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Long hair on men can be a bit hard to pull off, but at the end of the day, it is one of the prettiest haircuts for guys who love bold options. Do you think that you can grow your hair, or are you willing to try? If you have healthy hair and you are into long hair men’s styles try to get the right cut by reading into our tips. Here is how to enjoy faster hair growth, but also experiment with some cool looks!

Should Men Cut Their Hair When Growing Out?

Persistence is key in this case. Do you think that Jared Leto or Johnny Depp got those luscious curls overnight? Definitely not. The truth is that it all comes down to your hair follicles, and their texture, along with their natural growth rate. You shouldn’t cut your hair at all if you want to transition into a 10+ inch long hairdo. What you should do is get a scalp massage to boost your circulation and blood flow along your hairline. Why and how so? A ton of hairstylists say that this is how you get rid of any tension while new and healthy blood promotes baby hair growth.

How Do I Grow My Hair Out?

Your health & diet are key elements for healthy hair. The truth is those essential vitamins, proteins and a bit of Vitamin C can go a long way! Some guys aren’t into longer haircuts since their styling takes forever to do. Other men suffer from hair loss & have irregular hair growth patterns which means that they can’t enjoy longer haircuts. However, if you are willing to try and you want to invest in your looks here’s what you can do:

  • Determine your hairstyle – make sure you are willing to deal & experiment with your new longer haircuts. Use some filters or photoshop to determine which hairstyle is the best for you & your head shape. Take a close look at your follicle and split ends. How far are you willing to go?
  • Don’t shampoo too often but use conditioner. Let your natural oils peek through since they will boost your hair growth. Also re-visit your barber every 2 months and see if you need a quick trim of your ends, especially if you experience some breakage. Apply your favorite creams for long-lasting styling.
  • Grow out your beard since it will take away the attention from your scalp. You can also connect your beard with your hairstyle. Once you’re past those awkward phases you will love the new hair length and style!
  • Intake biotin and incorporate as many vegetables into your diet as you can. Don’t forget your 2 liters of water per day either. In most cases, supplements and moisture can make a true difference.
  • Switch up your hairstyles & embrace the ”awkward” cuts. On some days your hair may grow faster and on other days you will have to embrace a messy pompadour. Try out some braids, waves, or rock a full long hairstyle to feel confident.

Top 4 Cool Haircuts For Growing Your Hair

1. French Crop

french crop
@Megan Bagshaw via Unsplash

A French crop is great if you want to keep your hair looking stylish at the back while slowly growing out the sides. Guys who love mullet hairstyles may love this trend a lot. Stay persistent with the hair growth and let it continue to grow on the sides for as much as possible. This can be the first step to your long hair and is actually the least complicated one.

Use some lightweight hair products & go for haircuts that emphasize your head shapes such as a pompadour or a fringe. Comb your hair out & let it flow on the sides.

2. Quiff Hairstyles

quiff hairstyles
@Amritpal Singh via Unsplash

Think of a quiff when you’re wondering how to style short hair while growing it out. Quiff hairstyles are for men who like wavy haircuts, but who are all about rocking facial hair as well. Quiff haircuts are ideal for men who don’t wash their hair too often, and rather love to leave their hair & beard thick & messy.

When it comes to your hair products you can use some clay, but make sure you keep your beard moisturized & nourished since it will complete your look. You can also massage some oils into your beard & hair to boost & promote healthy growth.

3. Medium Length Curly Hair

medium length curly hair
@Jordan Koons via Unsplash

If your hair is naturally curly, wavy, or frizzy, yet it grows a bit faster you should go for medium-length curly haircuts. This is what the 1-year hair growth process looks like, and it can be a bit challenging to style or wear. Also, it suits men who love to wear their haircut the same from start to finish! No bumps, cuts, or uneven lines – the same volume & texture throughout the entire hair.

If you have texture & you love your strands make sure you tame them done with some anti-frizz haircare products. This hair type is a bit harder to maintain since you can’t predict the way your hair grows. However, it is perfect for men who love luscious haircuts.

4. The Man Bun

  the man bun
@Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

Men who love to look well-put and who want to wear their hair on the sides or simply away from their faces will love the simplicity of the bun. As your hair gets longer you will have to find a way to make it look proper. The most simple hairstyle is this one or the top knot, especially on your days off when you are running around & doing errands.

Make sure you tie your hair tight in the back. If you have naturally wavy locks tame them down with some hairspray. This hairstyle usually looks the best on men with black hair since it hides their flyaways & frizz.

Male Celebrities with Long Hair

Celebrities are always rocking different hairstyles. Some of them are trying to grow their hair out for a specific role, while others simply love the change. If you are growing your hair out, here are some of your celeb inspiration pics during their awkward ”in-between” stages:

Kit Harington

kit harington
@Gage Skidmore via WordPress

Kit Harington is one of the most-talked-about actors at the moment. He has amazing acting skills & even prettier hair, ideal for those guys who need some help with taming their curls. If you are a fan of Kit Harington or simply Game of Thrones you may want to hop onto this stylish cut. Stick to some lighter products and serums to bring these hair strands back to life.

Harry Styles Long Hair

harry styles long hair
@”Harry Styles” by vagueonthehow via WordPress

Harry Styles is one of the most popular singers who is well-known for his hair. He loves to rock his effortless curls & has beautiful locks which don’t even need brushing! If you want to avoid frizz make sure you only brush your hair after you wash it, and use high-quality shampoo & conditioner to get it silky smooth.

Johnny Depp

johnny depp
@”Johnny Depp” by divasss via WordPress

Johnny Depp has had almost every hairstyle you could possibly think of. He is one of those celebrities who can rock anything, as long as he has the right hairstylist and only some key products. You can easily achieve this natural texture by reaching for some sea salt spray and when rubbing the product into the scalp. If you love Johnny Depp make sure you subscribe to this hair look!

How Long Does it Take to Grow Out Your Hair Long?

How Long Does It Take For Your Hair To Grow 12 Inches?

Did you know that on average our hair grows around half an inch (1.2 cm) in one month? This means 6 inches per year (or around 14 cm). Which, mathematically speaking, tells us that it will take you 2 years to grow out 12 inches! You can start out with a buzz cut and only gradually build on to your chin-length bob and lastly – the man bun. The process can be a bit tricky, but it should be worth it in the end. All hair has those awkward growing-out phases. If you are someone who has the time & the right set of products to invest in your hair, why not grow out those locks? Styling isn’t that hard, as long as you:

  • Get regular trims of your ends. This is the #1 rule in hairdressers’ tips & tricks.
  • Don’t let your hair get dry or your beard. Take care of it by using the right oil for both grooming and taming down the hair. Don’t forget a balanced diet either.
  • Use a product that is natural & free of sulfates. Make sure your hair doesn’t get too frizzy or dried out in between the washes.
  • Always blow-dry your hair & style with caution.

On That Note

Are you still wondering how to grow long hair men? Well, remember that patience is key if you are trying to commit to a longer hairstyle. If you are willing to do it, make sure you go for a cut that suits your head shape, hair type & personal preference. Men who are wondering how to do it & what is the right way to style their hair, just know that there is no ”one” right way. Every month you’ll have to adjust to something new, fun & bold. However, you will enjoy this process since it can be fun & it will leave you with numerous different styling options.

Feature image from Unsplash

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