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One of the most popular & common haircuts is a comb-over. Comb overs have been around for years, and men have been getting them for their everyday events. This cut is formal, casual, as well as appropriate for any age group. Are you wondering how to style & achieve comb-overs? Take a look at some of your options down below!

How Do You Keep A Comb Over In Place?

Keeping your comb-over in place can be a bit tricky. This is because a comb-over is one of those hairstyles that you need to slick-back, style with a pomade, plus comb it out the right way. You could create many different & versatile comb over haircuts if you had the right set of products, such as:

  • Hair gel or hair pomade – try to add both of these to your hair-care routine since they will set all of your hairs in place
  • Hair oil – if you have no time to style your hair simply run some oil and get that modern haircut
  • Blow-dry when possible – try to style your comb-over styles with high-heat since this tends to work the best if you want to get the perfect hairdo
  • Wash your hair every 3-4 days and use lukewarm water because it can help you create different hairstyles

What Is A Comb Over Fade?

If you don’t want a “typical” hairstyle, but you are trying to experiment with some other haircuts, go for a fade comb-over.

This is a hairdo where a barber will do low, mid, or high gradual fades all throughout your hair. This means that your hair can look different & gradient with longer hair at the top, but shorter hair down your neck. You can customize your fade per your preference, but also talk with your barber about what they believe suits you.

How Do You Ask For A Comb Over Haircut?

Make sure that you:

  • Bring an inspo picture with you.
  • Tell your barber to part your hair on one side (or they can suggest what they believe would look best on you).
  • Ask for a typical comb-over, or go for a comb over fade.
  • Ask them to leave just a bit more hair at the top since it adds dimension & it also rounds up your face.

Top 5 Comb Over Haircut Ideas

1. Undercut Comb Over

undercut comb over
@Hannah Skelly via Unsplash

An undercut comb is fresh, edgy, and it looks fantastic on younger men. It has a lot of definition and volume from top to shorter sides. If you like haircuts that have a mix of conventional with contemporary, this is it.

2. Fade Comb Over

fade comb over
@Josh Miller via Unsplash

If you are a fan of classic comb over hairstyles and you love some unusual designs such as a fade or a side cut, get this style. You can go for a higher fade, mid, or low fade style based on your head shape & preference. Part your hair with your comb & you’lll be left with your ideal cut.

3. Semi-Long Hair Comb Over

semi-long hair comb over
@kamal alkhatib via Unsplash

If your hair is naturally longer & you love to emphasize your texture, simply part it one the middle section. A long comb over is defined by shorter sides and with a bit more volume at the top. If you want more definition & you are trying to emphasize your facial features, you will love a long comb-over.

4. Classic Comb Over Haircut

classic comb over haircut
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

If you love simple & easy to wear haircuts, the classic comb-over will suit you. It was a popular choice in the 50s where men had to tame down their hair with a lot of hair gel. Nowadays, this haircut is a go-to for dates, any workplace, as well as formal dinners. Just make sure you have a lot of clay since it can be hard to maintain all baby hairs in place.

5. Classic Comb Over For Mature Men

classic comb over for mature men
@Justin Chen via Unsplash

If you are in your forties or fifties, you will try to style your hair differently. Why? Due to all grey hairs + because of your face structure. Get this haircut and go for a comb-over with a middle part. Make sure it is nicely combed through and that it looks neat since mature men need to take more care of their strands.

Should I Part My Hair Left Or Right?

This is different for everyone, and all guys should style their hair differently. However, the best way to determine this is if you look into your spiral. If the spiral moves clockwise, try to part your hair on the left side. If your spiral is counter-clockwise, your hair should go on the right side. This will make the parting & styling a lot easier. Of course, you don’t have to follow this pattern of your natural texture. You can always go for a messy cut & enjoy a bald comb-over, or a short comb-over if that’s what you like. You can also slick back your hair to the side where you’re trying to hide some minor imperfections, like a receding hairline, moles, scars, etc.

On That Note

Don’t let the comb-overs fade scare you. Now you know how to style a comb over, right? As you can see, the perfect comb over can be easy to achieve if you add the right pomade or hair gel. Make sure you talk with your barber about proper parting and if you should add some additions such as a fade, pompadour, fringe etc. In the end, you don’t have to follow a certain trend. You can go for a comb-over hairstyle that does not demand a lot of styling, and that only speaks to you.

Feature image from Unsplash

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