style. If you work in a more laid-back atmosphere with a genuine casual dress code, you might wear jeans to work. In this case, dark and solid denim free from rips, holes, or tears is generally acceptable. Jeans can also work well for a social outing, so wearing them to work means you don’t have to change before heading out.

When choosing jeans, look for looser-fitting styles to adhere to the latest men’s fall fashion 2021 trends. Skinny and slim-fit jeans are no longer popular styles, and you might find that a more relaxed fit is more comfortable, especially for all-day wear. Pair your jeans with a button-down or casual top and a pair of sneakers to maintain a laid-back vibe. If you want to dress up your jeans, try wearing them with a blazer paired with leather sneakers or dress shoes.

Add Layers to Customize Your Look

Layering is a great option when you need an outfit that takes you from the workplace to a social gathering. You can wear something more formal on top and then take it off when it’s time to head out on the town. An example of a layered look includes a T-shirt or button-down on the bottom, topped with a cardigan or pullover sweater or blazer. In chilly temperatures, you can add a piece of outerwear, like a jacket, as your third layer.

When you’re in the office, keep it dressy by wearing a sweater or blazer throughout the day. If you’re headed out for a low-key date night, you can remove at least one of the layers.

Bring Casual Footwear

Depending on what you typically wear on your feet at the office, you might want to bring some casual footwear to keep at your desk. A pair of sneakers will complement a more casual outfit for going out, while ankle boots pair nicely with jeans or slacks and a button-down top. Leather loafers look nice with more sophisticated and polished outfits, such as chinos or slacks with a patterned button-down and a blazer.

Use Flannel and Dress Shirts to Best Advantage

You can always make minor adjustments to your outfit without having to change your look completely when leaving the office. For a casual outing, swap your blazer for a flannel shirt with dark jeans or slacks. If you want to look a little stylish for date night but not overly dressed, slip off your suit jacket and wear your dress shirt with suit pants and attractive footwear.

Whether you’re headed out on a date with a special someone or grabbing drinks during happy hour with co-workers, you can put together an outfit that allows you to go from the office to a social outing. Incorporating some of the latest fall fashion pieces can also keep you looking stylish and on-trend.

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