40 Best Men’s Summer Shoes for 2022

Mens Summer Shoes

Summer isn’t just an excuse for a bronze tan; it calls for a more open interpretation of clothing. Our go-to summer shoes are just that; relaxed but still super stylish. We have rounded up the top men’s summer shoes every man needs to own in his wardrobe this festive season.

1. Loafer

The loafer is one of the best shoe styles every man should own; it reads dressy but is still relaxed. It is the perfect summer shoe for smart-casual and semi formal occasions where you don’t want to wear something that will leave your feet sweaty. Opt for lighter colors for day events and darker shades for evening attire.

Mens Summer Shoes


2. Boat Shoe

Forget the fresh mints, boat shoes are every fisherman’s friend for nautically inspired days out. Typically made of rubber and leather, boat shoes have excellent durability. You will also be happy on warmer days when you are out battling the natural elements in your summer day get-ups. Perfect for business and smart casual events, boat shoes are relaxed and easygoing. They pair wonderfully with chinos, jeans and shorts.

Mens Summer Shoes


3. Espadrilles

At the intersection of comfort and style, the Espadrille is the ultimate relaxed shoe. Despite being preferred for casual occasions, they are worth the investment, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about an Espadrille splurge. The key to finding the perfect espadrille is to find a pair (or multiple pairs for that matter) in the right shade. It is all about versatility; keep things conservative with a rusty navy pair or go earthy with muted khaki. Sandy beige, diluted black or dove grey are also worthy colors of choice. The espadrille is the perfect companion to a great pair of jeans, a well-fitting pair of chinos and, more obviously, a pair of shorts. Cuff your trousers and wear them with ease.

Mens Summer Shoes


4. Sneakers

Sneakers are athletic shoes that are created for sports or exercise. However, the athleisure trend has ensured that this footwear is suitable for a range of occasions and sneakers can be dressed up or down. They are ideal for everyday wear and can be worn with slim jeans, chinos, and shorts. Sneakers cover the entire foot with the defining feature being the rubber sole, which is designed for comfort. The material used for the creation of sneakers differs but includes leather, which will be best suited to more semi formal settings.



5. Sandals

No summer shoe list is complete without sandals. Closed shoes can be ideal for formal occasions but when the temperature heats up, you want to ensure you are kept cool, dry, and comfortable. Sandals date back thousands of years but have been reimagined, giving you versatile and practical footwear in multiple materials and colors. Their defining feature is the straps that secure them to your foot. These straps cover the toes, ankle, and instep. Good-quality sandals can be stylish and pair well with neutral colors and relaxed fits.



6. Flip Flops

Flip-flops are the ideal shoe for warm climates and summer vacations. They are a type of sandal defined by the Y-shaped strap that passes between the first and second toes. This footwear has a casual appearance and is beloved for its comfort. They are affordable, and often created from rubber or plastic. Flip-flops are practical because they are open shoes, preventing your feet from overheating and sweating which will result in an odor. Despite their incredibly relaxed aesthetic, flip-flops are versatile and can be worn with shorts or jeans. But how do they get their name? This is because of the flip, flop sound they make when you walk.

Flip Flops


7. Driving Shoes

If you want shoes that are comfortable and practical, look no further than driving shoes. Driving shoes are created for driving, but they are versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions, including summertime drinks and vacations. They have a moccasin construction and are laceless, slipping onto the foot and around the heel. Driving shoes are created from high-quality materials like soft leather or suede. The underside is often a grommeted rubber sole to give the driver extra grip on the car pedals. These are a must-have for summer because they can be styled in various ways, from casual to smart casual.

Driving Shoes


8. Slides

Slides are a summer favorite because they are breathable, comfortable, and practical. These are the shoes you want to wear to and from the beach or swimming pool because they are easy to remove. They have a thick strap that covers a small part of the foot but no toe or ankle straps. Slides are most often made from rubber but come in multiple colors and styles, making it easy for you to find the pair that best suit your preference. Wear them with shorts or swimsuits and kick back and relax!



9. White Leather Sneaker

Talk about a revival. This old 80’s and 90’s favorite has sneaked back into mainstream popularity, popping up in street style across the globe. Yes, white leather sneakers are big news, but the trickiest part about donning these summer shoes is that you will need to make them look more modern. We recommend minimalist styles with matching white laces and thicker soles. White leather sneakers are the perfect accompaniment to light-wash denim pieces. Keep in mind they can be dressed up for nights out, but you want to ensure your venue doesn’t require formal footwear.

Mens Summer Shoes


10. Leather Sandal

If you’ve always taken some style inspiration from the Ancient Romans, then this next summer shoe is worth a try. Get your gladiator on with the leather sandal, which has made numerous cameos on street style stars braving this Coliseum-worthy trend. Our tip is to work with straightforward styles. A few straps will do the job well and will ensure that you don’t look dated or like you have just come from a history convention at your local Museum. Leather sandals are also great for comfort, allowing your feet to breathe. Dark brown or black are favorable, and will also enable a lot of versatility with other typical clothing materials and colors in summer.

Mens Summer Shoes


Summer Shoes for Men FAQs

Which shoes are best for summer?

The best shoes for summer are breathable and comfortable, but the right option will depend on the setting. If you are spending time on the beach or hanging out at the poolside, sliders are great. Sandals can have a less casual appearance and will keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable. Driving shoes and loafers are ideal for formal occasions, and sneakers remain a firm favorite for the warmer weather, especially when in lighter colors like white.

What men’s shoes are in style?

There are many stylish designs for men’s shoes but picking something timeless will ensure you can wear them for more than one season. You cannot go wrong with sneakers, driving shoes, loafers, and sandals for the summer. Ensure they are good quality and in neutral colors, which will make the shoe easy to mix and match.

What are summer shoes called?

There are various summer shoes, depending on your preferred style and the setting. These include sliders, sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, boat shoes, driving shoes, and loafers.


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