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Our guide to fitness continues as we look to explore what are the best exercises to do at home.

For the average person, finding time to go to a gym can be difficult when balancing time for a job and/or children. Depending on circumstance you may not make it as often as you like.

Not every workout has to be on a treadmill or weights machine. If you have weights at home is great as you can do things like arm curls without leaving the home. But there are home exercises that are just as effective as those at the gym.

Here’s a home workout that is ideal if you don’t have a gym, or you are away travelling. Follow this mini full body circuit that will hit every muscle group. Rest 1 minute between circuits.

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Weight
A1) Jump Lunges 5 20 Explosive BW
A2) Wide Press ups 5 20 Slow, to the floor BW
A3) Towel Sliding Hamstring curl 5 10 Slow BW
A4) Back Extension 5 10 Slow, Squeeze back at top BW
A5) Lying flat sit ups(lie flat on your back with legs on floor – slowly do a sit up with no momentum. 5 12 Slow BW

best exercises to do at home

Jump lunges

One of the best plyometric exercises, as it will increase your heart rate and put a burn to your legs. This exercise will require balance and coordination as it is more difficult than the standard lunge.

Wide Press Ups

For more burn on your chest than the standard press up provides, the wider press up is a great option. Moving your hands out to three or four inches wider than shoulder-width will turn out to be a greater muscular workout, as it is the result of the strain due to lack of leverage.

Towel Sliding Hamstring Curl

A great leg exercise to do at home, that will definitely work your glutes and even your abs. It can be done with both legs at the same time or one leg simultaneously. To ensure maximum intensity on the legs make sure your head, shoulders and arms are pinned to the ground.

Back Extension

The back extension exercise both stretches and strengthens your lower back. It’s the perfect complement to crunches to develop a strong, balanced midsection.

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