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Many men fall straight into the winter clothing trap where all sense of color coordination goes out of the window; they go back to black (and with less style than Amy Winehouse). This style guide will take you through the 5 best colors to have in your wardrobe this season.

Men’s Winter Fashion

It’s all too easy to fall back into the routine of wearing all-black during the winter – black is easy to layer, after all, so there’s less chance of wearing a color or pattern clashing outfit. There are, however, ways that color can easily be incorporated into a winter fashion for men, it just depends on the colors themselves. This style guide will explore the best winter colors to wear this season whilst taking you through some key looks to recreate.


Warm Autumn Colours

There are a fair few autumn colors that can be transferred into winter outfits. These colors include burnt orange, bright orange, mustard yellow, and dark yellow. Most colors look better on certain materials, for example, dark orange, tan and brown, in particular, look good on suede, whilst yellows work well on acrylic materials (macs, puffer jackets, etc).

Wearing Tan in the Winter

The tan suede bomber can be styled in a multitude of ways. It can be worn as a staple piece for those surprisingly warm winter afternoons or layered up with some other winter garments for a warm outfit. Like most winter jackets, the suede jacket or bomber can be dressed down for a casual event or up for a more formal one. To dress the suede jacket down, pair it with a T-shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans. Finish the look with a pair of clean trainers and add a sweatshirt to layer in case you get a bit chilly.

To dress the suede jacket up, wear it over the top of a black or grey roll neck jumper. Can you wear brown with black? Yes, you can, but we much prefer the look of tan/beige with black. The mix-up of the fabrics will create a nice dimension to the outfit, and the black/grey against the tan color complement one another. Either wear this with some black jeans and Chelsea boots or a pair of cropped suit trousers and some socks and loafers.


A pair of tan leather shoes is a great winter look, as long as it’s not raining. The Clarks Originals Wallabee in dark tan looks great styled with a pair of jeans and even coordinated with the tan from a suede jacket. When wearing suede shoes in the colder months, it’s imperative that you spray them with a shoe protect spray if you want to avoid getting them dirty and ruining them.

Wearing Green in Winter

Too much of one color will overdo your outfit, and too much green will make you look a bit try-hard and a bit like a Christmas tree. Subtle splashes of color are the best way to incorporate it into a winter outfit, especially if you’re not used to wearing much color at all.

When it comes to green, it’s best to wear dark green, moss green, or a khaki (which is a military green). Let’s face it, no one really wears bright green, and if they do, they shouldn’t. We love our green puffer jacket this winter. The color isn’t too bright, meaning it keeps an outfit mutual whilst still giving it that touch of color. It’s also a great color as it doesn’t draw all of the attention to it, meaning you can even layer it with some other colors, such as our red and navy striped scarf.

Below is a perfect demonstration of how to dress us in a casual jacket. Usually, a puffer coat is associated with casual wear, however, by styling it with some suit trousers and a pair of loafers, it has been transformed.


The Camel Coat

Every season, the camel coats return in their masses – it is one of the most popular men’s trends. These are a staple coat that we feel every man should have at least one of them. For a lot of men, camel is the only way they know how to add color to men’s fall fashion, and we don’t blame them – it’s so easy to do. The camel coat is usually made of a wool and polyester blend, and it’s a longline overcoat with a collar. Again, this coat can be worn with a smart or casual outfit depending on what else you style it with.

We like to challenge the stereotype of certain pieces of clothing, so we have styled a camel coat with a casual outfit. Pairing the coat with a burgundy borg hoodie adds a layer of warmth to the winter outfit whilst giving it more color. Note how we avoid using bright colors when we use more than once in the same outfit. We have finished the look with a pair of minimal grey joggers and some clean white trainers. This is a men’s trend that will definitely kick off this winter.

camel overcoat

Colour Shoes in the Winter: Pink

Wearing colorful shoes is always a bit hit and miss, and this counts for the summer too! In the winter, a lot of guys like to stick with black or tan boots where they know they’ll stay comfortable and dry. Boots are all good and well, but we don’t feel like men should limit themselves to these every season. Trainers can keep you just as warm and dry as boots in the winter, as long as you wear a decent pair of wool socks with them.

We have styled a pair of classic shoes for our winter lookbook: the Converse. We’ve taken it one step further and used the trainer to add the color to the outfit and to be bold, we’ve chosen pink. As you can see below, we have put the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 in Ox Pink with a pair of grey wool socks to make sure the ankle is kept warm. A pair of navy chinos matches the pink of the shoes, whilst coordinating with the blue of the denim jacket. The borg collar on the jacket provides that extra bit of warmth. Layer this look with a wool jumper if the weather is especially cold.


Wearing Red in the Winter

Socks are a nice and easy way to add color to an otherwise monochrome winter outfit. As long as you let the socks be subtle, it’ll work. There is nothing worse than someone who wears colorful socks and rolls up their trousers within an inch of their lives, just to purposely show off the color.

We love our new Anonymous Ism sock collection. There are so many attractive colors, but our favorite has to be the red Crew Sock. This red sock is festive enough to be worn at Christmas but tonal enough to not be too in-your-face. We have paired these socks with some white converse so there’s no chance of color clashing with the shoe. If anything, the red socks coordinated with the red sole stripe along the base of the high-tops. Blue denim jeans darken the color of the socks whilst the grey coat mutualizes the outfit.

Red is a classic color on a puffer jacket – sometimes a red puffer is better than a black, as it gives the outfit a lift. Puffer jackets are created to keep us warm during the cold months, and a red colorway is a good option for those guys that like to make a statement through their outerwear. The red puffer only really works with a casual outfit – there’s not much you can do to smarten this up, but it works best that way.

woodwood red puffa jacket black tracksut jackets-min

5 Colors for your Wardrobe this Season

  • Tan. You can’t go wrong with a shade of tan or orange this season. You’re most likely to see this color all over suede, including jacks and shoes. Try to avoid wearing two tones of the same suede in one outfit.
  • Green. The green color is very Christmassy, and we love the way it looks on a dark green coat detailed with a striped red scarf.
  • Camel. The camel coat is a must-have for every man. This coat will last you seasons and seasons to come if you treat it properly. Be prepared to dress the camel coat up or down.
  • Pink. Pink is a great color when worn sparingly. We love our pink Converse which is great for adding that small flush of color in the footwear.
  • Red. Either make a statement with red or use it subtly. We love a bug red puffer just as much as we love a pair of red socks underneath the trousers.

black overcoat

On That Note

It can be tempting to stick to what you know in the winter and wear all black, however, we hope this article has shown you that adding some color into your wardrobe isn’t as hard as you may have thought. When wearing color in the winter, try to stick to the darker shades such as dark reds and dark greens. You’ll find these are easier to add to your already existing winter outfits without sticking out too much. This style guide has shown you the 5 best colors to use, however, you can use any colors with the rules and styling we have gone for. Whether you chose to add a colorful pair of socks or go all-in with a red puffer jacket, color is not out the question this season.

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