5 Best Personal Air Conditioners to Buy on Amazon

Summer is beating down hard, making it imperative to grasp every opportunity to cool down your body. It’s manageable when you are at home or driving your car, but what about the times when the luxury of air-conditioned chill is not your privilege? A personal air conditioner will be your savior when you’re panting for cool air in the summer heat.

Personal air conditioner is meant to blow cool air in a very small area and it is in no way a replacement for your conventional air cooler or air conditioner. It works when you are in desperate need of cold air in peak summers while being in the sections of your home that are devoid of your cooler’s air circulation.

Such easy-to-carry air conditioners are of great use when you’re traveling or are working on your home office table.

Best Personal Air Coolers You can Buy on Amazon

A mini air cooler or conditioner comes handy when you want instant cooling on your desk or while you are meditating in your yoga room. When buying one, you need to consider its operation, serving time, cooling features and build quality. For your help, here is a list of some of the best portable air conditioners you can buy online from Amazon.

1) evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioner

On top of our list is the evaCHILL portable air conditioner and cooler by Evapolar looks good and provides fast cooling anytime. It has an added advantage of functioning as a night light with its built-in LED lights. Once filled with water or a mixture of ice and water, it can operate for 8 hours without needing a refill.

Other Features

  • Can be powered by a power bank, laptop port or wall outlet
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads
  • Handy handle

Buy: $98

evachill personal evaporative air conditioner new pic
Image: Amazon

2) HiFresh Personal Air Conditioner Fan

If you are looking for a sleek and small air cooling solution for your home office desk, then this portable evaporative air cooler is a great option for you. It combines power of a fan and water to absorb heat.

On a full charge, small desktop cooling fan can operate for up to 13 hours without a hassle. It has three wind speeds, two spray modes, plus two rotation modes, a total of six kind of collocation. This personal air cooler is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Other Features

  • USB Type-C interface
  • The fan can be opened for cleaning easily
  • 360-degree oscillation

Buy: $50

hifresh portable air conditioner fan
Image: Amazon

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3) HeyMillion Mini Air Conditioner

This mini air cooler wins over other options in this list due to its compact design. It combines air conditioner, air humidifier, fan and LED mood light into one unit. There are three fan speeds to choose from per needs.

Powered by a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, it works continuously for 8 hours. It is equipped with a 300ml water tank at the top that allows for easy refilling. It is very easy to carry because of the portable handle, making it the ideal choice for people who travel a lot.

Other Features

  • Easy to use and simple to clean
  • USB Type-C
  • 45dB noise level
  • 7-color light

Buy: $50

heymillion mini air conditioner new pic
Image: Amazon

4) CRRXIN Personal Air Cooler

This rechargeable air cooler can be used as desk fan and can also be taken outdoors. It is equipped with 4000mAh battery and LED lights. There is a LED screen with buttons on the unit to choose from different modes.

The wind flow can also be adjusted up and down with remote control and it also has a timing feature.

Other Features

  • Three wind speeds
  • 400ml water tank
  • Auto shutoff to prevent cold
  • Comes with a remote

Buy: $56

crrxin personal air cooler best in usa
Image: Amazon

5) Jusubb Desktop Air Cooler

This is one of the latest desktop air coolers you can buy from Amazon. It features a unique rounded design that looks attractive with water tank on its top. The portable AC combines ventilation, cooling, humidification and air purification in one unit.

There are two modes: natural wind and cold wind. It also includes a washable filter element that helps purifying air. There is a dial on the side to adjust wind direction up and down.

Other Features

  • USB powered
  • 45-degree oscillating function
  • 500ml water tank
  • Water tray
  • Auto shut-off when water tank is low level

Buy: $60

jusubb personal air conditioner and cooler desktop best in usa
Image: Amazon

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